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Tell HHS to Lower Drug Costs by Disallowing GPO Kickbacks

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is asking for comments on the Safe Harbor that allows Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) to conduct business with kickbacks. GPOs are middlemen that control the hospital supply chain. Their excessive administrative fees drive up the cost of drugs and supplies in hospitals.

This change will eliminate the ability of GPOs to hide behind the Safe Harbor and will increase quality healthcare access and choice, increase competition and innovation, and most importantly, lower costs in the hospital supply chain, particularly for Medicare beneficiaries.

The federal government wants to hear from physicians and patients before February 15, 2022, and we ask that you act now to leave a comment.


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Craig Price PA
5 months ago

Organizations that supply medicines to large groups should not get kick-backs from the manufactures as they also receive a fee for the service they provide. All phases in the services they provide should made public to help keep these fair for the patients who need these essential products

Ed Scheu
5 months ago

As a 78 year old American , I would like to see our politicians devote more time, concern and effort on behalf of their fellow Americans rather then major cash contributors!

Katrina May
5 months ago

70 year old woman!!
Get rid of anything that raises the price of my medicine, doctors’ fees, medical equipment, etc.

5 months ago

Put the power in the peoples control not these faceless organizations who only care about their bottom line

Michael McCall
5 months ago

Costs need to come down!

John Oliver
5 months ago

Stop GPO kickbacks. Raising money on the backs of those needing meds is another form of slavery.

Diane Hoenes
5 months ago

Pharmaceutical Companies have Way Too Much Power.

Mass Production of prescription meds does not produce better health care, as the Human Body is not a prefabricated machine and one side does not fit all.

Lewis Walker
6 months ago

It’s time to make Congress and Cabinet departments work to help the voters, not to enable middlemen to steal wealth.

George Parker
6 months ago

This needs to be done. I am diabetic and cannot get the drugs that would work best for me because of cost.

Dennis Ratzlaff
6 months ago

Definitely need to get this done!! Drug prices are obnoxious.

Richard Minetti
6 months ago

They should indeed be disbanded so drug prices will go down! What kind if bullschiff is this!

6 months ago

Kickbacks are defined as “illegal, bribery, unethical”….. Of course they should NOT be allowed. And “safe harbor” is for protection usually from liability not to increase one’s profitability.

Johnny Bad
6 months ago

Why not just move forward without any hesitation????

Gene Pate
6 months ago

Medicine quit using leaches a long time ago so why are these people and these practices still around?

Lynette Bivens
6 months ago

ABSOLUTELY I agree with getting rid of kickbacks for GPO’s. How does this kind of thing ever get started anyway? Total greed on certain people’s parts for sure! This makes zero sense to allow kickbacks of any kind!! Especially when it comes to ANYTHING having to do with government!!!!

Dr. Lee Henderson
6 months ago

As a physician, I am not allowed to receive or give kickbacks. Why should these GPO’s be the exception? I would expect significant savings for everyone if this practice is stopped.

6 months ago

It is always about money. The pharmacy industry is as corrupt as the government

6 months ago

Will this affect GoodRX?

Irma Quinn
6 months ago

Yes drugs r too expensive, specially for senior citizens. Stop making money on us. Yet u give illegals everything free.

6 months ago

Absolutely cut out the middle man and put a cap on the price the thieving pharmaceutical companies charge. Create penalties for manufacturers that don’t follow new rules put in place.Nothing will happen to help the American people though because this administration would rather help illegals before united states citizens.

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