Tell Me Your Pre-Debate Thoughts

debateoutside of the top 10, instead of reserving the stage for only those polling at least 1 percent nationally.

Michael Clemente, Fox News’s executive vice president, first told Politico in a statement that the network made the decision based on “overwhelming interest” and will include any candidate “consistently being offered to respondents in major national polls, as recognized by Fox News.”

I think that’s a good thing. The more candidates we get to hear from in a debate format, the better.

My questions are for you, because I’m interested in how you’re viewing the current cast of candidates in light of the upcoming debate. So, talk to me.

Whose debate performance are you most interested in seeing?

Are you looking for a contrast between any particular candidates?

Who do you expect to perform well and why?

What issues are you hoping the moderators emphasize?

Is there a particular issue/opinion you’d like clarified by a particular candidate?

What are you hoping doesn’t happen on the debate stage?

What characteristics do you think define a good vs. bad debate performance?

Do you think a debate performance has the capacity to change your mind completely on a cadidate?

How important are the debate performances to you?

Tweet me @JedediahBila and tell me what you think.

Jedediah Bila is a Fox News host and commentator, author, columnist, and former professor and academic dean. Follow Jedediah on Twitter @JedediahBila.

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