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Stop the “Stonewall” – 12 Questions About Biden’s Classified Documents


Questions abound as highly classified documents continue to be found in strange locations tied to Joe Biden, one an office underwritten by unidentified Chinese contributors. Innocuous discoveries or a percolating constitutional crisis?

In all this, where are the FBI investigators? Why the conspiracy of silence? Did DOJ know about this problem well before the recent midterms, and choose to stay nothing? Is America being stonewalled? At least 12 major questions need prompt answers.

First, why is the White House doing this search – rather than the FBI?  A random, incomplete search the former vice president’s offices, residence, and garage by “White House counsel” is objectively wrong. National security is at issue, criminal justice issues are afoot. White House counsel does not have a TS/SCI clearance. The impression left is of cover-up, good for no one.  

Second, what or who led the White House Counsel to search the former vice president’s offices, closet, home, and garage? When did that search begin, when were the highly classified documents discovered? Did that not raise flags – when they appeared in a closet and garage? Is that where anyone puts highly classified documents, open for easy access? Who put them there? That will tell us a lot, and a deposition of that person will tell us more.

Third, again pointing to the urgency of Justice interceding, as well as counterintelligence and counterespionage experts, where else might documents be secreted by the former vice president or his family? Have all similar locations been searched, and if not, why not?

Fourth, why has Justice not frozen access to these locations, ordered all evidence preserved, completed a formal search? On known facts, these documents’ contents, locations, and the relationship they have to China, Ukraine, and the president’s family suggest possible criminal activity. Why is this not being openly stated, the discovery sites secured?

In view of the obvious potential for foreign access, particularly in locations underwritten Chinese money, in view of the president getting a passthrough salary after his time in office from a university which received that money, and the son’s financial payment by China and Ukraine, why are these locations not being processed as possible crime scene, logs, bank records, cameras seized? Why is the Attorney General delaying this process even now?

Fifth, why has the university not been ordered to keep all records, emails, phone logs, and camera footage involving Chinese nationals who gave tens of millions of dollars to underwrite the vice president’s DC office and, by all appearances, a nearly million-dollar salary?

Sixth, what is the nature of the vice president’s justification for holding these highly classified documents relating to foreign nations, including Ukraine and Iran – after federal employment, in non-federal locations? Since he did not work in a closet or garage, why did he hide them?

Seventh, did Joe Biden ever give access implicitly to his son, other family members, a foreign government, or “cutout” to these documents or offices? When did Jill Biden know classified documents were retained? Does she possess any classified documents? The president’s son?

Eighth, what is the nature of the classified documents “discovered?” We are told they relate to Ukraine and Iran – how? Do they discuss aid, investigation of the vice president’s son, Iran’s nuclear program, anything foreign countries would pay or extort to learn?

Nineth, what is the full nature of China’s financial engagement with the Bidens and university, conditions tied to gifts, expectations? Are any other universities operating this way?

Tenth, do any of these highly classified documents bear dates after the vice presidency, hidden while Mr. Biden was president? If so, on what basis would such an act be justified?

Eleventh, are Biden family bank records, phone logs, cameras, unclassified-but-related documents, and physical evidence – such as gifts – being preserved as evidence? Is a grand jury being empaneled to investigate influence pedaling, bribery, and sale of classified information?

Twelfth, where in this “DEFCOM ALPHA” by Justice, FBI, CIA, the Intelligence Community, Defense, and State Departments? Prior to news of these transgressions, were Attorney General Merrick Garland, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, FBI Director Chris Wray, CIA Director William Burns, National Archives Director of Presidential Libraries Kara Bond, or any White House personnel aware of these classified documents being secreted – prior to midterms? Why was that information not made public immediately?  Who suppressed it and why?

In sum, this looks like something other than “mishandling,” and hardly “an inadvertent error,” accidental placement in a “closet,” “garage,” and offices of highly classified documents, at a minimum illegally retained and secreted in peculiar places by someone, open for foreign access.

This is a serious breach of security if nothing else. Troublingly, it bears the hallmarks of something more concerning, bluntly the potential sale of classified documents and information to a foreign government, together with an effort to cover up and minimize material facts which would otherwise trigger a criminal inquiry. To borrow a phrase not heard in 50 years, deceptive, deflective, and incomplete answers by the White House imply “stonewalling.” Why?

