My Statement on President Obama’s 4/13 Address

By Jedediah Bila

Jedediah Bila

Yes, folks, I watched President Obama’s speech yesterday. Of course, I first cued up Fleetwood Mac’s “Little Lies.” I also entertained Emma with a creative interpretive dance, but I digress.

I tweeted the speech live. Here is a sample of my comments during and shortly after the presidential address:

  •  President Obama’s class warfare rhetoric is going to lead him straight to a moving van in 2012.
  •  Almost half of the country pays no federal income taxes. Where’s the “shared responsibility,” @BarackObama?
  •  The ease with which this president lies is alarming to me.
  •  GOP leadership, correct his lies re: your proposal. Communication is key right now. @RepPaulRyan @johnboehner @GOPLeader
  •  This is a campaign speech, an attempt to try to please everyone & to hide his record w/ rhetoric. The best way to counter? With the truth.
  •  GOP leadership, the president just embarrassed himself. Couldn’t have made your job any easier. Now, are you going to get out there & fight?
  •  Summary: “Let me be clear: kdcoidlweknaoeinhoislkdfjcodijhcioansd.” Followed by class-warfare bull & lies about the Ryan plan. THE END.
  •  GOP leadership, remind Americans who these “rich” people are who Obama demonizes. They hire workers, pay salaries, give raises, create jobs.

Barack Obama reminded us of one thing yesterday: he is fit to campaign, but not to lead. He resorted to absurd policy distortions and outright lies with respect to Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity.” He had the audacity to promote class warfare as if it’s a founding American principle. He invoked hyper-partisan rhetoric in an effort to conceal his disastrous record. He played a cowardly blame game while taking zero responsibility for the fact that he has added more to the national debt than Washington through Reagan combined. He employed unpresidential demagoguery and platitudes in order to make his case for bigger “investments” – a.k.a. more spending, bigger government, and less liberty.

Paul Ryan offered a fantastic, tough response to Obama’s speech, calling it “excessively partisan, dramatically inaccurate, and hopelessly inadequate.” He added, “Exploiting people’s emotions of fear, envy, and anxiety is not hope. It’s not change. It’s partisanship. We don’t need partisanship. We don’t need demagoguery. We need solutions. And we don’t need to keep punting to other people to make tough decisions. If we don’t make tough decisions today, our children are going to have to make much, much tougher decisions tomorrow.”

As we look forward to 2012, Barack Obama’s speech offers important lessons. It reminds us that yes, this president will lie. He will lace his demagoguery with phrases like “come together” to try to create the illusion that he is a uniter, not a divider. He will talk about “the American Dream” while promoting policy that is completely antithetical to a land of opportunity. And he will be unnecessarily arrogant and decidedly misleading.

Ideal 2012 GOP contenders must be authentic, factual, and in touch with our founding American principles. And they also better be ready to step up to the plate, because yesterday marked one of many Obama campaign speeches to come.

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8 years ago

This is what we get when Obama bots votes for black and not on experience. Obama (needs to be ipcmaehed NOW!) is so inexperience he is like having a 10 year old do brain surgery or a monkey working on your car braking system probably do a better job than Obama (needs to be ipcmaehed NOW!) too. Obama (needs to be ipcmaehed NOW!) only cares about himself and nobody else, all he thinks about is what is in it for him, he got his spendulus package so that he can pay off his debt to those who got him in office, he is letting terrorist go to pay back the muslim countries that gave him over $ 50 million for his campaign and now he is all buddy buddy with them claim they are now our friends, try selling that to the 9/11 victims and survivors. Hillery is just another reminder of how inexperienced Obama (needs to be ipcmaehed NOW!) really is!

Chris Pedersen
9 years ago

To Walt Ely,The Fair Tax Plan Catches Them All!

See fairtax.org for all the details. Maybe Ms. Bila could put the Fair Tax Logo on her web pages ? I’m certain they woulg just love in helpimg get the word out more!

Pleeeeease Jedediah make the effort for America!

E. Ray
9 years ago

Can you people not see that it is Big Business that provide jobs. Just look and what this government and the people/unions have done. They have forced Big Business and jobs overseas. When did the (people/unions) ever provide jobs to the masses. Don’t you understand that a rising tide floats all boats?

E. Ray
9 years ago


I researched Herman Cain because I am looking for a good GOP candidate to indorse in 2012 and had not heard of him. I discounted him in the second sentence on his Web Site. When someone admits that they are waiting for God to tell them what to do, that person scares me. I think back to all the horrific thing that people have done and then said “that God told me to do it”…………. And yes, I like what I have heard so far of Allen West

9 years ago

Sorry to have to say this , but I for one do not want another BLACK president at this time. Why? racist, you say?WRONG. I just don’t think any one would vote for a black person for a long, long, time after Obama exits, except for the black people of course.The black people and the Obama administration have cause a lot of white to go back to being racist, and I am almost there.

