Taxpayer-Funded PBS Promotes Far-Left Agenda to Kids

PBS logo taxpayer funded“Arthur” isn’t just the longest-running cartoon series on television—it’s also the most controversial. That’s all thanks to PBS, who’s spent the last umpteen years using its half-billion taxpayer dollars promoting the agenda of the far left.

Now, apparently, that agenda includes pitching same-sex marriage to kids as young as 4—and using one of their favorite characters to do it.

The episode, part of “Arthur’s” 22nd season, is called “Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone.” Naturally, Mr. Ratburn’s third-grade students (and every child watching) thinks that “special someone” is a female. So imagine their surprise when Mr. Ratburn walks down the aisle on the arm of an aardvark named Patrick. The show cuts to Arthur, who’s still trying to process the idea. Then suddenly, he and his friends break into happy smiles.

One parent who tuned in contrasted the characters’ reaction to her own children’s. “The [cartoon] children are a bit surprised but mostly nonchalant about the whole thing. Needless to say, in the real world, our children were shocked and confused.”

Of course they are. The target audience for the show is pre-school and elementary kids. They barely know the alphabet—let alone L-G-B-T.

For PBS, though, this is all par for its liberal course. Taxpayers have fought for years to stop the government’s broadcasting arm from sexualizing kids on everything from the Muppets to “Sesame Street.”

When Donald Trump became president, one of the first things his budget proposed was slashing the $445 million for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

The left always pleads with Republicans to lay off Bert and Ernie, but what they really mean is: Don’t stop funding the left’s free microphone.

For years, NPR and PBS have taken advantage of the airwaves to spout their radical agenda. And in the end, taxpayers are the ones that have been puppets—for the left. But now that PBS has shown that it can’t be trusted, it’s time for Big Bird’s liberal friends to feather their own nest.

“Remember,” the Family Research Council’s Cathy Ruse says, “Americans didn’t ask for a re-definition of marriage. It was forced on them by activist judges, who overturned tens of millions of votes cast to keep marriage a man-woman institution. But gay activists are not satisfied with just changing the law—people must change their beliefs, too. There can be no dissent. Children are not asking for their cartoon characters to be gay—activists in the entertainment industry are forcing it on them.”

Which is all the more ironic, considering how “impressionable” liberals say kids are when it comes to something like religion. Out in Pennsylvania, secularists were hyperventilating that students had been exposed to the words “God Bless America.”

They’re too susceptible to messages like that, they said. They might be overly affected by the idea of faith, they argued.

But throw a same-sex wedding in a popular cartoon, or pornographic sex ed material in the classroom, or Drag Queen Story Hour at the local library, and somehow it’s perfectly OK.

That’s the double standard of liberal activism. It’s fine to indoctrinate kids—as long as they’re the ones doing the indoctrinating.

Moms and dads, be warned. “Children’s entertainment is no longer informed by a Judeo-Christian values system, but by left-wing political interest groups,” Ruse cautions. “Now more than ever, parents have to be vigilant about the media their children consume. Parents trust shows made for children, and the creators of the show are taking advantage of their trust.”

Thanks to today’s technology, there’s no reason to sit your kids in front of live TV and wait for messages like this to assault them. If you’ve run out of “VeggieTales” and are looking for shows you can trust, don’t give PBS a second thought. Try a Christian media provider like JellyTelly.

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Tony Perkins

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Why do we fund PBS! Why do we fund ACLU? Why do We fund PBR? Why do WE fund OUR own Demise?

Insanity at its Best!

Linda Smith

PBS should be defunded!

Charles Pittelkow

There should be NO government support for these offensive messages,!!!

Phillip Pence

PBS is propaganda we all pay for. IMO, PBS stands for ‘Pure B. S.’


What an atrocity! I’m so glad my kids are grown up. I love the count. They got rid of cookie monster and Oscar under the guise they were a bad influence on kids. Years ago PBS used to have good shows, but doing what they did to Bert and Ernie and now gay Arthur is just the last straw. I say pull funding. Why should I pay for this filth on TV? Public Broadcasting, what a laugh! I wouldn’t give during one of their pledging times or anytime! PBS——-LEAVE THE INNOCENT KIDS ALONE. THEY DESERVE AN INNOCENT CHILDHOOD, NOT YOUR LIBERAL PROPAGANDA.


PBS needs to be de-funded. It. as the MSM, is just a mouthpiece of the LEFT.

Bruce Miller

PBS was founded on liberal principals, as a sort of foil to the 1960s focus of consumerism of network broadcasting. At the time, there were 3 networks that monopolized television programming. PBS original articles required content to include:

Universal geographic accessibility
Universal appeal
Attention to minorities
Contribution to national identity and sense of community
Distance from vested interests
Direct funding and universality of payment
Competition in good programming rather than numbers
Guidelines that liberate rather than restrict

Today, nearly 50 years after its launch, this translates into Liberal and Progressive content that is no longer serving the ‘Universal geographic appeal’.

Nothing wrong with PBS continuing to operate as a non-profit or even to carry water for the DNC….it simply should receive ZERO taxpayer dollars.

Cindy H

Indoctrination for the little ones.


This is another waist of Taxpayers Money get all these money sucking programs gone cair, muslum brotherhood, nfl, Planned parenthood, aclu, blm, antifa, there are so many garbage support from us we must demand this stopped, and the Money put to Social Security Sense That where most of the money came from by the illegal congress taking it from SS to use for such garbage, like the 15 Billion they took from SS to start the illegal obamacare and then the next year another 1.5 Billion more from SS time we take back Our Control and demand any money used other than Military, boarder Security, taking care of America needs, we will have to vote on it so this Waist can be stopped we rely to much on those we put in office to do the right thing for America well we found out we have many that want America… Read more »


Vladimir Lenin said “give me one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world”. That is exactly what these leftist socialist are attempting to do. Follow their idol. Time to vote out all the socialist politicians that are hell bent on destroying this nation.


PBS and NPR should be defunded. They do nothing to benefit the country as a whole, just those who support the politics and philosophy of those who run the stations.

Pat Robinson

“Entertainment Industry” (Hollywood, etc.) has been indoctrinating people for more than 60 years. It became obvious when there arose the need for ratings, then more definition for ratings. But slipping the actual sexual act into PG-13 like ‘everybody does it’ is definitely indoctrination, as is use of the “F” word. It is a degradation move that I’ve often thought Hollywood pushed because that was the world they lived in and wanted to feel better about themselves doing it. But pushing knowledge, acceptance and questions about gender and gay behavior on young kids is abominable. I totally agree with the tenant of this article – acknowledging gays without judgment is one thing, but pushing acceptance and embracing it is totally different. Cradle to grave government isn’t far behind.

Rosalie Sweeton

Then let’s stop funding PBS! Why fund it when they’re pushing their far-left agenda on our innocent children?


What in the world is the matter with conservatives and republicans. We’re still funding the enemy (PBS)?


PBS needs to go. End of conversation.

Bob Wippermann

We have anti discrimination laws protecting real people as in race,sex, national origin, BUT, LBGT is asking us to constitutionaly protect a particular sex act. And comparing constitutionlay protecting a minority group to protecting a type of sex act is vile and degrating. What’s next constitutionaly protecting child molesters, bank robbers, gang members etc. This is happening with felons being allowed to vote.

Glenn Scott

Besides NPR and PBS the National Endowment for Arts NEA should be defunded yesterday.


Simple solution to many of the “media” issues. GET RID OF THE TV. We have never had that beast in our home.


Right on, AMAC! I’m a conservative and my wife and mother in law are LIBERALS. I’m not well liked.