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I found the article by Andrew Mangione in the Spring 2014 AMAC Advantage magazine very informative, especially the mention of H.R. 3894 – Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act. However, when I checked on the status of the bill using the website www.govtrack.us it indicated that the bill was introduced by Rep. Massie on 1/16/2014, had been referred to the House Ways and Means Committee and the current prognosis of passage is 1%. Had it not been for the mention of the bill in the magazine I would not have been aware of the bill. Needless to say today’s media does not report on topics such as HR 3894 and therefore the general public, especially “mature” adults who could benefit from this legislation if passed are probably not aware of the bill.

After reading the article I contacted my local congressman – Sam Johnson (R, 3rd District of TX) to see where he stood on this legislation and IF he was planning to support the bill. I received a “canned” form letter reply in which he did not respond to my question. Given that Mr. Johnson is the Chairman – Subcommittee On Social Security, I am amazed (not really) that he dodged my question. I would be interested in knowing if AMAC would contact Rep. Johnson and interview him for his view in the magazine.

I believe that this is a very important piece of legislation and it should be given some major consideration in your next magazine in order to bring the matter to the attention of AMAC’s audience. And maybe if there was a groundswell of effort to get this legislation treated as something of importance and the senior citizen community made a concerted effort to get behind the bill and contact their legislators there might be a chance that it could pass the House. However, unless there is a change of control in the Senate in November H.R. 3894 probably would not stand a chance of getting passed by both houses.

Thank you for your efforts and please continue your good work concerning matters that are of interest to the AMAC members and community.


Al J. Keller
Plano, TX

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6 years ago

I support Keller’s letter. Why should seniors have to pay these taxes while on social security.?

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