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After Cancelling America’s Keystone XL Pipeline, Biden Approves Russian Pipeline To Germany

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Trump Declares “China Must Pay”—Calls for $10 Trillion in Reparations for Virus

D-Day 16

Trump’s Unforgettable Tribute to D-Day Heroes That Even the Media Praised

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As Trump Heads to North Carolina, Recent History Explains Why Dem Hopes for State Look Bleak

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Pompeo Exposes Biden Administration’s Foreign Policy Catastrophe

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Media Tripping Over Themselves to Reverse Position On COVID Lab Leak Theory

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How Donald Trump Saved Religious Liberty in America

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Biden Continues Assault on American History, Cancels Trump’s “National Garden of American Heroes”

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Weingarten Report Ep. 5: The January 6th Commission is a Wrongthink Inquisition

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The Evidence Is In: Democrats and Biden Administration Are Waging A Political War On Religion