9 years ago

Their Are 545 polititions with court justices. Their are 300 million Americans. We have been duped for decades over what has been taking place in Washington! When control was Dems, everything was out of control mainly because obama knows nothing about running a country. Obama had been in office for two years before becoming president. Obamas position in chicago as senator was a community humanitarian. He was placed in office to do the charismatic talents he has exposed to America. He’s a good liar and a convensing one at that! Their is no reason, since republicans have taken control of the house, that control hasn’t been reversed! Obamas threats to veto can also be stopped! We need to get rid of all of those who have been their too long and replace them! Their is a lot of work to be done America and all of us need to be Americans first. We need to forget political affiliation of our labels! America and America first!

9 years ago

Their Are 545 polititions with court justices. Their are 300 million Americans. We have been duped for decades over what has been taking place in Washington! When control was Dems, everything was out of control mainly because obama knows nothing about running a country. Obama had been in office for two years before becoming president. Obamas position in chicago as senator was community humanitarian

9 years ago

If you are counting on the GOP to pull a rabbit out of the hat, all you will get is card tricks. They have had their hands in the pockets of big business too much to do anything for the average American, they have never cared for the poor accept to keep them poor.
If abortion is such a issue, Why didn’t the GOP repealed it, while George W. was in office? or When George H. or Ronnie? They don’t wish to do so, that’s why, they don’t really care, never have they are just using the born again Christians for votes.
There are people who as Democrats are against Abortion, and would do as much or more than the Republicans or even the Tea Party will ever do.

9 years ago

I think his birth certificate question is a legitimate one; I was born in Hawaii when it was known as the territory of Hawaii about five years before it became the 50th State. I can, and have requested for a copy of my birth certificate when I misplaced my original one. It is not that hard to do. I know what hospital I was born in and my Mom still remembers the name of the Dr. that delivered me. If someone has to spend 2 million dollars to legally seal the records of his past it just begs the question…What is he hiding, and what does he not want us to know?! If it turns out that he is an illegitimate president what happens to anything he signed as “president”?

9 years ago

Herman Cain for President!!!

Betty Lee Churchill
9 years ago

Thank God that the Tea Party has come along and opened eyes as to what Obama really is: A socialist Morman chosen to wreck America. We need a strong candidate to run against him and win in 2012. We sure don’t have one yet. Trump is a joke and the rest of the field is just more political hacks. God Bless America! Send us a real leader.

9 years ago

The GOP or independents CAN NOT beat Obama if they don’t put forth a Real candidate. Maybe their current strategy is to let Obama run against the shadow candidates (like Trump) to let off some steam and money w/o dipping into GOP coffers. Get off the birth certificate thing. It is whipping a dead horse and seems to be wasting time. Focusing on the real issues will change over Obama voters..

9 years ago

Obama is NOT a good speaker…he is a good READER (via TelePrompter). Hopefully, someone is taking notice of the corrupt organizations manipulating votes and voting multiple times with fraudulent voting rampant. Those non-contributers to society, with their hands out for a government check will vote for this psuedo leader as will the union membership (at their leaders direction) because one hand washes the other. Our unique and wonderful Country is in peril.

9 years ago

Whoever the GOP candidate, he/she must stick to the truth and not lower themselves to the devisive level of Obama. My personal feeling is this man was picked for this time and is following a script to destroy America. The 2012 election may well be our watershed moment.

9 years ago

I am impressed with Allen West, especially his toughness and honesty, but I submit that Herman Cain is another potential candidate worthy of consideration. He is smart, articulate and has a stellar business background… no negatives that I have been able to discern. In addition he has some solid, commonsense ideas to restore America. Have a look at Herman Cain.

9 years ago

Well, Jeff, it is my guess that Jedediah does a good deal of open minded and thorough research to determine the truth. And, Tom, “he” isn’t really nearly as articulate as some think. Just listen to what he actually says (reads from his teleprompter). He “mispeaks” a lot and if looks away too long, gets himself confused. Oh, well, he didn’t and won’t get my vote.

9 years ago

donald trump stated on nationa tv that obamas grandmother said he was born in kenna you have to be a us citzen to be president talk about a cover up on his birthcirtificate what money wont buy

harold nach
9 years ago

The article is right on,but how are we going to get the message so our fellow Americans are not duped and fed spins so wild as to make one dizzy

Cactus Pete
9 years ago

I am beyond fed up with his omniwonderous majesty as well. Obama lied – citizens lost their future. Gvt needs chopping.

George Michaud
9 years ago

Some kind of joke this one is. If Trump is right, which seems unlikely, then everything zz Obama has done from day one will be null and voided. Some story that would be. One has to ask and get the real answers to it all.

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