Super Tuesday Shows Unrest in GOP as Sarah Palin Fans the Flames

by Ed Farnan – Super Tuesday is the day a dominant GOP Presidential candidate can lock up the nomination. But this one seemed to magnify a division in the party factions who are fighting for the soul of the Republican Party.

Out of the 10 states up for grabs yesterday Mitt Romney won 6, but by barely eking out a win over Rick Santorum in the key state of Ohio it exposed unrest among the GOP electorate. Romney won his home state of Massachusetts and neighboring Vermont as expected. He also won Virginia where he ran basically unopposed with only Ron Paul on the ballot to challenge him, as Gingrich and Santorum failed to qualify for their ballot. He rounded out Tuesday with wins in Idaho and Alaska.

But Newt Gingrich won big in Georgia, his home state, signaling he still has skin in the game and is ready to continue on with his battle for the hearts and minds of the GOP.

Super Tuesday seemed to firmly ensconce Rick Santorum as the “not Romney” alternative which many voters seem to be searching for.

Although Santorum lost to Romney in Ohio, it was only by the narrowest of margins and not until late into the night was the election called for Romney. Santorum won key segments of the popular vote in Ohio by taking rural voters and winning big with the evangelical vote. Santorum outright won Oklahoma (the burgeoning energy behemoth), North Dakota and the key state of Tennessee, to round out the night.

There are now calls from the Santorum camp for Newt Gingrich to withdraw from the race so the conservative vote is not diluted and Santorum can face Romney 1 on 1. Ironically this is exactly what Newt Gingrich was calling upon Santorum to do just a few weeks back when Gingrich was riding high.

To add to the fun, hugely popular Sarah Palin has waded into the arena by announcing she voted for Newt Gingrich in yesterday’s Alaska Primary. This is a de facto endorsement on her part, which dovetails with husband Todd’s previous endorsement of Gingrich. Sarah is not one to go along with the GOP establishment, so it comes as no surprise.

But interestingly, Sarah has previously said she would not rule out a run for the Presidency, saying anything is possible…..she did not directly say she would run. What does that mean? She has previously told voters not to rubber stamp a candidate and that it is good for the GOP primary to continue on.

At the rate this season is going, if the field continues on with the front runner not being able to achieve the necessary delegates going into the Tampa Bay convention, it could mean trouble for the GOP

If a clear winner does not emerge from these primaries, it is very likely the GOP convention in Tampa Florida could turn into a “brokered” convention. If, after the first round of voting, a candidate is not chosen, the delegates are freed up to vote for whoever they chose on the 2nd round. That opens the door for some interesting possibilities…Would Sarah Palin’s name be among those mentioned?

Hopefully for the country, the primary process can deliver a clear winner to face President Obama in the upcoming general elections. We need a clear and open debate between the GOP candidate and the sitting President, not clouded by the circus of a brokered convention.

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Anyone who opposes RP’s foigren policy needs to wake up. He has more support from the military than ALL of the other GOP candidates COMBINED. Faux news and the rest of the controlled media fear monger all day about Iran sneaking in a dirty bomb But people don’t stop and think. How would they do that? Oh yeah! BY CROSSING OUR BORDER! They would be able to do so because all of our troops are over there and not here to stop them! Common sense DUH! Ron Paul or Revolt 2012!

I am looking forward to a brokered convention. Unlike Mr Farnan’s comment, “Hopefully for the country, the primary process can deliver a clear winner to face President Obama in the upcoming general elections. We need a clear and open debate between the GOP candidate and the sitting President, not clouded by the circus of a brokered convention.” I believe a brokered convention just might serve us, (WE THE PEOPLE), to great advantage. It would be wonderful if we could get the Rhinos in the old Republican Guard to understand we are not interested in the status quot they have been dishing out for years. I for one would love to see Newt in a presidential debate with Obama. That would be a beautiful thing. I will however, place my vote in November for any candidate winning the nomination, be it a so called clear winner or brokered one.. Obama has… Read more »

I would like to address the individuals & commentators that feel that any candidate should get out of the race now.
I live in one of the 27 states that has not held it’s Primary Election yet and I and the voters of these states would like our voice to be heard too!
And in my opinion there is nothing wrong with a brokerage convention when you consider that some states permit Democrats and Independants to vote in our primary…

I personally feel that the Republican Party should every Primary Election on Tax Day. Could you imagine the turnout? You could pay your taxes and vote before the ink dries on your check. People would give more thought to before they vote. It would be impossible to just vote for someone just because they are in the lead..