Robert Charles is a former Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell, former Reagan and Bush 41 White House staffer, attorney, and naval intelligence officer (USNR). He wrote “Narcotics and Terrorism” (2003), “Eagles and Evergreens” (2018), and is National Spokesman for AMAC.

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2 months ago

Just another crime family in Washington politics getting away with their atrocities. Won’t ever see the clowns in charge of anything doing a darn thing to Biden. An that include all talk McCarthy.

2 months ago

This looks like to me a way to keep the house busy going down a rabbit hole that can’t be prosecuted until he is out of office. In the mean time the real work that they should be doing is not going to be done. They are intentionally throwing Biden away for their greater food. Biden has been setup.

2 months ago

More than likely, Hunter’s grade school quality paintings selling for six digit prices included access to these classified documents. While the first discovery was before the mid-terms, this adds to the list of dirt that was suppressed to once again influence the outcome of an election. That Biden’s own team is finding these documents, which if they are from his time as VP, have been unaccounted for more than six years, would seem to indicate the party plans to erase him from the 2024 candidate pool.In the meantime, special counsel, (code name for someone who can bury secrets and deliver the desired outcome), assigned by the thoroughly corrupt DOJ, will drag the matter out as long as possible. With what we have already seen with Hillary’s blatant violations of security protocols, (including willful destruction of evidence), involving her mishandling of classified information, it’s a foregone conclusion that evidence will be suppressed and or destroyed once again. Tax dollars will be once again wasted, on a facade parading as an investigation, just to give the big middle finger to conservative Americans!

2 months ago

RBC, just looks like US security and handling of sensitive documents is just a big joke. The “HOLE” is big enough to sail an aircraft carrier through along with its escorts. This makes the “WALKER” spy ring episode look like peanuts.

Robin Walter Boyd
2 months ago

This article’s somewhat of a 12 step program of how the DOJ is being used by the current White House administration as a tool to protect guilty Progressive Democrats and harassing innocent Republicans. We must rid government of radicals.

John Bass
2 months ago

All are very good questions AMAC. Too bad you haven’t figured it out like the rest of us peons. Dementia Joe is and has been since the beginning, a fall guy…in other words, a patsy.

The big guy, Joe has used up his usefulness and is no longer relevant in the eyes of his masters.

Robin Walter Boyd
2 months ago
Reply to  John Bass

Joe Biden has been a puppet politician for hire all of his political career. How someone who has been so well documented lying and plagiarizing is still allowed to be in politics is beyond me. This is Bidens’ last hurrah, so he sold his soul, our nation and all American citizens for personal gain.

2 months ago

The demmies are going to flush Joe down the toilet to set up Michelle Obama for the next round in 24.

Michael J
2 months ago

Senile people aren’t held accountable for their actions. Joe can’t figure out how to read his scripts let alone remembering why he had classified documents in the first place. Sounds too convenient that someone just noticed classified documents in Joe’s possession.

David Millikan
2 months ago

DICTATOR Beijing biden had ZERO
Security Clearance or authority to REMOVE SENSITIVE HIGHLY CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS after being vice president.
By doing so is not only an ACT OF ESPIONAGE but an ACT OF TREASON.
DICTATOR Beijing biden runs off at the mouth about being the most transparent administration but LIES and HIDES the TRUTH and blames everybody else like he always does when caught EVERY TIME.
How many people did Hunter see and show these documents to other people? How many from Communist China have seen these Sensitive Highly Classified Documents?
Why isn’t DICTATOR Beijing biden’s home not RAIDED by the FBI? Why isn’t FAKE News covering this 24/7?
Why is Communist harris still in White House who Bailed out TERRORIST antifa and TERRORIST blm Criminals from RIOTS in 2019, 2020, DISQUALIFYING her from running for Vice President?
The TOP 2 CRIMINALS sitting in the White House right now are the laughing stock of the world and the world is laughing at US.
When is Congress and Senate going to do their JOB and PROSECUTE
DICTATOR Beijing biden and Communist harris?

