Stephen Bannon Talks ‘Occupy Unmasked’

“It is a war film—about the war at home, the war between the radical left and the American people,” Writer and Director Stephen K. Bannon told me recently about his upcoming film, Occupy Unmasked.


The film is set to be released this Spring and features a lead role by the late conservative hero Andrew Breitbart, as well as cast members David Horowitz, Brandon Darby, and Anita MonCrief, among others.

Via clips that feature Dylan Ratigan, Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann, and others, Bannon takes on the left-wing media’s determination to simultaneously smear the Tea Party and glorify the ‘Occupy’ movement. And he doesn’t just stop there. Footage of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama speaks volumes about their agenda as well.

“We expose the very basic fact that the entire ‘Occupy’ movement is a very coordinated, very well thought through operation of the institutional progressive left. It focused on changing the conversation in the Fall of 2011 from debt and deficit reduction to income inequality and ‘fairness’…and it has had a tremendous impact and extraordinary success,” Bannon said. “You will meet the unknown players who drive the movement…and who will become an even more important part of the country’s political landscape.”

He continued, “The Tea Party is everything the ‘Occupy’ movement is not. It is made up of those folks who build our communities, support our churches, fight our wars—in short, the hard-working middle class who day in and day out put their shoulder to the wheel to help build the greatest country mankind has ever known. ‘Occupy’ is comprised of the ‘I hate America crowd’…a combination of deadbeats and ‘bad actors’ who want to destroy the America we know and love.”

Get ready to see the true face of the ‘Occupy’ movement in all its anti-capitalist, violent, destructive glory. You will hear protesters speak in their own words. You will witness the fires, the graffiti, and the wreckage. You will read the signs they hold proudly in their hands. And then you will decide for yourself if it fits the ‘Occupy’ image that the media has been working so hard to project.

“The ‘Democrat Media Complex’ that Andrew Breitbart rallied against plays a central role in the film,” Bannon added. “It helped bring the ‘Occupy’ movement into existence. It nurtured it and gave it a platform.”

As he did so beautifully in life, Breitbart holds the media accountable through his posthumous role in this film. And reminds us why we miss him every single day.

Stay tuned as Occupy Unmasked takes on the left-wing media and left-wing political establishment, exposing deceit and political agendas that distort reality in order to embolden the class-warfare narrative that is endangering our country.

This is one film you won’t want to miss.

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I am telling all my friends about this movie. It’s about time that somone exposes the likes of ole Pelosi and how she Pushed and crammed obamacare down our throats. I am just hoping that Liberals will watch with an open mind and see just the type of ilk they are voting for.!!

Mike Z.

Great commentary. I can’t wait to see the film.


Thank God for a movie we can promote! This country needs all the help it can get! If enough of us promote things like this to our “liberal” friends, perhaps we can “swell” the number of people willing to talk about this nauseating President we have. Join every organization that is opposed to this Socialistic agenda. And, get to work. We need you!

Angel Zaragosa

Well, we were all young once. I wanted to give OWS the benefit of the doubt, because I thought these were young people who simply had a message about how to make things better for all, in this economy. Boy was I wrong. My wife and I were up in Washington DC last October. We were attending a fiscal conservative conference to learn about our county’s failed economic policies, the ones being inflicted on us by Mr. Obama and the Democrats. Occupy came to our conference to attack us, with violence and disruption. They barricaded the doors to the civic center, where we were meeting. They would NOT let us leave. They pushed two of our mature ladies, of our group, to the ground and caused injury to their heads. Many of them, young men and young women included, wore masks or coverings to hide their faces, because they knew… Read more »


Occupy is all created by the far left liberals that like to blame eveybody else for their inabilities to function on their own. They are the type that can’t work because of being lazy and want the government to give them hand outs. They are like the punks and cowards that protested the Vietnam War because they were to scared to fight for their country. I believe the ones that ran to Canada should never been allowed back to the United States of America this is their off spring protesting in OCCUPY. Other battles they would have been sent to prison or shot as a traitor.


can’t post un;ess you agree


can’t wait to see this movie. The right will have to wake up someday and quit being trolls to the new rich in this country. I for one hope I don’t lose all my rights but will see more dwindle away if the right and the teaparty people are again in charge. I am a woman and am tired of being victomized by the right.


looking forward to the films release. That Occupy movement is out there bubbling and from where I sit it will explode as the elections get close…I’ve seen this all before. In the 60’s they tried and failed now the offspring are doing again and unless we all WAKE UP.the finish what those before them tried….God Bless America

John E. Nevola - Author of The Last Jump - A Novel of World War II

We will not go quietly into this dark night!
Fight for this country as our parents and grandparents did!
Well done, Ms. Bila.


I have been craving movies that shine the light where it exposes the media corruption. The left gets so much cover from the media. I want to scream at the ” regular, non politically oriented, people ” you are being brainwashed.

CAROL Tharpe

So grateful for those who will step up and step into the cause for our country! Can’t wait to see it!


Of course, there are no radical conservatives on the right, right? That manhattanite is originally from another state and invaded New York. If you’re born and raised you call yourself a New Yorker.’


Great call out. Thanks for the head’s up. Now let me see how many I can get at the movie party to watch it. Keep up the great work


Thanks jedediah and citizens united

Thomas Marguccio

Thank you Jedediah. I’m a fellow conservative Manhattanite. Keep up the good fight!

Patrick Connors

Thanks, this was shared and hope more will share from there… we are really in a fight and one conservatives and all Americans cannot afford to lose.


Awesome, Jedediah. Thanks for the info.


Way to go, Steve!


Stephen, way to stay after the frauds, on the left.
We can’t “drop our guard” for a minute; unfortunately, we did for the last four or five decades–and allowed the corrupt, intolerant (despite their claims to be otherwise) liberals to take over academia, the media, and our universities…where there’s more indoctrination then actual teaching taking place.


Loved The Undefeated. Can’t wait.