Tea Party Patriots to Organize Mass ‘Audit the IRS Rally’ in D.C.

from Breitbart – by Tony Lee – The Tea Party Patriots will organize a mass “Audit the IRS Rally” on June 19th in Washington, D.C. with local and national Tea Party groups to protest the IRS’s targeting of conservative organizations –

Jenny Beth Martin, the co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, told Breitbart News that the targeted witnesses that testified before the House Ways and Means Committee on Tuesday “showed the IRS discrimination and abuse had very real consequences on the local coordinators of the groups affected.”

“These were not faceless, amorphous ‘groups’ but real Americans who wanted to peacefully assemble,” Martin said. “Those in the hearings this week are a sample of the thousands of Americans who have been affected by the thuggish tactics of the IRS.”

The Tea Party Patriots, a group that formed when the Tea Party movement officially launched in 2009, finally secured the permit to organize the event on Tuesday only after various delays. At one point in the permitting process, D.C. officials requested information from TPP in a serious of events the group’s leaders said would make “your blood boil” if “you despise government bureaucracy and big government in general.”

In an e-mail blast to local and national Tea Party groups on Tuesday, Tea Party Patriots noted that the rally, starting at noon on the 19th, was important because the IRS scandal is one that crosses party lines and impacts Republicans, independents, and Democrats.

“With all of mess and scandals that are going on in DC, we need to have a big presence to tell them that we aren’t going to take it,” Martin wrote. “We are focusing on the IRS because it is the issue that can cross both lines. No one likes the government abusing its power, and that’s the message we want to convey.”

The group emphasized that the “focus of the rally will be the IRS to try to reach the broadest audience that we can and gain as much support as we can” and asked local Tea Party leaders to “start spreading the word to your groups.”

The IRS has come under fire for deliberately targeting groups applying for tax-exempt status that had “Tea Party” or “Patriots” in their names. The agency naturally scrutinized Tea Party Patriots, a group that had raised concerns about IRS harassment before revelations came to light.

J. Russell George, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, said the abuse of power that he discovered while auditing the IRS was “unprecedented.”

“Together we stand with all of the groups and individuals who were affected and give our fellow Americans the opportunity to see more of the people who have been unfairly abused by the IRS,” Martin told Breitbart News. “We have been fighting for constitutionally limited government for over 4 years. The discriminatory tactics from the IRS and an abusive government will not intimidate us or stop us from fighting for the country we love.”

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The tea party are against paying taxes and anything having to do with the government. Yet your surprised that you get extra scunity when you apply for tax excemption ? You don’t want to pay taxes yet want to benefit from the rest of us that do, I’m sure you like having police and fire services ? You enjoy basic services, light, water ? A military to protect your right to try to cheat the system ? You and your kind like to wrap yourself in the flag and pat each other other on the back on how patriotic you are but really your not. You twist the constitution to serve your needs and damn anyone who tries to call you out. You whine and cry about living in a tyrannical country, if it were tyrannical you would not exist ! You say your freedoms and liberty are being taken… Read more »


Our government could not withstand a full audit. Unfortunately it would take years to figure it all out. But an audit of the IRS would show the abuse of the system. I know this will not be wake up call, as the arrogance of the people working there is so ingrained that getting the true will be impossible. We need a cleaning of everyone elected and appointed to get this done. I say quit filling for a while and see how humble they become.


I have refused to join AARP. I don’t trust the illigetimat bastards,

mitchell mason - Founder: Patriots4America

@ jeff
Typical Liberal – thinks its a bad thing to teach our children that in the United States of America it is not only your RIGHT but it is as a citizen your DUTY to stand up to your government when it oversteps and usurps it proper role, tramples on the Constitution and ignores the will of We the People!
You sir and all like you are as culpible in the treason being perpetuated against America as those in DC commiting the acts themselves!

mitchell mason - Founder: Patriots4America

Patriots4america walk September 11 2013 @ the steps of congress. All Americans are welcome and we should all unite in ONE VOICE against corruption and the onslaught of TYRANNY
see our website: why will the Tea Party not respond to my correspondences?


I’m damn sick of Democrats targeting Conservatives at the government level. How about Conservatives begin targeting Democrats at the private level! Stop hiring Democrats and fire all the ones you have now!


Won’t be able to attend this rally and hope that we can organize local rallies in support. Too bad more notice was not given to join this rally. Would love to have an excuse to go back to DC with other patriots.


If they really wanted to collect taxes due and audit taxdogers then they should start with the liberals and collect from the likes of Geitner and Rangel and such.


Jeff Meuleman: Extremists? The Socialists running this country are the extreme ones. All we’re trying to do is hole on to the country we once knew, don’t you remember being able to say what you knew and felt in your heart without the fear of the gov. destroying you? Wake up and put the Geritol down.

Renee Lamb

I was sorry to read that Jeff Meuleman is so intolerant of his fellow American’s right to speak out against the rampant abuse of power so arrogantly and flagrantly demonstrated by the IRS and those who have directed them to target not only tea party groups, but groups that support Israel and that support traditional marriage and individuals who spoke out against President Obama. The IRS will unfortunately be in charge of determining who receives “healthcare”. IF JUSTICE is not served to this abuse of power–we will one day see, IN AMERICA, a government that will determine who lives and who dies and people like you Mr. Meuleman, who stand by silently and let it happen (like in Nazi Germany) . Don’t ever think an AARP membership will guarantee you any kind of help. They supported the passage of this monstrous bill much to the dismay of their membership and… Read more »

jeff meulemans

Just what we need…more extreamists fucking shit up. I just joined AARP and I must say people like you seriously make me puke!! A terrible example for the younger generation. Go find yourselves a big ole hole, crawl inside and die