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liz cheney 40

Liz Cheney’s Shameless Political Opportunism


Senator Braun & Leader McConnell introduce ‘Don’t Weaponize the IRS’ Act

Miranda 1

Better For America: The Shattered Left Wing Agenda with Miranda Devine

Virginia 14

Strong GOP Nominee in Virginia Puts Dems on Notice

energy 37

Biden Flunks Leadership Test as Energy Catastrophe Takes America Back to Carter Years

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Better For America: Farm to White House

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Working-Class Voters Continue Their Trump-Like Shift to Conservatives as British Labour Party Gets Pummeled

China 13

Hold China Accountable for COVID – By Law

Israel 32

Congressional Leftists Side with The Terrorists in The Deadly Hamas-Israel Conflict

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Biden Set to Provide Amnesty & Reparations to Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Deported Under Trump