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Talk Radio Continues to Turn to AMAC for the Answers

The first half of August was a busy month for AMAC’s founder, Dan Weber, as conservative talk radio hosts invited him to discuss hot topics such as the impact of Obamacare on Seniors and AMAC’s proppsal to Save Social Security.

8/3/12    Nutrimedical Report  GCN

8/7/12    Small Business Advocate Show Small Business Network

8/7/12    Whats Up Radio Program    KKHT

8/10/12   Focus Today with Perry Atkinson Dove

8/10/12   Impact Houston  KKHT and KNTH

8/10/12   American Family News American Family Radio

8/14/12   Mullins in the Morning KTOK

8/14/12   Neal Larson Show KID, KBLI

8/14/12   Shad Olson Show  Syndicated on SOS Network

8/15/12   Crosstalk America WVCY

8/15/12   Laurie Roth Show IRN / USA Radio network

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There are several “start-up” Seniors organizations similar to yours that have appeared since AARP’s liberal support of Obama Care and liberal politics resulting in the large numbers of us that have dropped AARP membership. Has AMAC contacted or intend to contact any of these conservative organizations to merge and form a more powerful lobby in favor of the senior segment of the population? I believe there is more power to be derived with numbers and if growth becomes apparent membership will grow in quantum leaps. If the field continues to be diluted, we willl have numerous relatively small and weaker voices. I look forward to your response.

Russell N. Pitts
Retired Military
Age 79