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Article V

In 4 AMAC member polls, our membership overwhelmingly supported the use of Article V of the Constitution by the States through a convention to propose amendments to the Constitution. This will impose effective standards to stop runaway inflation and restore responsible, federal spending in order to reduce the continued growth of the national debt, which now exceeds $31 trillion, and save the financial solvency of our great Nation, preserving economic opportunity and stability for our children, grandchildren, and generations to come. Moreover, in recent polling, a bipartisan 86% of Americans across five states from California to Kentucky indicated that they want the right to vote on a Fiscal Responsibility Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. If you agree with them and would like to let your elected representatives know that to get your vote, they need to let you vote for a Fiscal Responsibility Amendment, you can reach them with a single click by scanning or clicking on the QR Code below and entering your contact information. You’ll also have the opportunity to expand the reach of our message by sharing the campaign on social media. Thank you for taking a moment to inform your representatives about the constitutional action that can stop inflation and restore national security, Social Security, and the American Dream for generations to come.

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Mark M.
1 month ago

Thank you for posting my reply.
Please remove the text in the hyperlinks following the last forward slash so the links will function correctly.

Mark M.
1 month ago

We do not need a Constitutional Convention!” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener nofollow ugc”>Socialists and Soros Fight for Article V Convention – The New American
Please be informed!!!!

Mark W Mammosser
1 month ago

NO! NO! NO! We do not want a constitutional convention of any kind!!!

AMAC, why are you supporting this????
Click here for facts on constitutional convention:” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener nofollow ugc”>Stop a Constitutional Convention : The John Birch Society (

If you do not correct/retract this George Soros funded propaganda, I will cancel my membership to your organization!

Why is the author of this article not putting their name on it?
Who is AMAC Action, the author listed above?

This propaganda is why I never joined AARP.
Geroge Soros is funding the constitutional convention push because he knows they will completely re-write the constitution and destroy all it stands for if successful.

Do your homework on this, and DO NOT support a Constitutional Convention.
Contact your representatives and OPPOSE any call for a constitutional Convention in your state!!

The fate of our great country depends on you being an informed voter!!

Immediately correct this and retract this article or I will no longer support this organization as you will be considered anti-constitution and anti American!!!! Shame on you for printing to begin with!!

1 month ago

It was amusing, in a sick sort of way, when I heard Obama tell business owners, during his Great Recession’s unemployment crisis, to “Just hire someone”… or biden telling companies in this inflationary tailspin to “Just lower your prices”. And, while most Americans think doubling the minimum wage is a good idea, someone should explain to them that doing this would put millions of people out of work and really ratchet up inflation. The dems are totally clueless; they have no idea how a company functions. Their ideas s*ck. Pardon me.

A national debt that exceeds the GDP plus rising interest rates are very dangerous for our future. The best way to start nibbling at the national debt is to encourage–not discourage–business start-ups and, of course, to stop senseless spending. Entitlement programs must be targeted, with sensible changes (raising the age of eligibility) to ensure that the federal government’s obligations can be met…or else future generations will feel the consequences. A sure-fire way to increase revenues is to lower taxes, something that the dems are loath to do. It worked with Reagan, and it worked with Trump…until Covid came along. But the good times lasted long enough to show us once again that America’s solvency depends on full employment in a vibrant, expanding economy.

To address the problem of the national debt, there are ways within our grasp to start dealing with it. Toying with the Constitution is a gamble, and not appropriate when other means exist. This requires a strong will and a commitment from elected officials to follow through on their promises. And the duty of us, the voters, to vote them out if they fail.

1 month ago
Reply to  Kim

You are right on – you should run for public office!!

1 month ago
Reply to  Trish

Thanks, Trish, but that would not be good for my blood pressure.

Bob Verdecchio
1 month ago

My wife and I just returned from Europe and find the media there is perhaps even more uninformed about economics than in the US. When they talk about inflation, they call for employers to raise wages to combat it, like that’s some kind of solution.

This is one of the ways how the younger generations will rob retirees like us without ever aiming at us directly and without even fully understanding that they’re robbing us. Each successive round of wage increases will cause another wave of inflation and when the dust settles, they’ll all be making a million dollars a year and our life savings won’t be worth anything.

Lois Keel
1 month ago

IF my telling my 2 Democratic senators & whomever becomes my Representative changes anything, I’m open to it with one major concern. Republicans are trying to find any excuse possible to destroy Social Security & this would enhance their arguments.

