Supporting Law Enforcement: The Time is Now

police law enforcement supportingIn 2017, police face more danger and less cooperation than ever.

While on the job today, officers are met with a growing avalanche of mistrust, hostility, and outright resistance from members of the public. In a recent survey, police across the country reported feeling more scrutinized, second-guessed, and threatened than ever.

As high-profile shootings have sparked widespread protests and calls for police accountability, there appears to be a growing national sentiment of outright hatred and resistance of law enforcement. While some groups present reasoned, salient arguments for police reform, the importance of trigger discipline, and improved police-community relations, others have lashed out and taken to the streets in protests, repeating the rallying cry of “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!”

As more Americans are simmering with discontent over police use of force, officers are starting to feel as though they are being punished for doing their jobs. President Trump has publicly expressed his support for the police on numerous occasions, bolstering law enforcement and expressing his concern that criminals will take advantage of the fact that police are walking on eggshells, warning Americans that this must be stopped.

The country’s anti-police attitude makes it difficult for law enforcement to carry out their duties—officers are now struggling to keep communities safe at a time when public citizens are more willing to question the methods they use to do so. In a recent interview, Todd Axtell, Police Chief of St. Paul, Minnesota, spoke about this issue, saying “These are challenging times for officers, whose job it is to confront chaos with calm, run toward danger and assist people in the throes of life’s worst moments on a daily basis. Even though the profession is a calling for most of our officers, the job can wear you down”.

A June Gallup poll found that 57% of Americans have “a great deal or quite a lot” of confidence in police, but that confidence dropped among liberals and people under 35 years old.

Some argue that today’s public scrutiny is a positive for law enforcement, claiming that it will lead to more efficient and effective policing, and that unprincipled “bad cops” need to be exposed to scrutiny so they don’t make all cops look bad. Others say the scrutiny is harmful and unnecessary, and that measures such as body and vehicle cameras for police are Orwellian and a waste of taxpayer funds.

Ultimately, police work is a challenging profession that is easy to criticize from the outside. Many citizens do not understand the full scope of the challenges faced by our country’s law enforcement. The job is an unpredictable one by its nature, and officers are placed in uncertain circumstances every time they put on their badges and leave for work.

It takes a lot to be a police officer, and now, more than ever, we need to stand with law enforcement and let them know they have our support.

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Once you advocate killing cops you are not protesters you are now TERRORISTS!

Walk a day in an officers shoes. Most couldn’t last a day.

Don’t like the police? If you’re ever in trouble, call a crook!

What we need is more people showing love, respect and care for law enforcement they have a tough job at best

For years when I go shopping in Kroger or Publix in Atlanta, when I see a customer in uniform not buying out the store, I go up to them and say, ” I am sorry but your credit card or money is no good in this store; but mine is.” I then pay their bill and tell them my attitude toward people in uniform is the same for the vast majority. The scum that criticize them is a small number. This makes their day.

As a retired peace officer, I can attest to the fact that it is not a very easy job. You never know what you are going to run into and you are required to make split second decisions all the time, some of which may end your life or someone else’s. Maybe these “people” that think cops are too rough ought to spend some time in their shoes to see what they have to go through. These people who want “dead cops” only want to get their faces on television, albeit covered up so no one can identify them, and want a state of anarchy instead of government. If they don’t like it here, maybe they should go somewhere like Venezuela and live.

Amen to that, CGA!! I totally agree with you100%!!

WAY BACK in 1980, though coming from a family of police officers, I became a firefighter. Police work is too dangerous, I reasoned. Back then there was still respect for authority, much of which has since dissolved into a “I’ll do what I want, I don’t care attitude”. I have always understood the difficult and ever stressful job it is to deal with people at their worst. I always take the time to greet and thank police officers and firefighters when possible. Take the time for them. They deserve it!

I stand in support of the 1 responders. May GOD BLESS them an their family’s.

They are doing the job better than most of the citizens can.

There is NO wide-spread anti-police attitude in this country, as this article implies. What we have is a small number of very well-financed hate groups masquerading as so-called “social justice warriors” and promoting a very specific leftist political agenda. One of goals of that agenda is to destroy the very fabric of the nation from within by undermining both the rule of law and respect for those that serve and protect the public. Almost all of the mainstream media in this country is in fact functioning as the propaganda arm of that very same leftist agenda. So the media is constantly attempting to portray law enforcement as “the enemy” and “evil, racist bigots out to target poor, defenseless and totally innocent segments in our society”. The fact that 99.9 percent of those so-called poor, defenseless and totally innocent segments involved in police shootings happened to be caught committing crimes or… Read more »
I live in southern Arizona. Most everyone has no doubt seen or heard about the recent fiasco in Phoenix after Mr. Trump was here. There were in fact many peaceful protestors but in their midst were a group of Antifa agitators. After Mr. Trump had departed and after some of the protestors began getting more aggressive the police told them to disperse. Let me add that our local “news” media who were live on scene reported inaccurate and totally misleading information that only aggravated an already tense scene. Now, the police fired pepper spray and smoke at the crowd at one point and the “news” media did a poor job of covering the underlying facts. What we saw on TV was some of the supposed “peaceful” protestors refusing to disperse and even throwing the smoke canisters back at the police. To cut to the chase, a scheduled City Council meeting… Read more »

Yep PaulE, and let us never forget that demeaning local law enforcement just paves the way for a complete Police State ruled at the national level. That’s the formula of an all totalitarian government.
And it’s well underway.

