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Study Undermines EPA, Blames Rising Methane Levels on Farming, Not Fracking

cows-farmFrom – – By Valerie Richardson

A newly released international study finds that farming, not fracking, is the likely culprit behind rising global methane levels, undermining the Obama administration’s crackdown on methane from oil-and-gas production in the name of climate change.

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The EPA really needs to be restrained by Congress or the next hopefully Republican President. This agency has been out of control for years and is reeking havoc on our nation as it searches for a justification for its continued administrative over-reach of their original, limited mandate. An intelligent way to accomplish this would be to mandate that ALL EPA rules and regulations must pass an independent, unbiased, third-party cost benefit analysis. Just like every major business does with every major business decision. Enough of letting the various environmentail groups actually write most of these regs for the EPA and then having the EPA simply rubber stamp their product. This nonsense the EPA tells Congress that the EPA did their own internal analysis, the methodology and data which the EPA continously refuses to share with Congress, has got to stop.