Take a Knee?

American flag kneeTake a little trip to Valley Forge in January. If you don’t know where that is, just Google it from the sidelines. Hold a musket ball in your fingers and imagine it piercing your flesh and breaking a bone or two. There won’t be a doctor or trainer to assist you until after the battle, so just wait your turn. Take your cleats and socks off to get a real experience. Then take a knee.

Then, take one at the beach in Normandy where man after American man stormed the beach, even as the one in front of him was shot to pieces … the very sea stained with American blood. The only blockers most had were the dead bodies in front of them, riddled with bullets from enemy fire.

Take a knee in the sweat soaked jungles of Vietnam. From Khe San to Saigon … anywhere will do. Americans died in all those jungles. There was no playbook that told them what was next, but they knew what flag they represented. When they came home, they were protested as well … and spit on for reasons only cowards know.

Take another knee in the blood drenched sands of Fallujah in 110 degree heat. Wear your Kevlar helmet and battle dress … your number won’t be printed on it unless your number is up! You’ll need to stay hydrated but there won’t be anyone to squirt Gatorade into your mouth. You’re on your own.

There’s a lot of places to take a knee. Americans have given their lives all over the world. When you use the banner under which they fought as a source for your displeasure, you dishonor the memories of those who bled for the very freedoms you have. That’s what the red stripes mean. It represents the blood of those who spilled a sea of it defending your liberty.

While you’re on your knee, pray for those that came before you, not on a manicured lawn striped and printed with numbers to announce every inch of ground taken … but on nameless hills and bloodied beaches and sweltering forests and bitter, cold mountains … every inch marked by an American life lost serving that flag you protest.

No cheerleaders, no announcers, no coaches, no fans … just American men and women … delivering the real fight against those who chose to harm us … blazing a path so you would have the right to “take a knee.”

You haven’t an inkling what it took to get you where you are … but your “protest” is duly noted. Not only is it disgraceful to a nation of real heroes, it serves the purpose of pointing to your ingratitude for those who chose to defend you under that banner that will still wave long after your jersey is retired.

If you really feel the need to take a knee, come with me to church on Sunday and we’ll both kneel before Almighty God. We’ll thank him for preserving this country for as long as He has. We’ll beg forgiveness for our ingratitude for all He has provided us. We’ll appeal to Him for understanding and wisdom. We’ll pray for liberty and justice for all … because He is the one who provides those things.

But there will be no protest. There will only be gratitude for His provision and a plea for His continued grace and mercy on the land of the free and the home of the brave. It goes like this…


Stanislaus “Stan” Drew originally wrote this post last year – when he was a member of Palm Springs Baptist Church in Palm Springs, FL – after San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick first began his protests during the National Anthem. Stan currently lives in Crescent City, FL. 

By - Stanislaus “Stan” Drew

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The next NFL game that begins with players taking a knee would be a great opportunity for the public announcer to hand the mic to a pastor and let him/her introduce the national anthem, saying… Almighty Father in Heaven above, we kneel before You to ask forgiveness for our selfish behavior, sinful disrespect of Your Son and our brave soldiers…,

Yes, I’ve thought of that myself… kneeling has always represented worship or reverence of some sort…until now. May God have mercy on us!

I agree with your idea.

Amen to that..it made me smile

What a wonderful idea!!! It should surely put those players to shame, if they know what shame is, to have a pastor publicly and in front of the thousands of fans, ask Our Lord for forgiveness for their “trespasses,” their disrespect to both God and country and our military heroes who fought for them so they can play football and collect a huge check. I wonder too if any of them might have had a taste of military life prior to joining the NFL….I doubt it.
But, you made a great point! Thank you.

Thank u, I believe with u it is God that that has blest this nation and given us so many men and woman we are to honor for their protection of this land and it Is only God who can change the hearts of man

Yes! The only time one should take a KNEE is in prayer to our maker! One day all knees will bend to the great I AM!

Very well said! Unfortunately, the ones who need to read this won’t be doing so. My husband and I just visited Omaha Beach last month. We got to the cemetery just as the American flags were being raised and taps was being played. One of the most emotional moments of my life. I’d like to make every NFL whiner over there to see it!

Great post!

The players doing this are so self centered that their cold hearts won’t feel patriotic emotions. A person is only ‘repressed’ as much as he/she wants to be. Much, much is offered in this country to help people help themselves. Actions of 150 years ago do not affect citizens today except the deserved freedom given. Does not affect today.

Very nice. Did a road trip around Scotland a couple of years ago. We stopped a several WW11 memorials and noticed how many families were there with parents talking to their children about it and the war. In other words they are teaching them about their history and their participation in that war. I wish people here would learn our history and teach their children. Maybe just maybe people would honor this country and all the sacrifices it has made starting with the revolutionary war. Our schools continue to fail us by not teaching history or teaching only their version. Pray for this country that it can get turned back to a county that’s thanks God for all that has been given us. Too many have rejected Him.

Is nothing sacred anymore? Protest if you must but don’t use my American flag or my National Anthem as an object for your disdain. You’ll never make a successful argument for your cause whatever it may be in so doing. You’ll gather only the wrath of a rightfully indignant nation,

My husband and I have been football fans for years… until this season! WE PROTEST the stupidity of the games at this point. We’ll not be watching until this issue is cleared up!

