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State Rep Says Quiet Part Out Loud: Parents Should ‘Shut Up’ About Their Kids’ Education

shut up

“Shut up,” he explained.

That was the response from New Hampshire state Rep. Tommy Hoyt when a voter asked him to support “Parents Bill of Rights” legislation when it came up for a vote. Hoyt, a Democrat endorsed by the teachers union, declined — and not-so-politely.

“Do you know why children’s results tanked during covid? Their parents were incompetent teachers. Do your children a favor, let the teachers teach, and shut up. You’re clearly no professional,” Hoyt wrote in an email.

Dismissing parents as incompetent and telling them to “shut up” may not sound like smart politics, but Hoyt is hardly alone. In the wake of what some are calling a parents’ revolution, teachers unions and their Democratic Party allies are pushing back with views on moms and dads that don’t appear designed to make friends or influence voters.

Just a few days before Hoyt’s comments, a Georgia state Rep. Lydia Glaize (D) objected to an Education Freedom Account-style program being considered in the legislature.

“I see parents being able to direct their child’s education, and they are already in the lower 25-percentile, meaning a lot of those parents did not finish high school – could not finish their own education,” the Democrat said. “I am extremely concerned that we would put money in…the hands of parents who are not qualified to make those decisions.”

Parents are too dumb (“lower 25-percentile”) to make decisions about their own children’s education? It’s a refrain heard more and more as school choice programs pick up steam across the U.S.

“While none of us are particularly comfortable saying, ‘I don’t trust parents,’ let’s keep in mind that parents are just people — the same people who various Americans don’t trust to make decisions about issues such as vaccines, abortion, gun ownership, marriage, voting, and drug use,” wrote Kevin Welner, co-founder and director of the National Education Policy Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder’s School of Education. Welner is the author of the book “The School Voucher Illusion.”

And then there’s U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona who tweeted: “Teachers know what is best for their kids because they are with them every day. We must trust teachers.”

The immediate answer from some parents: “Whose kids?”

This is the debate over parents’ rights in a nutshell: Who should have the final authority over minor children, their parents, or the educators hired to teach them?

In the case of the New Hampshire law, some Granite State schools have a policy of not telling parents about their children’s behavior at school regarding sex and gender. If the student is asking to be addressed by a different name, or identifying as a gender different from their biological sex, the adults who work at the school — teachers, administrators, coaches, etc. — keep it a secret from parents, even if the mom or dad ask them about it.

And when voters asked him about his position, he told them to “shut up.”

Corey DeAngelis, a senior fellow at School Choice Now, says this treatment of parents has become par for the education course.

“Representative Hoyt let the mask slip. These socialists think they know better than parents,” DeAngelis said. “They despise the very notion of parental rights because they really believe kids belong to the government.”

Hoyt offered a semi-apology after news broke about his comments.

“The way I feel is that children’s test scores in school performance dropped off drastically was because they didn’t have teachers. And the parents that thought, ‘We can replace them and can tell them what to do,’ that was not effective. I probably could have used better words,” Hoyt said.

But, DeAngelis predicts, it’s parents who will have the last word — at the ballot box.

“You would have thought the Democrats would have learned something from Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s campaign blunder. Well, apparently not. Tommy Hoyt just told [former Virginia Governor] Terry McAuliffe to ‘hold my beer.’

“When school choice opponents tell you who they are, believe them,” DeAngelis said.

Reprinted with Permission from - The DC Journal by – Michael Graham

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5 days ago

Rep. Tommy Hoyt is just another example of an idiot politician. These type of folks think they are the same as the leaders of China or North Korea. We the people need to get rid of them ASAP.

6 days ago

But, DeAngelis predicts, it’s parents who will have the last word — at the ballot box.Keep voting for democrats and you will continue to get what you’ve always got.

Jack Davis
7 days ago


7 days ago

Vote out any Ahol who talk to any parent like this. They need to find out who they “work for”. Teacher unions should not be allowed! Tenure should not be allowed! Teachers that do not teach as they did during Covid, they should have been fired!

7 days ago

If they keep voting people like him into office they don’t have any right to complain!

7 days ago

I pray that ANY parent who is treated with such disrespect from an EMPLOYEE who works for them will stand up and DEMAND their removal.
Immediately start a campaign to expose,embarras and throw them out!
Who do these LOSERS think they are?

Bruce Charles
7 days ago

There are exceptions to every rule. I believe most parents know what education guide lines their children need to survive today’s world. Our government has sold our education system to the unions. Unions main objective is profit not education.

7 days ago
Reply to  Bruce Charles

Exactly correct!

