Survey Suggests AARP Ignores Their Members

AARP AMAC SadA recent survey of AARP members conducted by Morning Consult that was commissioned by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) shows that 86% of them agree with the Trump Administration’s proposal to reform the rebate rule for Medicare Part D.

Pharmacy benefit managers (PBM), manage drug benefits for insurance companies and other third-party payers. They essentially act as middlemen between insurance companies and consumers in the drug supply chain.  In order to gain access to their contracts, which can range into the millions of lives, pharmaceutical manufacturers must pay rebates to PBMs.

The Trump Administration is proposing that pharmacy benefit managers share these rebates at the point of purchase with seniors who have Medicare Part D in order to reduce their drug costs, which is something AMAC wholeheartedly supports.

AARP, however, has consistently opposed this rule, despite this survey showing overwhelming support for it by their rank and file membership. The survey also showed that 85% of AARP members were disappointed with the organization’s stance on this issue.

Robert Zirkelbach, executive vice president of public affairs for PhRMA said of AARP’s position on the rebate rule, “We are fighting to lower costs for seniors by forcing insurance companies and middlemen to share negotiated savings at the pharmacy counter… yet AARP is choosing to stand with insurance companies rather than their own members. It begs the question: Who is AARP really fighting for?”

Read more about the survey here.

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Richard Shoemaker

AARP started out as a good idea but was eventually taken over by left wing radicals who are more interested in profiting from their deals with United Health than looking out for middle class members. AARP will sell the members out if it means more money for the socialist causes that management promotes


This is just another reason why I am not a member of AARP. They drooled over the Obama presidency, which again, did nothing for seniors. The AARP is just another cover for the liberal left and really cares nothing about its members. I wouldn’t waste my money on AARP.

Diana Collins

AARP.is just another arm of the Washongton DC. Democrat SWAMP. Why should they support what its members want, the SWAMP does not respect Americans either.

Anita Johnson

I am a previous member of AARP. One thing is certain, I WILL NOT be a future member. The bridge was burned with me when they pushed for ObamaCare.


Burn hundreds of pieces of JUNK mail from KRAP every year. Their choice of cellular carrier is the only reason for their vast membership. I belonged to KRAP about 10 years ago but put them down after I saw their political affiliations and ideology. Their views and beliefs don’t coincide with mine. They probably get BIG discounts from the major propaganda broadcast conglomerates because they spread the fake news and don’t support any of MY PRESIDENTS views or policies.
MAGA 2020

Richard Kauffman

I must say that it seems to me that every third week that AARP is always attempting to get donations from me and I must say that in the three times I wrote back to them, they never responded.

Theresa G. DUpre

I found in the past that AARP had it’s own agenda and did not have its members in it’s interest. That’s why I am now a member of your organization. I am putting much trust in you guys! Please don’t disappoint!!

Todd Taylor

AARP is a special interest group for the voice of the progressive, political (liberal) machine; why would they be concerned with older conservative adults they are not their target audience? Know this, if your dollars go to support AARP you are part of the liberal agenda; you are part of this country’s biggest threat.

Stephen Russell

Then leave AARP, why stay in a Do Nothing organz for seniors?? Join AMAC. All I see is TV ads for AARP & Medicare & use AARP to acess Medicare? & Hartford Insurance etc.
Rebrand AMAC & get more members.
Then who will.
Seek out AARP members who feel left out of AARP, then C how fast AARP changes tune??


When I get unsolicited return envelopes that doesn’t require a stamp from AARP I mail them back empty so AARP has to pay. If all AMAC members do this, it could be costly for AARP.


Perhaps Amac should send out their own information to as many retirees as possible informing them of their existence. I know that AARP constaantly sends me stuff even though I am an Amac member. Too many people don’t even know about Amac as an alternative. It doesn’t need to be complicated, perhaps basic information in a postcard format.

Rick J.

I always had doubt about AARP and refused to join. After they supported Obama in 2008 I knew
I was right. Had to wait a long time for AMAC, but finally, retired who for the most part think like
I do. Worth the wait and have turned others on to AMAC and they are happy to.

Henry Naizer

Forgot to add AMAC’s magazine is 100 times more informative that AARP’s.

Henry Naizer

I dropped my AARP membership years ago when I discovered they were advocating Democrat policies and joined AMAC.

Harry Hudak

AARP also endorsed ObamaCare. They sell insurance. They endorse insurance. They get paid!

Wayne D Peterkin

“Survey suggests”… I can personally attest to AARP ignoring their members. In fact, they seem to have making money as a higher priority than doing anything for their members, which I why I left them years ago and adopted AMAC instead. Around 2003 – 2005, I enrolled in AARPs car insurance scam through Hartford Insurance. With no claims at all and no traffic offenses, the rates went up anyway until they seemed out-of-line. So I sent a request for quotes to seven other major insurers, and was shocked when every single one offered me the same coverage for a minimum of $600/yr less than Hartford! So I wrote Hartford and AARP asking what the deal was. Hartford told me in no uncertain terms to take it or leave it. AARP never responded at all. A second letter and still no response. So I switched insurers and left AARP. They can… Read more »


AARP has always ignored members. I left them years ago when they would not respond to Obamacare concerns. Way too liberal. Thanks for AMA .

Josephine pooley

Lose AARP and join AMAC!


I’m not a great believer in scientific research the way it stands today. For example, since like entitlements programs they are self-fulling prophecies designed strictly to provide jobs. Researchers are possibly obstructed in their research by simple threats to job security. Think of all the jobs lost if a definitive and thorough cure for cancer were actually found. In my exposure to psychiatric “entitlement” programs I even heard this statement from a Case Worker “What if psychiatric patients actually COULD get better.. Yikes! (she stated) WE’D ALL BE WITHOUT JOBS..” consequently an atmosphere of “us vs them” is automatically generated with the potential for not only ethics violations but social workers and psychiatrist deliberately sabotaging the patients’ recovery.. Christ is quoted as having said two things of interest (to me) along these lines # 1 “Physician heal thyself.” and # 2 “A ‘whole’ (honest?) man needs not a physician.” Lastly… Read more »


I wish AARP would save the trees. The 3 adults living in our home are CONSTANTLY getting AARP materials.