I’ve joined that bandwagon too..get the scores when it’s over.

I don’t even care what the scores are. I’ve given up on the NFL for this year at least and possible going into the next season. I heard Lou Holtz make the comment the other day that if these babies (my word not his) were serious about the protest then they would have done so in the PRESEASON as well and not waited for the start of the season.

I’ve given up on the NFL entirely after this last charade of theirs! Kappernickel was one thing but this latest self serving outburst is beyond the pale for me. No more NFL for me and I was a lifelong fan of it.

‘Kapernickel’? Is that some sort of recently introduced currency?

clark kent: Yes, a kapernickel is similar to the U.S. dollar (backed by 17 trillion of debt), but the kapernickel is backed by a similar amount of arrogance, ingratitude, avoiding-reality, and disloyalty; all in one big POS.


If we all boycott maybe that will get the prima donnas attention, that what they are doing is shameful among other things. No more NFL for me.

Beautifully written and should be published in every newspaper in America! Oh, sorry, they’re on their knees, too.


Totally AGREE — I Served PROUDLY from 1968 thru 1993 —May God Continue to Bless America

Peter, Mozell – thank you both for your service. Without you and others, who knows where we’d be but we wouldn’t be free to express our opinions, that’s for sure!

Thank you and God bless you too Mozell !! I didn’t read further.

Thank you to all who have served…..Men, Women……Black and White and other, Christian and Jew and other…….We are all Americans and appreciate your service

Thank you Peter Barkevich for your service to our great country! God bless you and all your comrades, I was never in the service and I have nightmares of what it must have been like. I can’t even imagine.

Thank you for your service, i too was in the military, but I didn’t serve as long as you, and I do appreciate your service.

Thank you for serving Peter !! God Bless you for serving our country for so long. We appreciate you and all those that the NFL doesn’t appear to.

Peter, thank you for your service! As an Army brat of a retired WW2 Alamo Scout hero I also served in the Army (my initial 3 yrs. enlistment) and eventually retired after 40 yrs. worth of civilian Law Enforcement. I won’t condone any disrespect for our flag. Mine flies daily!

Again, thank you for your service Peter Barkevich and all others who have served!

Peter Barkevich: Sir, THANK YOU for your Service. I do Appreciate you and ALL Service Members past and present.

Great article. When my grandfather’s farmland was “taken” more than a hundred years ago by greedy European officials, he came to America with his young wife, little money, and great ambitions. More ancestors on the other side of the family tree escaped famine and joblessness in their homeland and came to America to farm and to establish businesses. I’m so glad they did. They started with absolutely nothing, but knew that there was no place else on this planet where their hard work and dedication to their dreams would reward them this unique opportunity to earn a decent living. They very well understood and respected the symbolism of the flag. How pathetic they look–those who take a knee during the national anthem–how undignified their gesture in the context of all that wealth, from playing games! The economics of the sport are rapidly evolving, and I’ll wager that, before too long,… Read more »

This is one of the best things I have read in a long time. It brought a tear to my eye. I think that everyone who wants to protest should have to read this so that they would understand what those that came before them gave so that they could show their disrespect. Then let them throw their hissy fits.

Where is there a Martin Luther King memorial? I want to turn my pigeons loose!

Unfortunately, the Communist vermin doing their best to take America down want the whole country to take a knee. Or both knees. Then kneel in surrender to them and their gods Marx and Lenin and their murderous Prophet Stalin. If we refuse we’ll shot outright or sent to Gulag and worked to death. Liberals are too brainwashed and deliberately ignorant to know that. Muslims want every American to take a knee. Or both knees. Then surrender to their Allah and continue down to plant our faces in the dirt in abject subjugation. If we refuse we’re already in perfect position for the flaming sword of Islam to do its work. Liberals are too brainwashed and deliberately ignorant to know that. Racist blacks and Liberal snowflakes can crawl around on both knees and kowtow to their new Plantation Masters – the Democrat Party – but I wont! Get rid of the… Read more »

Q: Do you know what they call someone who reads Marx and Engels? A: Communists
Q: Do you know what they call someone who understands Marx and Engels? A: Anti-Communists!
Pres. Ronald Reagan

In order to understand things better I tried reading Marx lo-o-o-ong ago. The only thing I got out of it is that it is a giant type of pyramid scheme. Only the elite at the top few levels prosper. Everyone else is just about uniformly destitute. It works out in practice that way too.

Years ago I had an interesting conversation with an acquaintance who was singing the praises of Marxist Socialism. When I challenged him on it he said that all they needed to solve the problems was for the government to print more money to pay for everything.

Yes, he actually said that.

