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Tammy Bruce Speaks Out About Leftist Political Threats

Tammy Bruce

Journalist, author, and political commentator Tammy Bruce has a unique background for someone who is well known nationally as “a true conservative.” For one thing, she is unabashedly gay. And in her early years, Bruce decidedly considered herself a Democrat.  Her background gives her a particularly perceptive understanding of the machinations of the Left. 

When she joined AMAC as a contributing columnist, she explained that while AMAC is considered to be the conservative alternative to AARP, she said her affiliation with the Association of Mature American Citizens “is not about retirement, this is about the future for all of us regardless of our age.” 

Bruce, a Fox News contributor, recently sat for an interview with AMAC’s CEO Rebecca Weber for Weber’s Better for America podcast. She offered her take on a variety of current topics such as the Disinformation Governance Board that the Democrat regime in Washington recently created. She chimed in on Critical Race Theory, the Constitution, and the Supreme Court. And, of course, she voiced her opinion regarding the leaked document that predicts the overthrow of the Supreme Court’s Roe vs. Wade abortion rights decision.    

The White House insists that the Disinformation Governance Board [DGB] is nonpartisan and apolitical. Although the Biden administration says the DGB was created to check and expose foreign-born anti-American propaganda, its true purpose might be to spread falsehoods here at home. It could have been established under the oversight of the CIA or some other agency that deals with threats from abroad, physical and otherwise. Instead, Bruce noted it was made part of the Department of Homeland Security, “an agency that has been using rhetoric for quite some time now indicating that they view Americans as the threat to America,” she said.

As for the Leftist Critical Race Theory [CRT], Bruce points out that it is “simply Marxism, rebranded. We see it, of course, in academia. We see [it] moving through the government and government programs. It is about silencing voices that would clarify the reality of what’s going on. Marxists have always, in other countries, murdered the opposition. You can’t get away with that here. But the equivalent would be to simply expel them from the public sphere. Political correctness was the start of this. And now we’re moving into…an end game. And that’s where America, I think, comes in. It’s where organizing the right comes in and where conversations like ours come in, as well.”

Bruce describes the Constitution as “a template, a divine template…delivered to us by our Founding Fathers…[and] it makes us different and makes this country the greatest on earth.” It’s also a threat to Leftist elements of society, and that’s why the Left has a focus on packing the Supreme Court, she added. 

Finally, with regard to the likelihood that the Court will overturn its 50-year-old Roe vs. Wade abortion decision, she said she believes “they will overturn it because even the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, [who was] obviously an icon of the Left, a woman who was a feminist and worked on these issues, was very blunt in the weakness of the Roe decision technically. And that’s what we’re dealing with here.”

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10 days ago

I DO NOT CONSIDER JOE’S DETERIATION AS SOMEONE TO FEEL SORRY FOR, HE HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE THIEF AND CROOK WITH LEGALIZED MAFIA ORGANIZED CRIME WHILE IN OFFICE. He used his position, just as Hillary used her position while in office to enrich themselves , family and crooked contributors for campaign payoffs. NAME ONE POLICITIAN THAT HAS NOT ENRICHED THEMSEOVES IN THE DEMORAT PARTY. Bernie, a devout communist demoRAT has more than his fair share of properties, and his family has millions of hidden wealth across the globe. There are also many Rhino Republicans whom also fit that narrative, but nothing compared to the real masters as the DemoRATS. TERM LIMITS WOULD BE A GOOD START IF WE CAN GET ENOUGH STATES TO FILE FOR A CONSTITUTIONAL FORUM OF THE STATES, TO ADD A FEW CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS, BUT LETS NOT STOP THERE, HOW ABOUT IMMIGRATION AND HOW ABOUT BALANCED BUDGET !!!

Robert Zuccaro
11 days ago

The media celebrates abortion protesters trying to intimidate SCOTUS judges decisions at their homes in violation of federal law meanwhile people who merely walked into the capitol building who did not riot or do damage are STILL held without bail…. And how many BLM rioters were tried from all the riots? I have heard of NONE.

