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Support For Voter ID Laws is Growing, But Not Everyone is Happy

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Liberals seem hell bent for leather to enable voter fraud by insisting that identification verification laws are unfair.  But the majority of Americans – including many Democrats – believe that verifying the identity of voters doesn’t suppress voter turnout, according to a study conducted by the University of Kansas.  In fact, the study showed that senior citizens, who many believe are among the so-called victims of ID laws, are overwhelmingly in favor of ID laws.

The plain and simple truth of the matter is that voter fraud exists and it is facilitated by a lack of scrutiny at the polls.  Research conducted by the highly regarded Pew Research Center revealed, for example, revealed that some 2.75 million people in the U.S. are registered to vote in more than one state and that the nation’s voter rolls include nearly 2 million deceased persons.  The Pew report disclosed that “approximately 24 million—one of every eight—voter registrations in the United States are no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate.”

James O’Keefe, a social activist who has a history of uncovering political scams, went under cover in Clinton Township, MI last year to show just how easy it is to commit voter fraud.  Clinton is where rapper Eminem is registered to vote.  Using the high-profile entertainer’s real name,  Marshall Bruce Mathers, O’Keefe walked into the polling location and easily obtained Mathers’ ballot and proceeded to cast his vote.  If the Pew numbers are even remotely accurate, O’Keefe’s deception shows that the opportunity to steal the identities of voters could be huge.  And, that does not bode well for America’s electoral process.

Patrick Miller, a KU assistant professor of political science, said the research conducted at the University shows that “African-Americans, Latinos, young voters, senior citizens and the poor are typically the most vulnerable to strict voter ID laws because they tend disproportionately to not have a government-issued photo IDs and tend to have the greatest difficulty obtaining that identification.  However, Miller said, Americans in those subgroups also overwhelmingly support voter ID laws, believe that voter fraud is widespread, and reject the notion that voter ID suppresses turnout.”

So what’s the big deal that makes the left want to quash efforts to enact simple voter ID laws?  It’s no big deal to show your ID in this day and age when you fly away on a holiday, buy beer or apply for welfare.  Perhaps some people out there like the idea of a vulnerable election process where even a few dishonest individuals can easily perpetrate voter fraud and allow the wrong person to be elected.

Slowly but surely support for the enactment of voter ID legislation is growing.  A Texas law designed to the protect the reliability of elections was struck down five times before a federal appeals court just last week reinstated the state’s ID rules.  The appeals court found that voter rights were protected since the law lets those who don’t have ID cast their votes by simply swearing, under penalty of perjury, that they are legal voters.

You’d think that the ruling by the appeals court would show the nation that voter laws need not be an impediment to casting your ballot, no matter who you are or what your circumstances.  So, you’ve got to ask yourself, why is the opposition still shouting “voter suppression.”


EDITORS NOTE: The Association of Mature American Citizens [http://www.amac.us] is the largest Conservative senior advocacy organization in the U.S.

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Ivan Berry

When the only skin they have in the game is the dole, why would they care to limit other dolers from voting as many times as possible for more and more of what’s yours to dole out, and why would any politician who makes his living spending other peoples’ money do anything to prervent illegal voting and disrupt the dolees’ gravy train?
They all belong to the same club, The Takers, in opposition to The Makers.


Aren’t the Democrats themselves being racist when they assume that only the poor and minority populations will have difficulty procuring acceptable ID? Aren’t there lots of people with low incomes who drive to work and, presumably, have drivers’ licenses? There are plenty of young people with photo ID’s who would rather be carded than spend a miserable Saturday night at home without that case of beer and a carton of cigarettes. Everyone who works and pays taxes has a Social Security number (even newborns have SSN’s, don’t they?). Add a picture and you have government-issued ID. So what’s the big deal? If you want to participate in the voting process, you’ll find a way to get a photo ID. PaulE mentioned College Park, Maryland, giving illegals the right to vote. Voting is a right, perhaps an individual’s duty as a CITIZEN of the United States, and should be reserved, according… Read more »


Every other first world nation and almost all second and third world nations ALL have strict voter ID laws specifically designed to ensure the integrity of the vote in their respective countries. Even in many authoritarian societies that have long since lost their freedoms, there are still strict voter ID laws. If for no other reason than to ensure all their citizens have shown up and voted to give the illusion of legitimacy. Yet somehow when the subject of voter ID comes up in the United States, to simply ensure the integrity of our elections, the entire Democrat Party and every left wing group screams “voter suppression” or “it’s all about racism”. To make it even more ludicrous, this nonsensical argument is considered perfectly reasonable by nearly half the population of this country. THAT IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM WE FACE REGARDING THIS ISSUE. Whether you’re want to be charitable and… Read more »

Tony Justice

I was in South Africa a couple of years ago and their were signs Everywhere reminding Voters to bring the Proper Photo Identification with them so that they could vote. In Mexico the same Thing. Demorats NEED Illegal Alien Votes in order to win because their agenda has gone Way Red and Left. The Conservative Media should drive this Home whenever the Subject arrises without Mercy.We must Stop playing nice and CRUSH them and their RINO Allies in Congress, or We will Lose in the next 2 Federal Elections!


