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AMAC has partnered with Heritage Action in an effort to highlight the need for pro-growth, comprehensive tax reform in America. We invite you to join us in our #TaxReform Twitter campaign and tweet any of the messages below to your Congressman. Let’s work together to amplify our message— the American people want tax reform based on conservative principles!

Here are three easy ways in which you can participate:

  1. Please copy and tweet this message to congressmen and congresswomen:
    • [@InsertYourCongressmen’sTwitterName] I stand with @MatureAmericans in urging congress to pass #TaxReform and #ProGrowth policies that allow Americans to prosper.
  2. After tweeting the message above to your congressmen and congresswomen, we encourage you to continue in the #TaxReform conversation on Twitter. Feel free to share these sample tweets to your friends and followers:
    • The Constitution contains 4,543 words, but somehow the tax code needs 4 million words. Congress must pass conservative #TaxReform
    • Outdated.Overwhelming.Onerous. It’s time for Congress to follow through on its promises and pass conservative #TaxReform
    • Reducing the corporate tax rate would increase wages for workers, decrease the cost of goods, and boost investment for all. #TaxReform
    • 40% of the corporate stock is owned through retirement plans- cutting the corporate tax rate would benefit everyone’s retirement. #TaxReform
  3. Here are some key talking points to mention in your tweets:
    • Lower and simplify individual tax rates. Tax reform must improve the simplicity and transparency of paying taxes, along with lowering overall rates. It’s time to let hard-working Americans keep more of their paycheck.
    • End cronyism. Tax reform should seek to eliminate policies that Congress intended to benefit particular industries or groups.
    • Establish a territorial tax system. Lowering US tax rates will unleash economic growth and encourage investment in our cities.
    • Lower the corporate tax rate to encourage growth and help American workers.

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As we move forward and continue to focus our efforts on tax reform, we thank you for helping us spread this important message.

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Wouldn’t it be more prudent for us to be able to see ALL THE DETAILS of what is being crafted behind closed doors before everyone starts tweeting how great the plan is? Just a thought. After all, aside from some broad descriptions surrounding details related to what the C corps stand to get and potentially what may or may not be applicable to small businesses, there isn’t a whole lot of details related to the rest of us. I have no doubt that Congress will get everything done by Thanksgiving related to the C corps, as that is the GOP establishment’s prime interest. It’s the slow pace and apparent lack of drive being expended on the details related to the areas of both small businesses and individuals that is of concern to me. Watching Congress debating this tax reform plan this week, it is clear they are starting from zero… Read more »

So true, PaulE. Yes we can afford to wait. With decades of taking away from small business and small farms, it will not likely be reversed at this time. Those who lobby Congress, offering big rewards for correct votes don’t usually work for the little guy, and you can bet your sweet bippy that the Speaker of the House and Majority Leader in the Senate do not work for the little guy either. They never have in their many years in Congress. Why should they do so now?

Your ideas of what should be done are spot on. Too bad most politicians are politicians; or lawyers.

Simplify tax return filing form to one page for most. No reason to pay hundreds of dollars to have returns prepared.

For those of us who choose NOT to twit … gee, thanks a lot olebuddy ole pal for making sure we won’t be included in AMAC’s efforts. And you have a real nice day, too.

I don’t chose to tweet either. It’s one more intrusion to my privacy and a complication I don’t have time for. In future if AMAC want’s to craft a petition I’d consider that however I must agree with Paul E at this time. There aren’t enough details on this tax plan and anything Ryan has his hand on is questionable.

We must get 40,000,000 people off government programs and back to a productive job. The working people cannot continue to support the non working class and support themselves. These non working class of people must be trained in job skills so that they can be self supporting. They government is for the people & by the people. We run the government, not the government runs us.

Amen Fred. I am tired of all my tax money going to those who don’t want to get their buts in gear and do something to add to our country. Our economey is going down.

As a senior citizen, we need medical expenses and real estate taxes left as deductions. Retirement facilities are for wealthy seniors to buy into (in the hundreds of thousands) and two pensions and two social securities for the monthly fees. We have lots of friends like ourselves with no pensions and who lost most of IRA funds after 9-11 that did not recoup.
Seniors with earnings under $50,000 should have all present deductions left in tact or cease taxing our Social Security checks.

Pensions,Social Security, 401k,453b. ..general savings…etc, all have already been taxed in one way or another on the way to our saving accounts. Shame on the Federal government for comendering much of that money into the pockets of corrupt politicians. Shame on us for allowing this confiscation for so many years. Why do we continue to allow those corrupt assholes to steal our money right in front of our noses? Since our savings and retirement funds have already been taxed in a variety of ways, there should be absolutely no taxes on those funds once deposited. Are we that foolish to allow this theft to continue?