Paul Carter
11 days ago

The instant the article said that Tammy Bruce is “unabashedly gay,” she lost all credibility as a conservative in my view.

Robert Zuccaro
11 days ago
Reply to  Paul Carter

I consider the true conservertaive Republican a BIG TENT with ALL WELCOME… if you don’t I’m sorry but even so you too are welcome. I am a firm believer in a “content of their character” policy! I was even mad at how CPAC last year made a porn actress in attendance leave. We need ALL VOICES not just ones eligible for canonization!

10 days ago
Reply to  Robert Zuccaro

I agree with you, Robert. A big tent holds more voters.

8 days ago
Reply to  Robert Zuccaro

You conservatives are pathethic, you’re so willing to accept anyone into your party just because they talk trash about their own party. This is why I don’t identify as a conservative. You people will tell people “don’t move to my state and vote blue.” But the minute a democrat starts crapping on their own party you people want to give them a hug and all of a sudden claim “Yes! They are one of ours!” A democrat could tell you point blank he molested a child, and you’d still accept them as long as they crap on their own party. A true conservative doesn’t fornicate with their beliefs, you stay true to it.

A porn actress is nothing, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are both garbage human beings that make terrible music, and you people would accept them too if they were trashing Democrats. I don’t trust leftlist and I don’t trust democrats. I don’t care what they say about their own. The only reason they are doing this now is because they are scared and worried about losing power. You Conservatives are some of the fakest people I know. That’s why I hope leftlist move into your red states and vote blue since you people think they are your allies as long as they trash talk their own party. That’s what desperate people do.

10 days ago
Reply to  Paul Carter

Being conservative doesn’t mean living by a narrowly limited list of qualifications which you live by. Not everyone thinks like you do or has the same values. The glue that binds together conservatives is limited government, rule of law, individual responsibility, strong national security, and a vibrant private sector. How does one’s sexual preference fit in? It doesn’t.

Any issues not covered in the Constitution are left up to the states and individuals.The Bill of Rights guarantees these freedoms, including those you choose to love, your religion or lack of it, the protests you participate in… You can live your life any way you want, but it isn’t fair (and it’s, in fact, repugnant to me) for you to claim a person is less worthy of being in “your club” because of the personality he or she was born with. Get over it, Paul Carter; it’s 2022. Tammy Bruce has been an outstanding spokesperson for conservatives, including you. You should thank her instead of kicking her to the side of the road. Shame on you.

8 days ago
Reply to  Kim

No it’s called staying true to your beliefs. You people are the reason why homosexuals and what not have taken your kids away from you. You people should just admit you aren’t real conservatives and get it over with. This is why I hate both of you the right and the left. You people can’t decide who or what you are. You will trust garbage people from one party as long as they talk down about their own party. The next time someone votes blue in your red state, I don’t want to hear any whining about it, you people deserve to get screwed over.

8 days ago
Reply to  Roberto

You people can’t decide who or what you are.” You people, you people…!

YOU, Robert/Roberto, are full of hate. I stay true to my beliefs, but it sounds as though you hate everyone who has different beliefs than you. You accuse others of not being true conservatives…why, because we’re glad Tammy Bruce switched from democrat to Republican decades ago? Gosh, you are so small-minded…..

11 days ago

We predicted the leftward swing while Obummer was in office; everything the left does is further a Marxist agenda and to gut the Middle Class [the real obstacle to a complete communist takeover].

11 days ago

Jackass Joe is a Marxist and is doing his best to destroy Capitalism!

11 days ago
Reply to  Rik

Come on Rik. Senile Joe doesn’t even know who is talking to most of the time or where he is. He is just a doddering old fool with deteriorating cognitive abilities, that is being is used as a front man by those behind the scenes actually running the show. If you could ask him what Marxism is, he would most likely just spew some incoherent nonsense that Marxism is a friend of his imaginary Corn Pop character he is always bring up. You’re giving him credit for having more mental functionality than he actually has.

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