1 month ago

People, people, people!!!! Inflation is the Governments way to tax you so that you don’t realize they are taxing you…and thus they can overspend and conceal what they are doing to you. Even the Republicans are a bit in tune with this tactic, but not nearly to the extent the DemocRats. This allows them to keep their political skirts looking clean when they overspend … and they do overspend. And that is why the political parties keep pulling the wool over the public’s eye about refusing to add a BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT to the Constitution. Whenever the government overspends the “fairy tale” budget it has, it just prints more money. Smart businessmen know this right from the jump, and they go after the extra by raising prices, etc. That is why the politicos (both parties) won’t have a serious consideration of a balanced budget amendment … it cuts into their ability to slyly buy votes with seeming gratuitous funds!!!!

1 month ago

I can’t tell my “elected” (actually paid to win) representatives–Bowman, Schumer, Gillibrand–because they have decided that it is better for me to believe the lies coming out of their mouths and I have no right to protest their actions. I have been working hard to get them replaced if we get real enough registered voters out to beat the fake ones trying to vote.

Patricia A Arsenault
1 month ago

Why bother, it’s too late :( I am pretty sure that I am NOT the only one that feels like that.

1 month ago

It’s never too late. America is not a “one-and-done” system; it evolves, and we voters are the instrument of change.

David Millikan
1 month ago

First year of DICTATOR Beijing biden, AMERICANS lost $1.4 TRILLION in 401K’s and IRA’s.
The same amount as his budget Bill last year. Even MORE $$$ in 401K’s and IRA’s LOST in 2022.
This doesn’t include ALL the other money WE lost from HIGH PRICES in Fuel, Utilities, Food, and Medical Expenses.
Then DICTATOR Beijing biden and FASCIST liberals RAISE TAXES.
This year same thing except now we have the IRS STASI with MORE TAX INCREASES with the FASCIST liberals wanting to TAX MEAT at 56% and POULTRY at 26% with PORK and FISH at 16%.
Gasoline is fixing to hit $6 and HIGHER.
Now NATURAL GAS could be at $13/MMBtu for this winter thanks to
DICTATOR Beijing biden and FASCIST liberals with their ZERO ENERGY PRODUCTION through 2024.
Which means HIGHER PRICES to Heat your home this winter.
Then we have FORD jumping up price of Electric vehicles the same amount of Tax Credit meaning you get ZERO Tax Credit.
Even ALL the Manufacturers that PRESIDENT TRUMP brought back have left because of DICTATOR Beijing biden and FASCIST liberals.
Unemployment keeps going up.
We were in a DEPRESSION and NOW we are in a RECESSION with REAL INFLATION at 25%.
Then let’s add DICTATOR Beijing biden BOWING DOWN to COMMUNIST China, TERRORIST Taliban, Russia, and TERRORIST Iran (Giving IRAN around $100 BILLION since his first day and with $1 BILLION in past 10 Months) TERRORIST antifa, TERRORIST blm, ILLEGAL ALIEN TERRORIST INVASION, and SURRENDERING to TERRORIST in Afghanistan getting 13 U.S. MARINES KILLED and ABANDONED OVER 400 AMERICANS there.
And not least, ATTACKING AMERICANS and the U.S. CONSTITUTION while turning OUR MILITARY into a bunch of Snowflake little girls.
Still more…
So, YES!
CONTACT your Representatives and tell them, NO MORE. Which should have been done on first day of DICTATOR Beijing biden. That either they FIGHT FOR AMERICANS and the UNITED STATES of AMERICA or GET OUT and WE WILL put someone in who WILL FIGHT for the AMERICAN people and the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

David Millikan
1 month ago
Reply to  David Millikan

Correction: We we’re in RECESSION and NOW we are in a DEPRESSION.

1 month ago

So rather than remove the politicians from office that refuse to carry out their duties and obligations to the voters that elected them, you’re advocating making changes to the Constitution of the United States, that is NOT BROKEN by the way, to get these same incompetent or corrupt politicans to carry out their duties and responsibilites properly. All that you will end up with is a broken Constitution and the same incompetent or corrupt politicians you started with. The only difference will be that the incompetent and corrupt politicians will be able to claim everything they are doing is completely constitutional as they continue to give the middle finger to the voting public, that is too lazy and apathetic to remove them from office.

As long as the American people continue to grasp for any or all “magical means” ( the least offensive term I could think of to avoid the AMAC censor) that allow them to avoid taking responsibility for their own actions or inactions as the case may be, nothing will materally change for the better.

1 month ago
Reply to  PaulE


Once again, AMAC said I already voted, when I had not. So, here’s another “+” for you.

Karen Knowles
1 month ago
Reply to  Kim

Happens to me all the time.

Michael J
1 month ago

You’re kidding right? The clowns who voted for this travesty on the American people should all be removed permanently. Writing checks with overdrawn accounts is illegal for us regular people, but somehow It’s perfectly acceptable for these elected criminals.

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