And ya know? The Knee jobbers and their fans today still believe that. Stupidity today is just as stupid as it was 30 years ago.

those who protest America and praise socialism… well. We LIVED in socialist countries and the people there envy us. Freedom of choice, and thought. Liberty. They say… socialism looks GREAT on paper, but friends in England and Germany said they’ve “waited 3yrs for necessary surgery… wages are capped…EVERYTHING belongs to the gov’t….took our house and put refugees in it w/all expensed pd by the gov’t….which is what WE earned…

Oh my God !!!! You are right to the core!!! Couldn’t have spoken more truer words.
Yes yes yes.
Thank you for your honesty..wish everyone could read your post.
May we turn away from ignorance and back to our Lord and Savior…that is the only way He will bless this nation.

Hate to burst your bubble, but the vast majority of NFL players have no clue who Marx, Lenin or Stalin were nor do they care. And professional football is not going to ‘take America down’ because it is merely ENTERTAINMENT. And, as such, it pivots around MONEY. If folks refuse to go to games, don’t buy NFL merchandise, and refuse to patronize sponsors THEN the tune will change. You are barking up the wrong tree; there is not a Communist boogieman on every street corner.

clark kent: “not a Communist boogieman on every street corner” means you understand communism/socialism is a REAL THREAT to freedom, you just think if you just pretend it isn’t there, it won’t hurt you. My grandson (4 years old) thinks like that, also.

Not a Communist boogieman on every street corner? What do you call Antifa? What do you call the entire Democrat Party leadership? What so you call George Soros? The UN? China and that one-way trade boondoggle? The US Department of Education and most of the teachers in our schools? What do you call the Far Left Federal bureaucracy that is clamping down new “laws” and regulations every day? The hundreds of activist Leftist Judges that infest our courts? The Far Left news media and Hollywood? The list is endless. They are deliberately attacking every uniquely American institution like pro sports and NASCAR. Monuments and holidays. The Constitution especially the Bill of Rights. They are desperate to kill the Second Amendment and don’t care how many they murder in the process. Read the “45 Goals of Communism in America” as extracted from the 1958 book “The Naked Communist” by Cleon Skusen.… Read more »

Stan Drew hit the nail squarely on the head. I usually purchase a load of NFL products for Christmas presents. This year, I wouldn’t buy so much as a toothbrush with NFL printed on it. Those overpaid punks have no clue what goes into maintaining the freedoms we enjoy….even the freedom to be jerks.

Thank you for your article…. just like to add one more…. take a knee for all the white people who fought and many many died in the Civil War so others wouldn’t be slaves!!!!!

And, I might add, the white people who formed the Underground Railroad, risking their property and lives to help run-away slaves reach the safety of the North. Harriet Tubman wouldn’t have had the resources without the help of whites along the way.

I would like to edit my comments to say …. DONT take a knee during our National Anthem!!!! instead think about the 2 million white soldiers from the North and of these 360,222 died during the Civil War ….so others wouldn’t be slaves

The ones that need this probably can’t read. How about they take some of that paycheck that they get, and gather some of their like minded friends, and simply leave this country that they hate so much. Go back to the Mother Land. I’m sure you can find jobs there that will over pay you. We’ve had enough of your whining, So just leave. Make sure you only buy a one way ticket.

For the ones that takes a knee, I have a possible solution. Invite those to attend Marine Corps boot camp for many weeks and then a month of advanced training. Then send them to the front lines in battle conditions. Oh, I forgot. Most of them have a college degree, so they would be officers and have to lead. God help the enlisted man. Note-this was written by a former Marine.

Thanks Marine, from a USAF vet 1968-1972.

Thanks Curtis Navy & Coast Guard total 25 years

Point; Most have certificates of attendance, not degrees, and thank God, a degree alone doesn’t make you an officer.

I always heard “Once a Marine, always a Marine”. So to me, your still a Marine, thank you for your service.


BEAUTIFUL and touching! Every man and and woman living in this great country should be required to read this daily, because they will never know the sacrifices made by our brave men and women to give them the rights they want to trample on. The NFL(no fans left) is finally getting the message and telling the players they “should” stand. Notice they said should not that they have to. The old saying$$$$$ (money) talks and 💩( bulls sh-t) walks says it all. Fans leaving in droves and tv viewing nose diving means less money to pacify all the professional cry babies . Score is , President Trump 1 NFL Crybabies 0 ! GOD BLESS AMERICA !

Extremely well stated & most comprehensive. God Bless you for your very accurate reporting…
FOR the low-life colin kaepernick — if you have an ounce of adult-maturity you still would come-up far short of being an adult-male — You spoiled / overpaid / adolescent… grow up/ apologize for your immaturity.

I agree this article is ‘Brilliant’ like many I have family members who served for our country. Heroes, all of them, without
them we would not have our freedoms. Can any of these NFL players claim to be a ‘hero’ such disgrace in the face of our real ‘Heroes.

Is there any way this can be sent to those who refuse to honor our country, flag, and, most of all, those who have given their lives to defend us? Maybe it will make them stop and think. We should all fall to our knees and give thanks for each one of those lives.

Oh, they’ll get the message when they see a lack of attendents at their games, and also I read that Anhauser Bush has dropped their support of the NFL, and if that is true, God bless them for their decision, hopefully more will follow.

No, sorry to say it’s not true. Anhauser-Busch refused to withdraw their NFL sponsorship.

Anyone taking a knee now will not read past the first paragraph.

Taking the knee is just another game to these children!