Do we want the budget balanced or not?
Newt is the only one who has ever balanced the federal budget..
He may not be the most handsome and some times he gets in trouble for what he thinks but at least you know what he’s really thinking. I don’t think his brain ever takes a break.

Romney described himself as a liberal when he was running for governor. I believe him!f
He has only claimed to be Conservative since running for President. If he reverts to his liberal self while in office he will tarnish the name of the Republican Party for future elections.
If I were starting a company I’d call Romney- But we are trying to balance a federal budget and secure our way of life for our children and grandchildren.

What is so awful about the prospects of a “brokered” convention. A candidate that looks okay in January- April might not look so great in June. And the true conservatives can get behind one candidate instead of splitting the votes among the three “non-Romney” candidates that come in a strong 2nd or 3rd all the time. There a lot more voters who demonstrate that they do not want Romney than there are people voting for him. The way it’s going, the Republicans will wind up with a convention that nominates a man with around 35% approval of his own party who will see the same results as Bob Dole and John McCain and here we go with another unbearable four years of Obama socialism. That may sound like a Gingrich ad, and I cannot support Newt due to his self destructive ways when he is in the lead. So, a… Read more »

HEY. I posted a comment yesterday, which I have yet to see on the comment board. Is this a closed discussion?
Like Palin, I support Gingrich, the candidate who can best restore and revitalize our country. We will support whichever candidate gets the nomination, be it from the primary process or a brokered convention..but this is the time to select our strongest candidate.

I tried to post, too. The post disappeared. I posted again using many of the same words. The message I received was that I had posted a duplicate. I changed the words and posted again. It just disappeared.

The blather continues. The issues are the deciding factor in this race. Any candidate that is in the hunt right now, or if one shows up at the last minute will be the front runner if choosen to face off against the Goof in Chief. Whomever that might be will get my vote. I have reservations about all who seek this incredibly difficult position at the moment. I believe that all of our choices are well intentioned and forthright individuals subject to the the same human failties that each of us exhibit in one form or another. The singing Pres has a tough job on his hands. His popularity continues below 50%. Gas will hit $5 plus before the election and the jobless rate will continue to hang around the 8% plus mark. This is the conservatives election to lose. All the candidates are on the same page but with… Read more »

If we are naive enough to believe that anything or anyone who splits the party is good for GOP then we deserve to lose. Folks, if you see a Trojan Horse don’t drag into the camp! You certainly must know by now who is good for the nation and who is not. United we stand and divided we will lose the election.

what’s wrong with you people? not one of you mention’s the only american running in this race! i’m beginning to think amac member’s don’t know or want to know the truth about the one party system of corp/big gov, ron paul’s the only true free market small gov. freedom thinker. wake up!!

You are right about Paul. As commentators below point out, it is his foreign policy that worries people. But that position is in keeping with his anti crony-capitalism stance which is what all this saber rattling is all about. Ike warned us of the “military-industrial complex” that so many conservatives embrace. A nuclear Iran is not good but if bad people want nukes they can be bought from North Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, China, etc. Also, why is it the US’s job to protect the Middle East oil fields and Europe? George Washington’s fair well address warned of “foreign entanglements” and yet we have jumped into one meaningless disaster after another from Korea to Afghanistan. Why does Israel need our permission and guarantees to get involved with Iran? Like Paul says, they don’t want to be our lackeys. We can’t even secure our own borders, the money we spend on… Read more »

close, but no cigar. Ron Paul is a good American and has by far the best domestic policy, BUT his lack foreign policy and his thought that it is fine for iran to go nuclear, shows he is not presidential material. I like him as head of the fed, so he can shut it down, but not head of our nation. We need a true conservative, and looking at all their voting records, none of them quality, Sara needs to get back in the race. If she does not, Santorum, is the closest among those left standing. Newt gives fantastic speeches, but his voting record says he is a RINO.

