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Get Out and Vote; You Can Make the Difference

border-wall-standoff-Trump Nafta deal Mexico Canada

Donald Trump & The “New” NAFTA

trump-fights entitlement programs bankrupt Trump nobel peace prize midterm 31

Promises Kept: A Pre-Midterm Trump Tally

China 12

Trump’s Tariffs Are Biting China

dismantling-obama-war-coalobama-presidency obama 102

Obama Didn’t Build That!

Trump America tax President China PLO 19

Trump Closes PLO office in Washington DC

planned parenthood donations lavish

7 Lies Planned Parenthood’s New President Pushed On ‘The View’

medicare hoax graham seniors healthcare American medicine health subsidies single payer town hall medical health care competition 68

The Medicare-for-All Hoax

Cronkite news media 8

Loss of Perspective – Where is Walter Cronkite?

Mad Maxine Waters Democrats house dems Trump 86

Mad Maxine Waters: I’ll Get Pence, Too!