Isn’t it funny that a government so intent on invading its own citizens privacy doesn’t seem to care how many times a person might illegally vote? … The government can already track your whereabouts by activating the gps in your cellphone, can supposedly watch you while you’re watching your tv or using your cellphone or computer, but stopping illegals from voting illegally, they’re not interested!!! … Why is that? … If you’re coming to the conclusion that Big Brother is ALWAYS WATCHING, guess what? … You’re correct! … Oh oh, somebody’s watching me yet nobody’s looking over my shoulder, or are they?

As I see it

My father always had a saying about the demorats “They are just like the communist ” they want to take everything and destroy you. My father was a AmericanCuban who saw it first hand in Cuba. It’s not the same party as when our guy (Kennedy) was there. If you let them take Beautiful Maryland, they will take the country, they have replaced the Democratic Party, with illegals that will do their bidding to. May God help us if don’t fight against the evil Soros, Clint, money ?that bussing in These paid protesters. Maryland please wake up!!

Edward Shick

We have had Voter Fraud in Ohio for ever but it is getting worse , worked at the Polls from 1006 till 2012 ! , We need to have a voter ID Card with your picture and important Information , You should have it so it gets scanned when you gett a Ballot, Mailing Ballots in just makes it easier to Cheat !

George E. Johnson said

You have to show I’d to cash a check, ren’t a car, use a credit card, almost anything you do. Voting is no different. Show your ID.


The left keeps bringing up the poor, but that has nothing to do with voter ID. The democrats would lose the dirt bag vote. About 2 million of them. The 310 thousand deadbeat dads will not register and reveal their address, the 789, thousand with open warrants will not register, those that owe back taxes have open tickets, ran out on rent, or a myriad of other offenses that they do not want to be discovered for. That is what the democrats fear most. 94% of the above are democrats. Nothing to do with the poor. Typical democrat propaganda.

Anthony Provenzano

I’D a must

Edward Lamp

It’s the demise of the USA

Kipp X

ENABLE? More like aiding and abetting…. The reason dems don’t want voter ID laws? Because, just like James O’Keefe showed up in Michigan, dems openly and actively use the current system to their advantage. Dems have a network of “O’Keefes” nationwide whose jobs are to do exactly what O’Keefe did. Voter ID laws would put an end to this. Why do they do it? Because dems have nothing in terms of fresh ideas to attract new voters. Let’s face it, “tax cuts for the wealthy” has no cache anymore, and most people are smart enough to know all that promised “free stuff” comes with a price tag. Dems rely on victimizing racial blocs in order to create its core constituency, as well as the guilt of “white privilege” among its wealthy gentry liberal faction. Without a message that resonates with working-class and middle-America voters, dems have to squeeze votes out… Read more »


Nothing makes me feel like my vote doesn’t count more than somebody else voting fraudulently however they do it.


Are these the same vote purists who wanted to deny votes from military installations in the Bushbyears?


It can’t possibly be that onerous to get a legal ID. Anyone who can’t be bothered to do so shouldn’t be eligible to vote.
Anyone with an ounce of sense realizes it benefits the left to augment their constituency illegally.


ID is required to buy booze, to write a check at the grocery store, to drive a car, to apply for a loan, to open a bank account, etc., but somehow requiring ID to vote for the leadership of our country and communities is discriminatory?


We need conservatives to run for office at ALL levels of government, and the rest of us need to SHOW UP and vote for them! Vote on policy, not personality. That’s the ONLY way t to “drain the swamp”. That goes for liberal activist judges, too ~ they need to go!

Janelle Brown

I’m required to show my ID when I even go to the doctor, I support voter ID totally!!

N. Crosby

My daughter who did not drive still had to go to the drivers license office to get a state issued ID in order to show her identity for many of the things we adults do all the time. I drove her there. A neighbor or relative could have done it. There is also public transportation in many areas. I struggle to see why it is supposed to be such a big problem to get an ID unless itis as has been suggested that “they” want the ineligible to still vote.


No fraud, no democrats or GOP Rhinos. VOTER ID YES!!