Look at the facts people….this isn’t about what the press tells us is the facts….this isn’t about who has the strongest faith, or a different faith than is acceptable. It’s about the life blood of America. Did our fathers, sons, and daughters fight so we could reelect the sitting president?? I don’t think so. Don’t let anyone tell you who to vote for. Find out for yourself who is the best candidate for the job and than go vote. From my research I’ve discovered Newt Gingrich can and has gotten the job done. The media will say if it goes to the convention there won’t be enough time to take on Obama…Bull….these candidates are talking about Obama and the differences now. The morality of each candidate is not perfect….Ask yourself…..Did Monica L. make a difference in how Bill Clinton ran the country? Did Marilyn Monroe distract JFK to the point… Read more »
Romney is a Democrat “Wolf in Sheeps Clothing”, don’t be fooled by his wealth, and negative ‘in fighting’. He is another “Obama” with his policies, look at his history. His head honcho’s went to the White House and gave all his Romney Care Plan to Obama, who took it as a starting point, and went way over board with it. Santorum is for a “Theogracy Type Government” and will push it, like Obama pushes for the Muslims. Gingridge is the smarter of all the above, and can take on Obama in any political word for word match. Palin would be my choice, and will make history as being the first woman to serve as President. Given the chance, I believe she will be equal to, Ronald Reagan, when we took a chance on a movie star president; and Wow what a guy he was. Don’t count her or Newt out… Read more »

More than anyone, Sarah Palin knows how it feels to be targeted, to have your job record overlooked, to have false charges brought against you (she was bankrupted and had to resign as governor), to be mocked. I’m sure she feels a special kinship with Gingrich. But, Sarah also knows that when Gingrich cut taxes, balanced budgets, and cut the debt, he put in place that policies that resulted in a booming economy and an explosion in jobs.

Hi, I have watched most of the debates, viewed and heard most of the TV negatives from each, toward each, – and listened to the Candidates when espousing positive views. Most media faces, regardless of networks – including Fox, have very few positive comments when Newt is the subject. It’s been that way from the beginning. I personally believe Newt is probably the only person within our ( at present) land of the free, that can get the current President out of office. (Why isn’t someone searching for mal-feasance or non-feasance of office). Bring it on Newt – Drill Here ( in my back yard if you want) and Drill Now. Then some cannons work much better when they are loose, because a tied down cannon can only fire in one direction. And of course, I would certainly vote for Sarah Palin. Regards
Being a tad late to the “party” and an old, (chronologically old warhorse myself)–To wit “people” ( ah, a Commie demeaning and derogatory term at best for all free mankind ) our country needs a candidate who can beat the current occupant in ” Our White House”. PERIOD –end of discussion!!! We are dealing with an uneducated, ignorant, greedy, self-serving Amoral and naive electorate cult following which MUST be completely destroyed in this election!! Many of those ‘ ’08 voter dupes who supported the current WH occupant have shown that most have failed to score on their IQ tests.I’m sure once again that most will fail to figure out how to be present for a new IQ test prior to this November before voting.BUT they will be allowed to VOTE! We ( all of us in the free world ) will LOSE in Nov. ’12 if we continue this self-righteous… Read more »

I’d say Palin’s endorsement of Gingrich at this point was really meant to weaken Santorum and support the establishment guy Romney. I don’t see Gingrich catching fire any time soon or having a path to anything. Sarah was McCain’s VP and a team player.

