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Swindoll Ministry Wins Obamacare Exemption

DALLAS (AP) — A Bible ministry headed by noted pastor and author Charles Swindoll is now among the religiously-affiliated groups that have won court approval to prevent fines from being imposed while they challenge the contraceptive mandate of the Affordable Care Act.

Swindoll’s Insight for Living Ministries was granted a preliminary injunction by a federal judge in suburban Dallas yesterday.

The ministry was represented by Liberty Institute, a legal advocacy group. Attorney Matthew Kacsmaryk says the court held an expedited hearing and acted quickly because of a Dec. 1 deadline. That’s when IFLM would have been forced to accept mandated prescription coverage or face daily fines for non-compliance.

Kacsmaryk says Swindoll’s ministry has a sincerely-held religious belief that life begins at conception and thus considers the use of certain contraceptive drugs and intrauterine devices as forms of abortion. This case and similar ones are moving through federal appellate courts.

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