Very true, those who protest about being mistreated by police usually are resisting orders to obey police. They have a very negative view to following rules. I am not referring to blind acceptance but a clear understanding of situation at hand. Media coverage doesn’t help especially with tailored video which is why I am all for body/head cams on all police to eliminate all hearsay. Talk only works if you have the full proof in front of you, not the distorted view doctored to make a certain point.

Actually, there IS a wide-spread anti-police attitude in this nation. How long have you been asleep?

The people that are usually the most anti-police are the ones that either feel they should be exempt from the law (free to break speeding laws without getting tickets, park in handicap spots without actually being handicapped and get ticketed or towed, ocassionally loot stores during staged riots to pick-up a new, flat screen TV, deface private property during riots because it “makes them feel good” for some perceived social injustice, etc.) or have a criminal past or a relative with a criminal past. So I would agree that particular set of the population is very anti-police.

One of the underlying problems as I see it. Is in how we view police officers and how they view themselves. At some point they no longer were ‘public servants’ and became ‘law enforcement authorities’. When they no longer served the public, and became enforcers. There was a shift to them being viewed by themselves and the average American as public authorities, or above the public, and servants of the “law”, which they are not, nor should be. Their role is not to serve and enforce the law, but to protect the public from those who would violate the law. It’s a subtle difference, but an important one. This image of an Enforcer is one that police departments across the country have fostered. Take a look at your local police. Are they dressed in black BDUs with hardware and tactical vests ball caps and raybans and look like they are… Read more »

Brian J, what you are illustrating is the advent of the locals becoming a part of the Police State that all totalitarian governments have used to take ultimate power.

Ivan and Brian: Then why don’t you both become police officers and show us all how it SHOULD be done? In other words, PUT UP OR SHUT UP.

Who put a burr under your saddle, Clark? Are you mad because your bad? There are many good folks in law enforcement, but the national move to federalize all areas of law is an evil that is encroaching into many local areas. Knowing that does make one anti-police.

I agree totally….Today new recruits seem to have a totally different demeanor they put that uniform on.
I hope a police state isn’t in it’s infancy and the public has their heads in the sand.
see: http://rutherford.org/issues/police_state

Douglas Smith 16770-15
WELL SAID ! I am 75 years old, was raised to show respect for the town (to protect and serve) police. All through my upbringing and thru adulthood I had respect for them ! After The end of the 20th century, and especially since Obama’s​ disrespectful ignoring the U S Constitution. The police forces have started the fashion practice of NAZI agents of WWII Germany. More trinkets on their BatMan style utility belts than the weight of their belly! The new motto doesn’t refer to PROTECT or SERVE;. But the new motto is. “IF YOU CAN’T CATCH CRIMINALS,. MAKE CRIMINALS OUT OF THE ONES YOU CAN CATCH!”. (We’ll make up a new (unconstitutional) law if need be!). In Nebr, OPD recently tazzered a single suspect (5?) times, killing the (1) man that several (5) cops couldn’t control?!?! No further news was revealed on this matter. I’d bet he wasn’t a… Read more »

Total crapola. Even though you are 75 you still need to grow up.

Great post, Doug. “Government” has only two valid functions: 1) to protect Citizens from extra-national (military) threats, and 2) to protect Citizens from intra-national (criminal) threats.

Often when police “enforce the law” where no threat exists, they’re acting outside the boundaries of constitutionality and violating liberties and God-given rights they should be protecting.

I once had a traffic cop threaten to commit me to a mental institution if I wouldn’t lie to make his paperwork easier. Yeah there’s bad cops out there. Every single individual working for government at any and every level should take the oath to uphold and defend the constitution of the united States of America.

I have always had the utmost respect for “good cops” and the utmost contempt for “dirty cops”.

You can say the same thing for doctors, pastors, and farmers. And your point is?

Unfortunately I have to disagree with this article at least in part. The situation with the nurse being arrested or detained in the manner that she was shows that there are more police out there that need to be fired. This situation reminds me of two different situations that I myself was involved in where the police officer acted inappropriately and another situation involving my son. And like the nurse and those around her we felt helpless to do anything about it or to protect ourselves. Yet at the same time I was in another situation where the police officer was polite and respectful and still gave me the ticket I deserved so I know there are those officers that are good. It is scarey because you are never sure which one you are dealing with until the situation comes up. Unfortunately these situations are happening more and more, the… Read more »

Yes, the Utah cop who clearly went way over the line and violated numerous police conduct policies with that nurse, plus committed assault from what I could see on the video, should be fired. Wrong temperament for the job would be an understatement. He is an example of the one tenth of one percent that shouldn’t be in law enforcement. He is however not indicative of the average cop. That is what the media will no doubt try to conflate that incident into over the next few days.

