Test of Fire: Evangelical Version

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this is my final comment. This administration, instead of asking for another four year term
should be a shame of this term.

The organization has only one flaw. Freedom of religion is our right. Changing the law to match any Church’s beliefs is no longer freedom of religion. Everyone has the right to believe how we get “saved”, including Jesus. The “church” today is one of, hate some love others. God loves ALL.

Could not find the Ginsberg Poll.????????? Got stalled in the middle of a news video by G. Edward Griffin and could not find a way to return to the presentation-no list of videos available.

you are welcome to comment on the video or anything else. this video is not to try to coerce you
you to vote for either party but to show how far we have strayed from our roots. America is a
christian nation and was founded on God’s principles but judging it today it would be hard to

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For those of you that think Mitt Romney is not Christian, Go look at the name of his religion on one of their churches or even go to a service. The name is Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. ELG

Elizabeth Many people make the mistake of believing that if you call yourself a Christian then you are a Christian.That’s why even much of the “evangelical” church in America misrepresents the Lord, Jesus Christ, and are not genuinely “saved” or “born again.” They “prayed a prayer” by repeating it after someone else, then that someone told them, if they were “sincere” in their prayer, that they are “born again.” However, ONLY the Holy Spirit can tell an individual when they are born again and truly saved, because “The Spirit witnesses with our spirit” when we are forgiven, cleansed, and made acceptable to Christ. If a human being told you that you’re going to heaven, saved, or born again, they are deceived because only the LORD can tell someone such a truth. And until HE tells you that in your inner person, you are NOT going to heaven. Biblical faith and… Read more »

Rev. Dr Rod You are correct in saying.that God calls the shots of who goes Heaven
But we have to know that God is a forgiving and a merciful God and he knows we’re
not perfect so it’s only by Gods grace that any one of will get to Heaven””

we better stand for some thing or we will fall for anything, wake up America lets take our english speaking country back. back!!!!!!!!!

I believe that we should choose from the candidates that’s out there. if you are hungry and have two
spoiled apples you’ll eat the one that’s less spoiled.

Powerful video! However, I know quite a lot about Mr.Obama and Mr.Romney. Voting for either of them would not put me on God’s side, or in a better light with my Savior. I pray that there is a third party candidate in your particular state that better represents what was expressed in the video. If you are thinking that you can’t vote for them because they won’t get elected, remember, that God would want you to back a candidate that best represents Him, because this election is all about your standing before God as well.

A vote for a third party candidate is a vote for Obama! The Lord tells us to be wise in our decisions. I pray any and all voters who are deceived into wasting their votes, will reconsider, and vote for the better choice. Work hard at the local level to find and elect those who DO best represent our Lord, and who will hold ALL elected people to high standards! May God have mercy on this nation!

This is the year we need to get rid of obama and as many RINO’S as possible.

Ok, Americans went to sleep and the foxes were guarding the hen house, NOW itss time to stop the foxes from taking advantage. All we have to have happen is a Wake Up of the 50 % that are not on Welfare and Food stamps and Say” I am not taking this GARBAGE anymore! Contribute to support those who have shown what side they are on and thats one way to get in the fight. CALMLY alert all your friends to watch certain news reporting INTERNET programs and they will start to find out what has been purposely kept from them by the Mainstream media. Get prepared NOW, NOT later, have food first and figure out what else would be necessary to prevent yourself from relying on Big SIS home land security and FEMA, sustain yourself during these times that are almost here so you can remain FREE to help… Read more »

I’ve been saying for a long time, obama (lower case deliberate) should be impeached and tried for treason!

I don’t know why so many people can not SEE the truth. A person with a good personality and a good family man isn’t what it takes to make a president!

I agree with Carol B. We need to stand firm in our beliefs that we have learned as God’s children. We need to make sure that we vote for those that will uphold these beliefs.

Our nation was founded upon God, Our Lord Jesus Christ and now we must return to those values! Amen!

Beautiful video. I agree with all 3 gentlemen on this. We need to remember that Jesus said that those who are not FOR Him are AGAINST Him. There is no middle ground. We must vote and vote for our beliefs not those of liberal marxist athiests.

If Christians would vote their faith we could carry this election. Its time to make this a Christian nation again.

We need to be living our faith not just voting it. Jesus siad that we are to be the light of the world, we need to wake up to the fact that our liight is getting very dim

I agree Edwin.but if things don’t change”we may not be allowed to live our faith”

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strong…time to wake up and vote for what is right

Interesting, might make an impact if it gets seen. Liberals won’t like it. Play it a lot.

They are the very ones who often wriggle out of pinrvdiog health care for their workers, so there should be some way to make them contribute. The state should pay some (maybe as a credit) and taxation would have to pay the rest. Fact is, in the UK, we have the National Health System, which is funded mostly through our taxes including corporate tax. It is still one of the best in the world even with all its cracks. So that’s why businesses don’t have to provide benefits, and I believe it is the same in Canada.One other thing is that the higher income earners in America will resist with all their being universal health care because they can afford private and they’d pay the highest towards subsidizing lower income earners. Add to them private health providers (who are the providers now, only for profit) and I think Michael Moore… Read more »