Tax Reform…..We encourage the House Ways and Means Committee to eliminate the “Double Tax” on seniors “Social Security Benefit Checks”. By elimination we means eliminate the “indexing of Social Security benefits” and also “Line 20 on the 1040 long form. This would stop the “Double Tax” on money we already paid taxes on when it was earned. This one item would help seniors benefit from a good tax reform bill.

The gov’t was paid 100% for our SS taxes while we were working (50% by us & 50% by our employers) so they are whole. However politicians in their infinite wisdom decided that WE, the worker still needed to pay for the other 50% so that now makes our SS wages paid 150%. Not to mention those who have to pay 85% on their SS wages. Double taxed!!

What exactly is comprehensive tax reform? I see it being used all the time, comprehensive this, and that. But no one ever defines what the heck comprehensive is, or what it means. Comprehensive gun control to the libtards is repeal of the second amendment, and confiscation of all guns. So what exactly are you advocating? Stop talking in general terms. Put numbers to the lower rates.

I posted a comment Saturday but it was held for moderation & it still doesn’t show up. There was nothing in it that could be considered offensive. I capitalized one word. I just stated I think we need more detail on how it affects the middle class before I can agree or disagree with the tax plan. Maybe AMAC thinks we should just get blindly behind the plan & not question anything. Sorry, I can’t do that.

Welcome to the world of being censored for not responding in the manner AMAC wants. You simply pose a question or suggest more information is needed to make an informed decision and poof! Your post is magically flagged with the old “awaiting moderation” notice and your comment vanishes.

Yeah PaulE, censored under the guise of being offensive. Shows you where their interests are doesn’t it.

Oh yeah! I figured out what AMAC considers “conservative” a while ago. That is why I dropped my membership. AMAC is old school, country club establishment GOP. Their interests are completely aligned with the Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable. Strictly the big money interests, which is why they keep telling us week after week to blindly support whatever half-baked stuff eminates from either McConnell or Ryan. From AMAC’s idea of what should “replace” Obamacare to now telling everyone to hop on this tough outline of a tax plan. Even when it is clearly not what most members commenting on this site have repeatedly told AMAC otherwise. This latest issue regarding tax reform just highlights that. AMAC expects everyone to blindly support the Ryan plan when the only area that has been fairly well defined is the one involving the C corps. Nothing of substance exists yet for either… Read more »

Simply and cut taxes now. Ignoe the obstructionist Dems. Forc a vote up or down. For or against. Before 2028 mid terms. Dr. Michael j DEEB me

why do we keep pushing income tax. lets rid ourselves of the IRS and really make everyone pay their fair share. (FAIRTAX.ORG) CORP. DON”T PAY TAX ONLY THE CONSUMER. consumption tax is where every tax is paid, why have the gov. take money from our pay checks and then still have to pay more tax when we buy the product or service, not to mention all the other hidden taxes in between. think about it.. ck. out

That’s not on the table and won’t be. The only way Washington, D.C. will ever consider a federal consumption tax is if it is on top of the existing income tax. Actually that is what Keven Brady originally proposed via his Border Adjustment Tax (BAT). Fortunately enough people pushed back to get the BAT removed, at least for now, from inclusion in the Ryan / Brady Tax Reform legislation in both the House and Senate committees.

Thanks Lee on

I applaud tax reform, but quite frankly “fixing” what we have is not the answer. The only real way to have “ALL PEOPLE of the USA” pay their fair share of taxes to support our bloated, corrupt behemoth of a government is a consumer tax or in other words a sales tax. We already have the infrastructure throughout the country to collect sales tax. this way whatever you spend you pay tax. It encourages saving and investment. The tax rate compared to income tax would drop precipitously. All things that are considered non-taxable would be from the old way of doing business. There would be no tax breaks of any kind both for individuals nor companies and corporations. If you buy something, you pay a tax. Last year Americans spent 10.7 trillion dollars. The total budget for 2016 is reported at 86.4 billion. Simple math says paying for that is… Read more »

I am confused. All PresidentvTrump has said is new revisions are going to benefit middle class. Yet I Goggle
Tax changes and they claim revisions help top 1 % wage earners and middle class may get $300 refund a year. Can you clarify this huge disparity between what President
Says and what is going to happen?

Income tax is the mother’s milk of socialism. The Constitution must be amended to repeal income tax


How come we don’t hear about individual tax brackets for the middle class? I won’t buy a new car under the present tax rates, has to come out of my IRA.
The D.A.