State of the Union in 2019: A Success Story Not Even Trump’s Harshest Critics Can Deny

Trump Decision Syria border wall safer union successWith the shutdown over (at least for now), the State of the Union address is back “on.” When President Donald Trump takes the House podium on Feb. 5, you can count on him to take the opportunity to celebrate one of his greatest achievements: the economy.

It is booming by nearly every meaningful measure, and the president has every right to take a large measure of credit for it.

In November, unemployment dropped to its lowest rate in a half-century. African-Americans, Latinos, and women are thriving. Black unemployment was at 5.9 percent in May, the lowest ever recorded. Women’s unemployment recently reached its lowest rate in 65 years.

And, no, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, it is not because people are working two jobs and a zillion hours a week. Employment statistics don’t work that way. It’s because more people have jobs. And more people are encouraged about their prospects of finding a job.

Labor force participation continues to rise because strong wage growth is causing Americans who were once too hopeless to even look for work to pour back into the job market. In fact, unemployment ticked up slightly to 3.9 percent (still historically very low) in December despite adding 312,000 jobs because nearly 100,000 formerly “discouraged workers” decided to start looking for jobs.

For good reason. America has created more than 5 million jobs since Trump entered office. And for the first time there are more job openings in America than there are unemployed people.

Industries that some said were dead and never coming back—like manufacturing—are booming. Manufacturing added 284,000 jobs in 2018, the most in a year for more than a decade.

A large part of these successes can be traced to the Trump-backed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. In addition to sparking business investment and expansion by reducing corporate taxes, it also included a big tax cut for middle-class American families.

The average individual saw a tax cut of $1,400 while the average family with two children saw their taxes reduced by $2,917. In fact, Americans in every congressional district got a tax cut.

While mega-millionaire House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dismissed a couple thousand extra dollars as mere “crumbs,” those tax cut tidbits have been a big deal for the average working American and the economy overall.

President Barack Obama—who presided over an average gross domestic product growth of 1.65 percent—proved himself no economic Nostradamus when he said: “Two percent real GDP growth is the new normal for the U.S. economy.”

Really? It shouldn’t be and under this administration, it’s not. GDP growth during the Trump administration has been nearly twice the Obama average, and was more than 4 percent in the second quarter of 2018.

And this is just scratching the surface: With consumer confidence rising, more pro-growth deregulation on the way, new trade deals being negotiated, and an energy boom on our horizon, we may be in for a much better “new normal.”

All this economic success is not just something the administration and the millions of Americans with good new jobs have noticed. The world has noticed.

After a long decline beginning during Obama’s tenure, America, in just one year, has moved up six places in The Heritage Foundation’s 2019 Index of Economic Freedom because of the strong economic and deregulatory policies the Trump administration has enacted.

The president’s political opponents and the media can gaslight and uproot goalposts all they want–and they will. But the success of the Trump economy is plain to the millions and millions of Americans whose lives are measurably better than they were two years ago.

So when Trump enters the well of the House next week, he can stand confidently before America and the world and say that, when it comes to the economy, “the state of the union is tremendous.”

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Genevieve Wood

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Philip Hammersley

Trump’s “harshest critics” would deny that the sun rises in the east if Trump said that it did. They have absolutely no connection with the truth. That’s why they are stripping God out of their platform and out of the oath!

Glenn Lego

I’m 72 years old and I was forced to retire 8 years ago because I couldn’t beg, borrow or steal a job after the company I had worked for 30 years decided it would move elsewhere. I would like to know where was all this good economic news back then when I needed it? Now I’m too old to work and I have that rotten President Obama to “thank “ for doing nothing when I was still young enough to get a job!?


Let us all pray for the President as he has such an uphill battle with this Congress.


I don’t care how many great things President Trump does for the country, the dimocrats and the fake news media will always
find something he has done wrong. If former president B.S. O’bummer had accomplished 10% of what President Trump has
already done, the country would be far better off! A pox on both the dimocrats and the fake media !!


I am quite sure the rebuttal has already been written and will definitely ignore any statements made in the speech. She will probably be making comments on how her election efforts were caused (however indirectly) by Trump rather than address the elephant in the room ( biased thinking). Pelosi lives in world of illusion and mimic words and spends more time out of Washington D.C. gathering “supporter funds”. I can only hope that the security will be in place to keep all the protesters out of the floor of the House of Representatives during the speech.


Disagree with his rhetoric, his methods and his personality. Any sane, rational person will have to admit that Mr. Trump is doing a Great Job for America and Americans. And that is what we sent him there to do.

MAGA Mr. President! We will cheer you on!


Greatest President ever!!! How he does all he does, without pay mind you, is amazing. Despite all the negative press and the evil dumbocRats he is winning!!! I love our President


The democrats will never acknowledge anything President Trump has done and will do and they will vote against anything he wants to do. PURE HATE SO BAD THAT THEY WILL DISTROY THE COUNTRY BEFORE HELPING HIM ONE IOTA!

Allen Jaglowski

Sadly, it’s not just democrats who are his critics and who hate him so. Don’t forget about the republican establishment. If the Republicans would just get behind him and say “no comment” when asked, instead of barfing up talking points, imagine where we would be.

Larry Ralston

During President Trump’s State of the Union address to the Nation, will the socialistic left wing of the Democratic Party embarrass the President and our Country by acting out anti-civility behavior? For example, walking out, finger gestures, booing, cat calls, facial contortions (remember Nancy Pelosi during last year’s address). And/or will they plant paid hecklers in the gallery. STAND WITH OUR PRESIDENT. Otherwise, we know the alternative.

Raymond Hudson

I know that was tongue in cheek, ” Not even his harshest Critics will deny him” !! They would deny him if he cured cancer!! They would march on the White House demanding to die in pain!. He took away their reason for drawing disability checks, I can think of many reasons!. He put their sons and daughters out of work, they were doctors and nurses! ,,, I could keep this up, but my statement is “Oh Yea,, the Democrats will claim responsibility for everything positive that has happened during the Trump Administration! Have no doubt, they Hate Trump and they Hate our America!!

Gail coury

President Trump is doing the absolute best he can in a hostile environment. I think he is great!


I am glad Trump and his policies are helping this country since Obama was such a disaster. But if the economy is doing so well, why doesn’t the stock market reflect that? Aren’t the trade policies hurting those of us with investments, hoping to retire some day? When the market starts reflecting the economy and our government spending gets under control, then I will cheer!! Until then, I will keep praying for this country cuz we are NOT anywhere NEAR the AMERICA we should be and still TOO CLOSE to the SOCIALIST country the left wants!


I am Sooooo glad Trump is our President, I can not think of anyone else that can come close to what he has done for We The People. IF it were not for Trump we would be Socialists today, No Free Speech, No Guns, and the internet would be “Controlled by the Gov.” We would be flooded by “Foreigners”. So yeah, I like Trump MAGA.

michael failla

Imagine what our president could accomplish for us all with a strong and like minded supporting staff instead of a lousy stinking bunch of worthless rino’s?Yeah….i know why dont you tell us all how you really feel right?

Anna Lyons

President Donald Trump is truly a president for the American people. He has accomplished more in the first year than Obama did in 8yrs. He supports Veterans and is working hard to keep Americans safe. The spineless media doesn’t have the nerve to print the truth about our president. Instead of trying to change our constitution and take away our freedoms, all the liberals in this country should just leave and live in a socialist country where they belong. I know plenty of us who would love to help them pack.

Rex Croson

It is so good for all in America to have a President whom beleaves in a strong business climite, it benifits each and everyone of us.