Study: Liberal Universities Indoctrinate Students Before They Even Arrive for the Fall Semester

from – NetRightDaily – by Natalia Castro

It is no secret universities across the country are teaching America’s youth to adopt liberal ideology, but now they have taken this indoctrination a step further. Before students even enter college, university reading lists are promoting a progressive agenda. As universities continue to promote summer reading, their reading lists shed light on the liberal profit oriented agenda encompassing universities across the country.

Universities are not just picking any books for students to read, analysis from the National Association of Scholars (NAS) found that the largest genre of suggested or required readings was Civil Rights/ Racism/Slavery books. Books with a progressive angle to highlight inequality and racial division in the country. Schools also select books with environmentalist and pro-immigration angles, pushing the liberal agenda before students even begin to attend school.

More often than not these liberal books are written by exactly who you would suspect, that is, liberal activists.

One of the most common required readings before the 2016-2017 school year, according to NAS, was Between the World and Me by prominent black author Ta-Nehisi Coates. The novel explores the struggles of African Americans living in the United States; a fitting agenda for Coates as he also writes a comic book series entitled the Black Panther, the story of a radical African American superhero.

Rather than having students read information about how the United States government system works, they are being fed reasons why it supposedly works incorrectly and unfairly, before they have even developed their own ideas.

This becomes true about liberal issues across the board.

Many universities are now also pushing the book The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History, which explains that the world will be ending if environmental concerns are not immediately addressed. The author of this book, Elizabeth Kolbert, has built her career around being an environmentalist, even receiving an award in 2016 for Global Environmental Activism.

Meanwhile books in genres such as politics, career advice, and education are rarely selected.

Aside from being clear activist in their fields, these authors have their own financial incentive to have their books read university wide.

One commonly required book by Ivy League Universities is Our Declaration by Danielle Allen. This novel parodies the Declaration of Independence to highlight inequality that has apparently existed since our nation’s inception. Rather than an analysis of our nation’s founding document, universities are pushing students to read a mockery of it.

But Allen loves that Ivy Leagues promote her book, because she is an Ivy League professor herself. As a government professor at Harvard University, Allen and other liberal professors are making double the money; students are taking their classes and being required to buy their books.

Rather than educating children, universities and professors are making a profit from liberal indoctrination.

Before my own freshman year in college all students entering my university were required to read How Does it Feel to be a Problem: Being Young and Arab in America. A book which villainized police and compares the struggles of Arab-Americans to African Americans during the slave era.

These required readings force students into a specific liberal ideology and inhibit educational growth. The NAS suggests universities assign summer writing assignments instead of reading, to force students to grow their own opinions before the university experience.

While liberal universities and professors seek profits rather than student success, they no longer fulfill the mission they are established to pursue.

A mission the taxpayer pays for. With anywhere from $8,000 to more than $100,000 in taxpayer subsidies going to most colleges and universities for each bachelor’s degree, the taxpayer is funding this liberal indoctrination.

Even private universities cannot exist without taxpayer support, so the taxpayer should be able to reject the progressive agenda these universities are forcing onto students.

Students attend college to have a balanced educational experience, yet before they even attend classes they receive the messages of environmental and race activists for their own profit. Universities must begin proving students with a balanced education that prepares them for success in the real world, not one that perpetuates a selected progressive ideology.

Natalia Castro is a contributing editor at Americans for Limited Government.

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I have two words for parents who are planning to send their children to college this fall: TRADE SCHOOL! Unless a student is good in math and hard science, college is a waste of the student’s time and parents’ money. At trade school, the student will acquire a marketable skill which she or he can use to earn a living. Reading can be done in the student’s spare time. I know several plumbers, air conditioner techs, car mechanics, and carpenters who are far more educated than a lot of Harvard graduates. How? because they read, read, read and think about what they have read.

The solution? Hillsdale College. This suggestion from a Harvard graduate – 50 years ago!