Mike Flood
2 months ago

A question: Who has custody of the documents?
All classified documents have a name, number and the name of the person who has custody of the documents or item. This is true from the time the document is created until the document is destroyed. Were any of these documents transferred to Biden? If not, why did he have them. Also, there are requirements for periodic site inventories of classified documents. Where these done?

2 months ago
Reply to  Mike Flood

That is true. Good points.

2 months ago

We’ve learned that anything having to do with Joe and Hunter biden should be viewed with suspicion.

When did he start taking these papers–in his last year as VP or years earlier? What’s the date stamped on them? Did Obama know? Crime scenes should be taped off and guarded. Someone other than biden’s personal lawyers should be going through the documents. They would never have allowed Giuliani to step in when Trump’s house was raided.

So, why is it being reported now? No one knew those papers were stacked right next to The Corvette when they must have walked by them dozens of times? This whole issue has the smell of corruption wafting from all corners.

2 months ago
Reply to  Kim

Almost forgot…I’ve mentioned it before, but we have to wonder if biden or hunter sold that information to their Chinese operatives. I’ll give it pretty good odds.

2 months ago
Reply to  Kim

The first set of classified documents were in Biden’s unused office at Penn University. The building was supposed to a sort think tank and it was financed heavily from several Chinese donors. So I think it is safe to say that any and all classified materials that were in Biden’s possession have already been viewed by Chinese operatives. Remember, these documents wandered out of the White House 6 years ago, so everything in them has to be known by just about every foreign government on the planet at this point.

2 months ago

All very nice questions RBC, but I think we both know how this is going to play out. In the end, the Special Council that Garland assigned to this matter will issue a convoluted report that essentially states Biden did nothing wrong. He will be magically cleared of any and all violations of taking and possessing classified documents, that he had no authority to take in the first place as V.P..

This will be a long, drawn out process designed to try suppress as much information from the public and Congress. Biden has fulfilled his primary purpose for being placed in office (to ensure President Trump was NOT re-elected one way or another) and now it is time for him to go. To fade into the sunset of retirement and get the in-home nursing care he needs.

Sometime later this year, Biden will announce he will NOT be running for re-election in 2024 and shortly thereafter Harris will say she won’t be running for V.P. in 2024. The Democrat Party no doubt has more than enough on her to bury her if she were to refuse to do so. Thus clearing the way for the slew of hard left Democrats that are all waiting in the wings for 2024.

2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

“…all waiting in the wings for 2024.” —like vultures circling overhead waiting for their opportunity to clean up the carrion left behind.

2 months ago
Reply to  Kim

An apt analogy for the Democrat Party.

2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Hakeem Jeffries /Obama v2

2 months ago

Just like what Obama said about Joey from Scranton: Everything he touches, he “F’s it up”. I wonder why he would have Obama’s presidential records with HIM??, if they are truly from the Obama administration. My guess is that Hunter was/is still wheeling & dealing to the tune of millions of dollars for himself and the Big Guy during the last 6 years. What a horrible family! Why does Jill still continue to listen to their lying?

anna hubert
2 months ago

This is like the game of hike and seek you play with grandkids , to their delight you can ever find them

2 months ago

This is the first comprehensive set of questions I have seen. Most people are only focused on the fact that the docs were improperly stored. The much more important line of questions is why they were there in the first place, who benefitted, what illegal activities do they expose?
Also – with the Republicans getting control of the House – what is biden trying to go through and hide so that House investigations can’t find them???

2 months ago

All good questions. But the puppet master will not allow anything to happen to his puppets. The plan is he knows what’s best for America. If there was no puppet master Hunter would be in jail. Hillary would be in jail. Joe would be in jail. Mitch would be in jail. ETC. Wonder how much money the puppet master put in their pockets to buy them. So sad.

2 months ago

Egregious as always from the administration and those who believe Biden is king.

Patricia A Arsenault
2 months ago

I’m still waiting for “them” to say it’s Russia’s fault or did they already do that #AmericaFIrst

2 months ago

That’s JUST a Game Show! . . . Or is it?

Stephen Russell
2 months ago

Name names for documents, agencies etc A-Z

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