Sarah Palin has changed dramatically and I don’t like what I see. I would never want her on any ticket. Sean Hannity seems to consult her constantly and its a bore. Greta does the same. Sarah needs to be fair minded on all the candidates and not push her Newt who would be a disaster. I don’t understand this constant comment of “Mitt Romney is not a a conservative.” He sure has a clean slate when it comes to lifestyle and family. He is a business man who knows what things cost and doesn’t throw his money around foolishly. He is fiscally conservative. He is a man of honor and decency. He is not an evangelical but he is very faithful to his religious beliefs. That should be respected because in this country we have freedom of religion. I see Romney as a good man and I respect him. He… Read more »

You may be unaware that Mormons believe that Jesus Christ and Satan are brothers; not what any Christian can subscribe to. They also put allegiance to the Church of Latter Day Saints above all others particularly Jesus Christ or the office of POTUS.
His business at Bain Capital translated into 10% for this same Church, taking failing businesses, shaping them up and resulting in people out of work. He’s outspending Santorum 5 – 1.

Couldn’nt have said it any better SuSyQue!!
I was a fan of Sarah.
Hope she knows what she is doing.

YOU have my vote for being among the minority of sane Americans…I hope we can get past the Obama muslim groupies. I gotta say that almost ANY Christian beats that madman. Keep the good vibes comin’.

Ann Coulter is doing the same for Mitt Romney, to the point of being annoyingly schreechy, like a fishwife. If we have to have these ladies pulling for a candidate, I’d rather listen to Sarah.

I think that the socialist democrats are rooting for Romney also, but if he can win without the Christian vote and the Conservative vote, so be it..

I heard alot of people in 08 say that they would not vote before they would vote for a rino like McCain. I think that many did just that too. Now it seems that the GOP elite, which are moderates are engineering another rino offering in Romney. I expect the same result McCain had in the last Presidental general election. I ask myself, just what kind of republican could ever win and be the Governor of a blue state? Only a left leaning , in short a Moderate, a Rino. Notice how quickly McCain and Christie endorced Romney? I just can’r see America lining up to vote for the inventor of Obama care. Romney said after Romney Care went in that it should be a national program! It is. I have wondered since they agree on so much, how could Romney and Obama debate? If they did, my money is… Read more »

You may be right….force them to either support a conservative platform or lose. This rigged primary was set up by Progressives. Texas has no say on who is the nominee but a bunch of leftcoast states do? Otherwise we’ll get this every time.

I have been for Newt from the very beginning. Romney and the Super PACS that support him set out to do one thing; totally destroy the front runner regardless of what it might take. The Super PACS went after Bachman, Perry, Cain & Newt as each one rose to the top. What Karl Roves Super PAC did to Newt during the FL primaries was disgusting, unethical and down right dirty. Now that the race has come down to the final four, the establishment GOP wants us all to forgive and forget, to ask Newt & Paul to get out of the race and let it all be decided by Santorum & Romney one on one. I say go fly a kite…you guys, the GOP establishment that gave us John McPain in 2008, are the ones who caused the divisions in the GOP so live with it.

I agree, the same establishment that gave us Bob Dole and John McCain is now determined to force Mitt Romney down our throats. I really wish Newt could pull it out but, if not, then “none of the above.”

The Republicans are so busy tearing one another apart that I doubt whether any of them can win the next time around.

You can thank the establishment Republicans , their millions from who knows where, and their liberal candidate for that. Why did they choose such a controversial candidate to begin with?

When they badmouth the tea party, who do you think they’re badmouthing?

I hope I can vote for Newt Gingrich for our next president. I’m aware that he is not perfect. I’m aware that he has changed wives now three times, and I regret that. But if he is elected and the Congress and Senate have a Republican majority, I think very good things for the U.S.A. will follow. I admit that I’m prepared to vote for whoever is nominated by the party opposing Obama. I’d love it if it were Mike Huckabee or Herman Cain or Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush, but we may have to make do with some lesser mortal. I’m a Republican Tea Partier. More important, I’m a patriotic citizen of the U.S.A. We’ve had three years of a Muslim president. I don’t like that even a little bit.