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Study Offers More Proof That The MMR Vaccine is Safe, says AMAC

MMR Vaccine Safe proofSocial media, aided by Russian propagandists, is spreading disinformation about the pros and cons of vaccines

WASHINGTON, DC – A teen who defied his mother and got himself vaccinated told the Senate Committee on Health last week that social media duped his mom into believing vaccines are dangerous.

Meanwhile, it is being reported that the Russians may be using robots to sow dissension in the U.S. by spreading anti-vaccine propaganda via the internet.  The American Journal of Public Health reported that a study they conducted showed there is credible evidence the Russians seek to “weaponize” the anti-vaccine movement in America and elsewhere.  “Russian trolls promoted discord” by disseminating false anti-vaccine messages via social media, the Journal concluded.

And, the World Health Organization reports that there has been a 30% increase in the numbers of measles cases worldwide as well as a reappearance of measles in countries that had been in the process of eradicating the disease.

The Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC] says that 18-year-old Ethan Lindenberger of Norwalk, OH told the Senate Committee on Health that instead of heeding the advice of credible authorities such as the Centers for Disease Control [CDC], his mother turned to Twitter and Facebook.  He said “the information leading people to fear for their children, for themselves, and for their families is causing outbreaks of preventable diseases.”

Lindenberger’s testimony came a day after the Annals of Internal Medicine published the results of a massive Danish study of 657,461 children provided strong evidence that the MMR [measles, mumps and rubella] vaccine is safe.  “The study strongly supports that MMR vaccination does not increase the risk for autism, does not trigger autism in susceptible children and is not associated with clustering of autism cases after vaccination.”

The study was conducted by Copenhagen’s Staten Serum Institute from 1999 through 2010.

AMAC noted that the lead investigator of the study, epidemiologist Anders Hviid, went so far as to declare emphatically that “MMR does not cause autism,” according to NPR.

Dr. Hviid told NPR that “the idea that vaccines cause autism is still around despite our original and other well-conducted studies.  Parents still encounter these claims on social media, by politicians, by celebrities, etc.”

AMAC says that all the empirical evidence shows that the MMR vaccine is safe.  In addition, the vast majority of pediatricians urge parents to get their kids vaccinated.  Yet, the CDC reports that vaccination rates for American children have dipped.  “It is possible that the dip caused a recent resurgence of measles in Washington State.”

Washington declared a state of emergency after 70 cases of measles were reported in in Clark County where a disproportionate number of residents are openly against vaccinations.  Things got so bad there that more than 800 students who may have been exposed to the disease and do not have proof of vaccination have been told to stay home.

Meanwhile, there have been more than 260 cases in New York State, including 133 cases in New York City where the anti-vaccine movement has a foothold .

It should be noted, says AMAC, that just days ago a young student in New York City went to school despite the fact that he had the measles and wound up infecting 21 others.

“There’s plenty of scientific evidence that the MMR vaccine works and no empirical proof that it can cause autism.  But, hearsay can be powerful, especially if it is being surreptitiously amplified under the state sponsorship of Russia.  It has the effect of spreading confusion when it comes to making decisions, especially decisions that impact the health of a loved one.  So, we recommend that if you have doubts, you should ask your doctor about the pros and cons of having your child vaccinated.  In fact, the National Vaccine Information Center provides a list of questions that you should put to your physician, questions that may aid in making a decision.”


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If vaccines are so safe why are manufacturers protected from all liability from their vaccines? They don’t get this from other drugs. The vaccine injury fund set up and paid for by American taxpayers has had billions of payouts over the years. I know of people who’s children have been permanently injured post vaccine. I’ve know healthy babies that developed seizure disorders post vaccine. The adjuvants in vaccines are toxic and cause altered immune responses and encephalopathy. A more rational vaccine schedule that starts vaccines later and spaces them out would be the rational and scientific approach to use. We have an American control group “the Amish “ that don’t vaccinate. Their autism rates have not risen like the general population. Vaccine do cause harm and can protect but they need to be used carefully and wisely. They are like all medications. They have risks and benefits. How is it… Read more »

Mrs. Lee

The article mentions Washington and New York as having a high incidence of measles outbreaks. The article does not mention that Washington and New York are both sanctuary states. Think about it. I believe you missed the mark on this story, AMAC. I’m disappointed in you.

Cindy M

I worked in the field of early childhood special education for 33 years working with autism and severely cognitive impairment children. I saw firsthand how many children were typically developing and then got their vaccinations and their development stopped and they either immediately lost skills or started losing skills and never regained them. One has to ask what ingredients are in these vaccines, how many doses of different vaccines are given to an infant/child at one time (my grandson was supposed to get 9 doses of vaccinations at 15 months) and finally, why are their so many more allergies and autoimmune disorders happening?

Joel Dorfman

More lies from CDC to try to alter the truth that vaccines cause injuries snd the MMR is one of the worst culprits. Why not talk to the Drs and immunologists who have also demonstrated the danger of vaccines to the health of our children. Very disappointed in your pro pharma stance. From the people who said Vioxx was safe and Opioids no problem of addiction.


You have got to be kidding. I’m ashamed of you AMAC.

Jackie W

Just read the insert that comes with MMR. Obviously it is not without risks. My son had severe reaction immediately following his MMR. Fever of 106 and covered with measle rash. Emergency room at a Children’s hospital stated a definite vaccine reaction.

