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Super Tuesday is over, ending with Biden and Sanders in a head to head match up. Also, Biden is already working on impacting your second amendment rights. Finally, the coronavirus is taking lives, and liberals are focused on blaming Trump rather than working together.

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It’s a scary thought that we have two Dems running for President, one who is a senile old liar that’s a corrupt self serving criminal, and a second old fool that has never held a real job in the private sector, so he turned to politics so he could get a cake job with a fat paycheck, and he wants to turn us into a social society. Both do not have the mental or physical capacity to run this country. We need to down size our government their are too many of them living off our tax dollars and want to tax us more so that more people can sit at home and do nothing while the few pay for it all. What we need is not the swamp to be drained but our government needs an ENEMA.


TERM LIMITS FOR ALL POLITICIANS AT EVERY LEVEL OF GOVT. The only way to put a halt to runaway corruption.


We have a Constitutional Right to bear arms and these socialist politicians are committing Treason when they try to put any restrictions on Guns to the American People that includes states as well as the federal government, we should not have to license or register any and all guns, yes there are some people that should not be allowed guns because of being unstable, that does not give the states or government any right to INFRINGE on our Rights and it is none of the government business on how many guns anyone has, it is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT, and this virus is China’s fault , when our President tried to limit the and restrict those coming here the democratics socialist communist politicians raised hell so go after the real problems in America the democratic socialist communist atheists muslim politicians.

Cheryl Nelson

Hmmmm, some tweeters are saying that we are so screwed by the fact that a meeting was opened in prayer. I’m more afraid of the crazy yahoo’s on the Dem party who hope to become president etc….they are the ones we need to worry over especially when it comes to constitutional rights of ours. If dems get in we lose the constitution completely is my feeling and so much more. :-(((



A QUID PRO BLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ():-)

Stan d. Upnow

Bloomberg is Not a good liar. Spouts the same, tired, Progressive-Socialist BS on firearms.

Benjamin Loomis

I don’t like what the Socialist do nothing democratic leadership all they’re after is control of us our constitution faith and families life is only precious when you follow their ideals . I want to have nothing to do with there view or Beliefs but I will pray for them and our president and vice president in spite of their negative viewpoint or belief