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The Summer Issue of Amac Advantage is Here!

We are excited to launch our digital version of the Amac Advantage magazine. In addition to the print version that you receive in your mailbox, we are now offering the digital version for your reading convenience. The summer issue is chock-full of articles on politics, technology, health, money, travel, family and more. We hope you will enjoy the newest issue!


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frank vesel

Great job nice to see ☺


I don’t mind the digital version but my husband is not computer savvy and would need a hard copy. No matter how you get it to us, just make sure you keep up the good work. Our magazine is read from cover to cover several time.


That’s a major project you’ve accomplished.
Thumbs up and congratulations to my friends at AMAC.

Dan Richmond

It is a good idea to have an online issue but i would like to have the option to download it because it is a little difficult to read when you can not magnify it to better reading and do not stop sending it to me in snail mail

Dr. James H. Rust

The Summer AMAC Advantage is a great issue. I wish to call attention to the enlightening article by Gerry Hafer “The Regulatory State and Its Impact on All of Us” on page 34. Excess regulations are the reason for the economic malaise besetting the country since the end of the last recession is 2009. AMAC members need to demand better performance from our politicians. I am too old (80) for this activity to affect my life. But I most certainly worry about the future for our children and grandchildren.

The election this fall presents an opportunity to produce change in the regulatory nightmare. The choice is prosperity or poverty. AMAC members show your strength.

James H. Rust, professor of nuclear engineering (ret. Georgia Tech)

Caron Yelsma

I can understand having a husband who is not literate on the computer since I have one of my own. However, I can read through and select the items he would be interested in and hand him the computer to read. He likes that and is able to turn pages and make what he sees larger or smaller. I prefer online.


I need a hard copy. I like Marilyn’s husband won’t read that much content digitally. Please continue to send it to my home address if you care for me to read it at all..

Kathryn Eastman

I don’t mind getting this version but I still want the hard copy since everyone gets hacked and they lose the digital version of everything.