My Takeaway from Obama’s Speech Today

1) Obama still likes to use people as political props to prove a point. (Can’t imagine why he didn’t fill the stage with people who have lost their insurance and/or doctor(s) or watched their premiums rise/choices contract as a result of Obamacare.)

2) Obama uses words like “marketplace,” “choice,” and “competition” to sell overstuffed bureaucracy and big-government control. Why? Because he thinks he can fool you.

3) Obama still hand picks stories of Obamacare successes. The truth is that if the law were a good one (and the policy were good policy), he wouldn’t have to do that. He wouldn’t have to try to convince people. The policy would sell itself and people would be flocking to it on their own.

4) Obama still thinks he’s campaigning. He somehow still hasn’t realized that this isn’t about marketing anymore; it’s about policy implications that people can feel, policy implications that cost money and decrease options/quality of care. This isn’t a campaign; it’s real life.

5) Obama is still lying about Republicans not offering an alternative. Here’s a reminder about what the Republican Study Committee has been working on: http://www.breitbart.com/InstaBlog/2013/11/21/GOP-Your-Next-Move-on-Obamacare GOP, now get on TV and remind the President that he said he’s interested in hearing your ideas. Hold him to that.

6) Obama says he needs your help to spread the word about the law. Translation: help him conceal the flaws and glamorize the utopia he wants you to think it will usher in.

Bottom line? Nothing new whatsoever. GOP, this battle is yours to lose.

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Eddie F Adrayan
8 years ago

When your cover is blown away, that same cover is also going to fly you away…..

8 years ago

PaulE – Agree with you all the way. Some Obama supporters (aka takers) will follow him off the cliff kissing his feet all the way down.

Amazing someone with no experience in running anything and no accomplishments to speak of other than being a community organizer could climb that ladder so easily isn’t it? Our country is on a precipice & if we all don’t wake up we WILL become the unexceptional country Obama wants us to be.

8 years ago


The reason Obama keeps “campaigning” is that it is the ONLY thing he’s good at. I mean it’s not like he has a demonstrated background that includes responsible governing, business leadership skills, balancing budgets at any level of government, working to solve complex problems in a way that’s fair to all parties or any other similar skillset. The guy was a community organizer with a law degree, who could get crowds to buy whatever he was selling at the moment.

He managed to parlay that very limited skillset, with significant assistance from the Chicago progressive movement that sponsored him, into a Illinois Senate seat. Look at what he accomplished there. Essentially nothing of any value. He then used this same limited skillset to springboard himself into a seat in the United States Senate. There he spent more time campaigning for the office of President, than attending to the work he was supposedly sent to Washington to accomplish.

The American people bought his phony and vague “Hope and Change” nonsense and he actually managed to become President. After four years of doing nothing but impeding the recovery of the country at every possible turn, he did a repeat of his ludicrous 2008 campaign in 2012. The amazing thing is a majority of American voters actually fell for it a second time. What does that say about the intellectual capacity of those voters? Certainly nothing good.
They chose to ignore his dismal record staring them straight in the face the whole time and decided he deserved another four years to finish ruining the country.

So of course when Obamacare is failing, as we expected it would, Obama does the only thing he knows how to do. He hits the road and goes into campaign mode trying to sell his vision of what Obamacare should be by ignoring the reality of what it actually is. The really sad part Jedediah is that there are still a whole lot of Americans out there, even now, who believe everything Obama says on every subject. That’s the truly scary thing we’re all facing as a nation. A significant portion of the public is unable or unwilling to distinguish reality from the empty lies that Obama continues to utter day after day on his non-stop campaign.

Paul R
8 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Couldn’t have stated this any better. His community organizer skills don’t work so good when you are a president. I do blame the voters primarily, but they are being duped by the liberal media and liberal educational system so it’s not entirely their fault. About the time Obama leaves office everyone will realize what a pathetic president he is (was). History will not be nice to him. At least Jimmy Carter was a nice man even if he was a poor president.

8 years ago

Jay J – Sorry but the employer mandate has already been pushed back to 1 week AFTER the Nov 2014 election. Doesn’t matter. We still need to push the negatives especially the cancellations & premium increases along with all the other points Jedediah made to everyone we know. Contact your representatives weekly. Jedediah is correct on all points.

Mike Clark
8 years ago

How this Fraud of a President Obama can still believe tht he can keep telling lies after lies to the American People. My answer to that is we have over 50% who pay no taxes. over 49 million on Food Stamps , its all about how a community Organizer from Chicago , told people how they could lie and cheat to get on the gravy train of the taxpayers. The majority of people on Welfar , Food Stamps and pay no taxes , have been taught by their families. IT is a way of life being on the public dole , like Obama has been his whole life , lie about your birth , hire attorneys to cover it up , make as much money as you can while in office.

Arthur M.
8 years ago

Obama thinks if he keeps saying the garbage he’s saying, that it’ll somehow come true or people will at least start to believe him. He’s been a lying fool from day 1!

Jay J
8 years ago

He continues to lie and lie and lie, and he and his minions completely disregard facts. You can bet the Employer Mandate will be delayed again by Dear Reader, so that 100 million people don’t get cancelation notices right before the 2014 elections. We must mock this Obamacare Obamination to death before then, and tie it to every Democrat running for reelection. They own this disaster.

John C. Davidson
8 years ago

If it was a good plan why should anyone be forced to sign up? That’s an issue Obama refuses to discuss.

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