Robin and Paul: What you both fail to realize is there are ‘five percenters’ in EVERY occupation. In other words, 5% make the 95% look bad. Once again, feel free to become police officers and show us all how it SHOULD be done.

Seems you failed to realize that one of the above not only realized, but stated a percentage of his estimate.

Or . . . in the case of lawyers, the 99% make the other 1% look bad.

I have long made it a practice to thank veterans and active members of our military services. Several years ago, in response to the “blame cops first” movement, I began thanking law enforcement officers as well. Later I had small cards printed with these words: “Thank you for your service, for keeping our nation free and our citizens safe.” Listed in bold letters are all of the branches of our military, Officers of the Law, Firefighters and other first responders. The background photo shows The Blue Angels in flight. I give these cards to everyone I identify as belonging to any of these groups. Several of my friends are now doing the same thing with their own cards and I would like to see this become a widespread practice.

In New Jersey a few years back, a black man walked into a convenience store and threatened the manager with a gun which misfired. The police were called, of course. When they drove up, the black man walked up to the car and shot the driver (a rookie Hispanic policeman) in the head. The black man was then dispatched by the other policeman in the car. There were no protests by the Hispanic community…but who staged a protest and brought signs to the site? People who were “mourning” the black murderer! This was no more than headlines in the local paper…nothing national…that precious life snuffed out in a second. I certainly do support our police… May God bless and protect them!

No one is saying what, specifically, to do except change our attitude. That’s pretty general. I have a specific suggestion but it’s going to be very controversial. Because of the ensuing controversy I’ll not do my usual top down thing and provide the conclusion at the outset because the underlying supporting process matters. The problem with our attitude toward our policemen and women begins when I was a very small child. Sometime in late 1942, after my parents moved to their second house, I saw the 20 feet from the bottom of the front stairs to the sidewalk as a huge distance. There was a man in a blue uniform walking on that sidewalk and he talked to me. After a while he said he wouldn’t be walking by the house anymore because the city was putting policemen like him in cars so one officer could cover more area. It… Read more »

So why don’t YOU become a police officer and show us all how it SHOULD be done? Never ceases to amaze me how someone would NEVER question a doctor if he said surgery was required but has the knowledge to determine that the police use the SWAT team too many times. Of course, said person has never been a police officer (and has never even bothered to go on a ‘ride-along’) and the only expertise they have is watching ‘Adam 12’ re-runs. You can’t fix stupid.

Walk an hour in a police officer’s shoes. Most of you could not last a minute.

I have several friends who are law enforcement officers, and I have great respect for those who go out in the field every day to do their job of making us safe. However, that level of respect falls off rapidly the higher you go in the tree. I’ve had 15 burglaries at my home in the last 8 years, only one was investigated because I found out who did it and reported it. I’ve never retrieved a single item taken from any of the burglaries, and some of the stuff was quite valuable. I hear excuses that they are understaffed, but never have my taxes been higher. I hear they can’t solve every crime, but shouldn’t they see a pattern after 5 or 6 of them? Between the criminal investigation and sheriff levels, I have no faith or respect any more. And yet they still try to turn this around… Read more »

While I agree public support for police is important, many people are becoming more concerned and less trusting of the police due to incidents such as the one that occurred recently in Utah where a nurse was assaulted by a police officer for doing her job. (See opinion article in the Deseret News of September 1, 2017) While the behavior of the officer is itself concerning, I am more concerned that the police administrators did not immediately suspend him and then fire him when the subsequent investigation confirmed the video recordings of the event. How can we trust the police when they tolerate such bad behavior?

Link to Deseret News article: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865687998/In-our-opinion-Restore-trust-after-officers-shocking-arrest-of-local-nurse.html

Going to keep this brief and to the point:
Part of my upbringing was to respect the law and law enforcement personnel. Still believe that today.
The Obama administration is responsible for the escalation of the mess that we see today.
I also believe, however, that “law enforcement” has brought some disrespect by the general public on to themselves.

I think that a certain type of people in today’s society are the ones who are making things more difficult for our law enforcement personnel to do their jobs. Times have changed drastically since the days of our police officers patrolling our streets and getting respect from everyone they encountered as they knew those officers were there for their safety and protection, and crime wasn’t as nasty as it is today. It seems in our society today, that those “certain type of people” now want to restrict what the officers can and cannot do in the line of duty, so liberals can start to “employ” their agenda in promoting their sick ideology, giving themselves the “right” to do as they please to get their points across as they know there are also another “type of people” who will believe in them and follow in their footsteps…all to try and take… Read more »