David Millikan
7 days ago

The FASCIST liberals need to SHUT UP. The children BELONG to the parents and the parents have every right to oversee their child’s education and how to raise their own children.
It is NOT the government’s responsibility or business to tell parents how to raise their children.
All this FASCIST crap started with the clinton’s then obama, and now DICTATOR Beijing biden telling parents that they know better than the parents do on how to raise their own children which is BS and INDOCTRINATION of the parents and children.
Other words… OBEY without question.

7 days ago
Reply to  David Millikan

Who do these people think they are?
They WORK for Us!
Throw the LOSER out!
What arrogance, typical marxist democrat politician.
They lie, attack,divide, and have the nerve to think their better than others.
Good – frickin- Goodbye!
They are not worthy of America!

7 days ago

What a bunch of gaslighting.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
7 days ago

If a guy like that told me to shut up,he would have a fight on his hands. I would whip his ass to kingdom come.

James Thompson
7 days ago

Ok, just pulled my kids out of public school. You won’t hear from me again. No more yes votes on school bonds.

7 days ago

Any politician who tells parents to “shut up” about the child’s education should NEVER be elected to any public office ever again. It is a parent’s right and duty to direct the education of their children. Colleges and universities are turning out teachers who have been so brain washed by Marxist programing to destroy our children that they should not have control of anything.

FYI: The federal Department of Education is unconstitutional. The U. S. Constitution left education to the states and We the People by NOT listing education in the enumerated responsibilities of federal government. Teacher’s Unions have been destroying education every since they were allowed to unionize teachers. When I was a student it was illegal to unionize IF your paycheck was funded by taxes.

Gary M
7 days ago
Reply to  SusanP

Susan you are 100% correct in what you say! Parents must unite

Barbara D
7 days ago

We need to clean house of WOKE indoctrinating teachers teaching our kids Marxist
propaganda instead of what they desperately need to succeed in life. There should be NO MORE TENURE FOR TEACHERS!! When they start pushing Communism and Marxism after they become “tenured” they cannot be FIRED!! Teachers should be gotten rid of AT ANY TIME they veer off the path of solid education and into brainwashing without parental knowledge. Save our kids!! Get rid of indoctrinating, propaganda-pushing teachers!!

7 days ago
Reply to  Barbara D

Clean house, start with joebama,EVERY marxist democrat, send a message from We the People!

7 days ago

Kids had miserable test scores because the feckless, spineless bureaucrats that were supposed to be looking out for them refused to stand up to King Fauci and the feds who kicked them all out of school for more than a year. Did the schools offer the parents access to the textbooks or supplies? No! Did the teachers offer to come to homes to help with problems that occurred because of remote education? No! Did teachers who were staying home twiddling their thumbs offer up their salaries so kids could pay to access online learning programs and tutors who weren’t germ phobic? No. No. No constructive help was offered, just fear, loathing and hatred of parents who were pulling their hair out in frustration at having their kids educations cut short. I am a retired teacher and I’m disgusted with the behavior of the unions and the teachers…shameful conduct. And now to be lying about it, saying they never wanted to shut down the schools and tried oh, so hard to get them opened again…ugh.

7 days ago
Reply to  LauraC


8 days ago

Just another ‘woke jack*ss from the woke party of jack*sses. No woke A** is going to tell me what to teach my kids. He and those like him in other states is why my granddaughter took all of her kids out of public schools and they are home schooled and doing much better.

William Hodge
8 days ago

Parents should line up on this puke and each slap the fool as they pass by. The punk has no redeeming qualities except as a punching bag. It is plain common sense for all to see that democrats are not nor will ever be educators,

Levon Baxley
8 days ago

Do anybody notice that democrats are the ones saying I know more how to treat a child than their parents!!!!!!!!

anna hubert
8 days ago

Who or what does he think he is? Where are the demands for his resignation?

8 days ago

The teachers union (syndicate) was organized to protects the incompetent and unwilling teacher at the expense of your children. There are great teachers out there but they’ don’t need a teachers syndicate to protect them. Their great work is their protection.

7 days ago
Reply to  Freespeech

Your post reminded me of a video I saw more than 10 years ago. Part of the video showcased a male teacher in an Ohio high school who was illiterate. He could NOT read at all. Due to unions, it took them 17 years to get him out of the classroom.

8 days ago

SOME teachers are qualified to teach. MANY are not! SOME parents could work to keep up the teachers’ job during Covid. MANY were working too hard to keep food on the table to do so. It’s not that parents want to teach there kids the academics, it’s just that they don’t want them to be taught many ‘other’ things which are inappropriate for kids. They need to learn MATH – not the proper way to cross dress. They need to learn SCIENCE – not that they can change their sex. They need to learn that some HISTORY was bad as well as good – not destroy it so as not to be able to learn from it. They need to be taught – not indoctrinated. Teachers need to be adults – not buddies to their students.

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