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Stopping Police Ambushes


It is all so easy. Stir up emotions, call police systemically racist, defund them, vilify those who protect you every day, then watch American towns overrun by violence and drugs, lives shattered by reckless words, police ambushes, and suicides at a record. Just walk away, and blame others. No. No. No. Democrats own these police ambushes, just as they own the record homicides, carjackings, and police deaths.

Last week again, America saw another funeral for police officers ambushed by those who have been encouraged to attack them, to see them as targets, to miscast selfless heroes as malicious villains, to serve the indefensible mission of demeaning police to advance political careers. No. No. No.

How else can we say it, but NO! This kind of bold untruth – assessing all police as evil because a few overuse, misuse, or personally abuse their authority – has got to stop. Are all professional athletes drug users or domestic abusers because a few are? Are all lawyers and politicians corrupt because some are?

Democrats are disowning, ignoring, and blaming others for what they clearly created – a culture of general disrespect, distrust, and dangerous justification for violence against police. It must stop, or the rule of law will fall, police will disengage, recruiting and retention follow dismal morale, life get worse.

Direct and indirect effects of defunding, demoralizing, and disenfranchising police – at the local, State and Federal levels – are being felt everywhere now. 

In Nevada, five deputy sheriffs get hospitalized for exposure to fentanyl, and “dirt weed” marijuana is covered in it, potencies rising with border gaps, parents grieving by thousands.

In Connecticut, thousands of police gather to commemorate two more officers killed in yet another police ambush for doing their job, protecting those who need their protection – including the unconscionable critics of their life mission and selfless devotion.

Frankly, Democrats – and any Independents or Republicans – who rail against police, who urged their defunding, who lumped them together and decried their professionalism, who allowed border gaps in the name of hating Trump, who look the other way at drug legalization and overdoses, deserve to go.

Can we continue to tolerate, stay silent, shrug, and not care about those who – with their lives and families and devotion – defend us? No. No. No. This craziness has gone far enough.

The number of US police officers murdered is up 59 percent this year. In 2021, 73 officers fell to “felonious killings,” and many more were shot just for being an officer. All this follows organized orchestration and highly violent riots in 2020, which continued into 2021.

Police officers face risk of death every day, more as drug traffickers, hardened cartel operatives, homicides, and criminal violence widens – a product of the under-protected southern border, under-funded police departments, under-attended police academies, and demoralized forces. 

While elevated risk lies firmly at the feet of Democrats who senselessly pushed anti-police policies, for a variety of political reasons, the number of police ambushes and suicides is stunning. Is that just something voters should shrug at? Is that okay in a nation dependent on rule of law? No. No. No.

In short, we are approaching yet another inflection point. This one relates to rule of law. It is not about the economy, foreign policy, traditional national security, China, or some abstract policy. It is about what happens in our town, in our county, on our block, in our lives – and it is getting out of control. 

Bottom line: Republicans – whether you love or hate Donald Trump – did not advocate for defunding, demoralizing, demeaning, or demonizing police. They argued for prudent, specific, evidence-based police reform – especially via US Senator Tim Scott’s reform bill. He is a level-headed, reason-based black Republican. Senate Democrats blocked his reform bill, so they could claim there was none.

Is all this fair, right, good for America, honest, or any way to support and care for those who give their lives for us, who risk their lives and families for this country, who are overwhelmingly devoted to your safety, your race notwithstanding? Is this the way any politician should treat them? No. No. No.

Is there an answer? Yes. This tragedy, which continues to devastate America’s law enforcement community, diminishing their sacrifices at all levels, can be stopped. It lies – especially ambushes, like the one last week – at the feet of “Defund Democrats.” Should they go? Yes. Yes. Yes. It is time.

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3 months ago

Would anyone reading this want a family member ambushed??? People forget that the police are just normal folks that choose law enforcement. It’s not the money that pulls young people to this career.I work with the police the last 40. Years,no mystery,our laws violated then you might meet our police dept. Finally therle are those who will gain by defunding the police and many loud voices have private security like Hillary Clinton and she may even use a double.Calling 911 I hope someone answers!!!

3 months ago

Just REMEBER who has been PUSHING DEFUNDING the Police/Sheriffs departments around the country. GET OUT AND VOTE !!! May the voters in those areas where vicious crimes have risen dramatically, get rid of the Left leadership that caused your woes in the first place. If you chose to keep the present Left leadership, DON’T COME TO ME WITH YOUR COMPLAINTS, YOU VOTED THEM IN !!

Jeff R.
3 months ago

Agree in full. Each and every Democrat politician who espoused the Defund the Police mantra deserves to be recalled and replaced by someone like Tim Scott.

Rowena Sloan
3 months ago

At first, I saw Portland Police defunding, then moved to Las Vegas- same here!!!
Why was this allowed??? We need Law and Order in every State to keep our Country safe!!???? Please ! America get back to basics for freedom and non-fearing places to live again!!! Raise their pay and pass laws to ensure all of us safety!!

3 months ago
Reply to  Rowena Sloan

I fled California almost a decade ago to Northern Nevada to escape the left coast madness. Apparently, a lot of other people who left flipped the state blue, (failing to understand the root cause of their departure) and it’s been downhill ever since! Crime and rents have doubled in one decade! As the midterm election approaches, Dems have attacked Clark County Sheriff, Joe Lombardo, Republican running for Governor, blaming him for cutting back officers on the street after handing him a reduced budget. This time I hope the obvious pattern of cause a problem, then blame the other party has shaken some sense into enough voters to make a difference! I am very concerned about election integrity, with ballots mailed to everyone, alive or dead, citizen or not, (our DMV registered many non-citizens), but we will see in two weeks how it all settles out. It may be the last chance we have to save Nevada!

3 months ago

DEFEND our police officers don’t defund them!

David Block
3 months ago

We must defend our police or crime will explode.

3 months ago

The minorities that are calling the police “ALL BAD” ! Are the minorities that are doing the same thing they’re complaining about !

David Reinhardt
3 months ago

Time for us to watch our officers back,anyway possible!

Bill T
3 months ago

This is a direct result of the Marxist left decisions to defend the police , pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon!

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