I’m sure President Trump already knows about this as well as his Education Secretary, if not this article needs to be sent their way. Simple, TAKE AWAY THE FUNDING TO ANY SCHOOL THAT PUSHES THIS OR ANY OTHER ONE SIDED AGENDA OR TRIES TO QUELL THE SPEECH OF ANOTHER.

I don’t want my tax dollars to be used in this way. Students should be exposed to a well rounded education and freedom to debate. Young minds are vulnerable to liberal ideals, but we need to be vigilant to hire a range of political points of view. Unfortunately, those that graduate from universities these days are ill equipped to function in the real world.

I feel students education is definitely one sided. It is said. The left in gov’t surely does not help.


Change the agenda. Libtard agenda out the window. Teach real history, not revisionist history. Keep opinions out. Teach critical thinking.

What the professors will never tell you – their secret. Their secret as to why they do this. They want no one to know. It is their pay check. They fear that their salary would go down if truth begins to overtake the lies. Very sad people. Very sad fooled student. Just very sad.

Educators form K to Post Grad are mostly far left and are “Book Smart” only, not real life smart, they are pencil pushers not real physical workers and spend their time “thinking” and blaming. America will self self-destruct from inside because of all their hatred and one-sided views on the LEFT…. Most civilzations have self destructed “While Rome Burned”.Why can’ they have a civil discussion on topics, only threats to “burn the whitehouse” , beheaded bloody president, shoot the congressmen at a ball game, and ON & ON !!

My daughter-in-law’s experience during her education to become a teacher was that she was the lone non-liberal in the Teachers’ Union (which she was forced to join while in her sophomore or junior year). Her background in reality (she was not right out of high school) stood her in good stead and she was able to maintain the principles she had learned in real life and at home. Parents need to educate their children at home about how our government was founded, why, and what the Constitution and Bill of Rights actually say. They need to interact with their children when they watch the news and tear apart inaccuracies with their children. Perhaps today’s high school graduates should work for several years before going to college and obtain some real- world experience. Parents need to be aware of required reading and either read it themselves and have discussion with children… Read more »

I could never go to college these days. I would read the riot act to these professors and disrupt the class. I wouldn’t stand for indoctrination of a libtard agenda. I’d reject the reading list and offer my own. If that failed, I’d take up a trade instead. This is just disgraceful. This is why blue collar workers have more common sense than recent indoctrinated college graduates.

Natalia, in the last paragraph, the word “proving” should be “providing” or “to provide”.

These are NOT universities or, colleges! They are a pathetic elitist! branch of the Democrat party and must! be treated as such .. And, they are Legally NOT ! Qualified to receive any taxpayer monies.
K-12s have also become a branch of the Democrat party. i.e. not necessarily by what they teach but, by what they don’t teach! Further priming our children with zero ,.. true knowledge of our history or, the Constitution!
Also, have your children define words with dictionaries published BEFORE 1960! you’l be amazed if not shocked by the revisionism.

I know of many but can we get a list. Univ. of Mo is one whose enrollment decreased.

The students are being ripped off plain and simple. Professors should be prohibited from making their own books mandatory for a class. John Locke and Thomas Paine should be required reading.

Educational Centers have become Indoctrination Centers. Parents of college age students allow this to happen.

Instead of sending your children to a liberal college where all the will learn is anarchy ,and entitlement. Take the money and burn it in your fireplace .
At least you will will be provided with warmth on a cold night instead of cold heartedness from your brainwashed college graduates.

Racism and bigotry still exist today. Why? It needs to be studied. Who better to write about it than those most affected by it? It is very divisive in our culture. If there were no bigotry, there would be no hiring quotas; we would all benefit.

Yes, affirmative action (a liberal policy) is bigotry and reverse discrimination. Bigotry exists on both sides. Liberals bring it to a new level, while saying just the opposite. Another liberal policy is abortion. Go read up on the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, and then try to figure out why liberals revere her. Liberalism is a mental disease.