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Student Loan Forgiveness Meets the Rule of Law

loan forgiveness

President Joe Biden’s $400 billion 2022 election bribe — also known as student loan forgiveness — has been now stopped in its tracks on two fronts.

First, in Texas, federal district court Judge Mark Pittman, one of nearly 300 federal judges appointed by former President Donald Trump, ruled the initiative unconstitutional. The judge rejected Biden’s claim that the 2003 Heroes Act gives him authority to wipe out these loans. That act, per the judge, was about loan assistance for military personal during war or other emergencies.

The lawsuit was filed by the Job Creators Network Foundation on behalf of two students holding loans that did not qualify for the relief, demonstrating the inequities of the initiative and the failure to provide the usual comment period for citizens to voice concerns.

Now, in response to six states that have sued challenging the legality of this loan forgiveness program, a federal appeals court has issued an injunction blocking the program from moving forward.

The Wall Street Journal has called this loan write-off measure “the largest presidential abuse of power in decades.”

I have already written about the folly of this loan forgiveness program.

Private debt markets in our country work extremely well regarding loan management and defaults. The problems arise — excessive defaults — when government gets in the business of providing loans, which are inevitably constructed and targeted with political objectives.

And, these student loan programs simply exacerbate the real problem, which is runaway costs of college education. Over the last 20 years, escalation of the cost of college tuition and textbooks have been more than twice the national average inflation rate.

Universities are essentially being subsidized by government programs designed allegedly to help students get higher education.

But this massive loan forgiveness initiative is also an example of the crass political opportunism that inevitably follows from the accumulation of government power.

Can it possibly be accidental timing that Biden reached out to tens of millions with college loans, offering to wipe these loans out, just prior to elections when the outlook for his party was not looking encouraging and when his own polling has been poor?

A week before the elections, Biden made remarks at the White House saying that our democracy is “at risk … democracy is on the ballot this year.”

Now that the elections produced far better results for Democrats than anyone anticipated, the president called the elections “a good day for democracy.”

No one ever accused Biden of being a deep thinker. But it should concern every citizen that his assessment of the state of our democracy follows from the success at the polls of his own party.

In his remarks at the White House, the president stumbled onto the truth.

“We, the people, must decide whether the rule of law will prevail or whether we’ll allow the dark forces to thirst — that thirst for power put ahead of the principles (that) have long guided us.”

We saw similar improper and politically motivated behavior by Biden in the recent release of oil from the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve. As pointed out by John Hill, who was involved in the legislation that created the reserve, the reserve exists for national security in instances of “severe energy supply disruptions.” It’s not there to manipulate oil prices when politicians find this expedient.

Fortunately, as evidenced by these court decisions slamming the door on this abuse of power by our president, even conservatives and Republicans who are disappointed by the results of these elections can feel positive that we still have rule of law in our nation.

As Pittman wrote in his opinion, “In this country, we are not ruled by an all-powerful executive with a pen and a phone. Instead, we are ruled by a constitution that provides for three distinct and independent branches of government.”

Star Parker is president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education and host of the weekly television show “Cure America with Star Parker.” To find out more about Star Parker and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website.


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Robin W Boyd
2 months ago

Loan forgiveness is Socialism that does not belong in the Constitutional Republic of the U.S. Government should never bail out any failing business or personal debt; ever! Redistributing tax money is Socialism. We are not Socialists!

2 months ago

When Biden and the Democrats point fingers, they are usually accusing others of what they themselves are doing. I think Mr. Biden is looking in a mirror when he makes these comments.

2 months ago

The Supreme Court has deemed it unconstitutional Boma Biden should leave it alone
But they will not!

2 months ago

We are ruled by the constitution but Biden ignores it and everyone lets him do it.

2 months ago

It might be that Joe and the boys running things knew could never get this student loan forgiveness thing to fly but the mid terms would be over when it got crushed by the courts. So they got the benefit of the votes it produced them but really cost nothing. Joe still knows how to milk the system no matter how much that brain of his shrinks.

2 months ago
Reply to  Moses

I do not believe that Joe is anything more than a puppet. This entire party has been an organization that DEMANDS members and insiders tow the line. You are either with them 110% or you are ousted. They must win at all costs!

Damn the Republic, its Power, Wealth and Complete Domination they seek!!

2 months ago

I agree with the points presented but the nation came within a cats-whisker of returning the gavel of the House and Senate again to the Dims a week ago. Biden may be wrong and the courts may reject him but politically he is taking the Repubs to school This past week has probably convinced the Dims and Biden that he can trounce the Repubs in 2024. I think the Dims will gain 100 house seats. And that prospect is disgusting.

2 months ago

We tend to get involved in issues that aren’t issues in this country. Student loans are something we, as a government, should never have gotten involved in. Who, in their right mind, would loan $50,000 plus dollars to someone with no collateral, no job, no work history and an insecure future? The student loan has nothing but a promise from the borrower to pay it back and a signed legal document stating that they would. Case closed….

Nora Asher
2 months ago

Not so fast. Now they’re going to allow them to have it written off when filing bankruptcy. DOE working closely to change this rule.

JR Fox
2 months ago

“military personal”? How about personnel.

El Ey
2 months ago

Let’s all hope and pray that Republicans will be relentless in investigating the Bidens (all of them). The abuse of power led by Pelosi should never be forgiven nor forgotten. The Bidens, Pelosi, Schiff, Swalwell, Schumer MUST be punished for what they did to Trump, his family and our nation.

anna hubert
2 months ago
Reply to  El Ey

You are right but I am not holding my breath

2 months ago

Student loan forgiveness is just another of the socialist left policies Bidum has pushed since stealing the office of POTUS. When you take on a debt you alone are responsible to pay it off. Taxpayers are struggling to pay rent, mortgages and buy groceries, and they will not pay someone else’s debts.
From what I saw and heard today, maybe conservative patriots will give Joe and Hunter their day in court and end this circus. America cannot take anymore of Bidums invited invasion of America by foreign illegals. Every one them is another Bidum all expense paid act of treason against America, that takes jobs away that are meant for Americans.

JR Fox
2 months ago
Reply to  patriot


2 months ago
Reply to  JR Fox


Fred Noel
2 months ago

The Dems and Joey knew that it was unconstitutional. Yet they did it close enough to the midterms to suck the dead beat young voter to get out and vote Democrat. Unfortunately those dead beats can’t think for themselves and were played like a cheap violin in the hand of a second grader. It worked and is Shameful.

2 months ago
Reply to  Fred Noel

lol at the lazy punks running from having to work at twitter which can’t be that hard. They scatter like roaches when the lights come on when they’re expected to work for their very cushy job

2 months ago

is there a way to offer these types of articles as print to one, or maybe 2, pages?
I would be happy to print and share out (leave in public spaces, mail to others) but this shows as printing so many pages that it is not very practical.

Is there a way to do this with the AMAC info?


legaly present
2 months ago
Reply to  Cece

Right under the picture, you can share on Facebook, twitter, OR e-mail to whomever you wish.

JR Fox
2 months ago
Reply to  legaly present

They want to post them in public places.

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