Joan H

So ONE Epidimologist is interview and AMAC agrees that enough info was obtained to declare MMR vaccine is safe?! Also, this “specialist” ONLY claims Autism isn’t caused by the vaccine. What about SIDS, ADD,ADHD, and so many more diagnosis’s. AMAC never asked the “specialist” just what exactly makes up the vaccine solution. You would be SHOCKED to know what is being injected! If you are going to get into public health care education you need ALL of the facts.

Hans Kasper

Since 1986, there has been a vaccine court in America where if you have been harmed by a vaccine that you can claim for damages. The Supreme Court in 1985 decided that you could no longer sue a drug company who manufactured the vaccine for which you were harmed. Since 1986, the vaccine court has paid out $4 billion dollars in damage claims. If vaccines were safe, why has this court paid out that much money in damages? It is now more well known that people with certain DNA mutations are more susceptible to harm or death caused by the vaccines. In addition, mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, animal DNA, and fetal DNA are included in some of the vaccines. I would encourage you to look on Facebook at the National Vaccine Information Center’s page for more information and determine for yourself the safety or harmfulness of vaccines. We should all remember… Read more »


There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t read about some sweet little ‘normal, healthy’ baby that gets their MMR shot and is dead within 2-3 days from what is being labeled “SIDS”. There just are not that many healthy babies that die from SIDS and the correlation to the shot is obvious to anyone who wishes to think for themselves.

Edward wright

So, basically. If one has adiffering opinion based on 20 yeaes of research, they are automaticslly a “Russian Troll”. Brilliant, certainly save the trouble of actually thinking!


Extremely disappointed in this articel AMAC. This looks like more propaganda from the CDC than a realistic article on vaccines. People who deny there are issues with vaccinations and believe the intensity/number of immunizations to young children is not dangerous have their head in the sand. There are too many injuries from immunizations to ignore this issue.

George D.

Very disappointing to read this rubbish from AMAC. Big Pharma at work. The government has paid out over 4 billion dollars of our money to families that have had vaccine injuries they could prove, which is a very difficult process after the fact. The amount would be much higher if there was any justice in the system. Some cases of measles happening – big whup! Anyone old enough to remember – everyone got measles, got over it, and then had immunity. Never heard of anyone having permanent damage, but I’m sure there are some issues with it. Just never knew anyone. (((I wish I could say that about autism, which is now rampant.))) And then when their kids had measles, it was like a booster shot for the parents. We need to get government under control, but that aside, I’m ashamed of AMAC.

George Trachtenberg

This (and most vaccines) are not safe or necessarily effective. Do your research and find out the real truth. Also from what I have been able to find, most area with outbreaks of what we always called usual childhood diseases are found in regions where there is a significant population of illegal aliens.
Too bad you are drinking the cool aid and not getting someone who know how to do research to find out the real truths.

Vaccines are nothing more than a large money making venue.


It is very annoying to read about the deception that all immunizations are safe. There are thousands that have been injured from vaccines not just from the MMR. Just because this teen (thank God) didn’t see a reaction doesn’t mean others haven’t been injured. We don’t know why some are affected and some aren’t but to say any immunization is safe and ignore those who have been injured is false and misleading. The problem is not necessarily the vaccines but the toxins they add to preserve them like aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury, etc. Some also have aborted fetus tissue which cause other issues. They don’t really know the long term problems that could arise from injecting other’s DNA into our bodies. Big Pharma is too greedy to take out these toxins because it costs them more to make preservative free shots. Read the drug insert, the side affects can cause the… Read more »


If there are no injuries from vaccines, why is there a board, set up by the government, to pay those who have been injured? And remember, a study can be designed, and data manipulated, to support any hypothesis…
Disappointed in this article….


Since when did an 18 year old kid who defied his mother become a subject matter expert? Talk about desperate! If we lined up every eighteen-year-old who defied their parent would we not include practically all 18 year olds? And if we included every human being who defied their parent would we not get the majority of all human beings on the planet? That means we’re all experts then, right?!


Yeah, probably only in DC will a teenager have more credibility than his mother who most likely is twice his age and has 10x the experiences; especially in this area of life.

Sondra Harris

I understand that the MMR vaccine, by itself, is probably not dangerous. The major problem, I think, is the massive amounts of vaccines that are being given – many grouped together and given at the same time, many given when a child is very young. We have run into that in dogs. They were originally given vaccines to protect them from diseases that would kill them – distemper, hepatitis and leptospirosis. But, then, there were many new vaccines given to “protect” them from diseases that don’t kill them. They would be getting individual vaccines too often, so the drug companies grouped these vaccines into packages of 7, 9 etc. Then, we ethical breeders of purebred show dogs began to notice that their little bodies couldn’t take and process all that was being hammered onto their little immune systems. Death, disfiguration, etc. began to occur. We now are back to giving… Read more »


Still dont trust a lot of the vaccines…not confident the “other” ingredients (animal fluids) and preservers (mercury and other) are safe. Who says the Danish Doctor isn’t part of the scam?

Working in the animal care field, why suddenly do animals have Diabetes, Heart Disease and MANY other human-like conditions? It’s now being proved the annual vaccs of our animals is over dosing and having a deteriorating effect to their health.

Tom Rine

shame on you telling us how safe vaccines are try reading the insert the come with them trll you how un safe there aer