Spicer: ‘More Evidence That CNN Colluded with the Clinton Campaign’ Than Any Kind of Trump Campaign Collusion

from – CNSNews.com – by Melanie Arter

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer criticized CNN Thursday for reporting that U.S. officials are investigating that associates of the president communicated with suspected Russian operatives to coordinate the release of information that damaged the Hillary Clinton campaign…

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4 years ago

Do you suppose the REPUBS could grow a backbone and ignore the Dems and get on with it. Fox gets some dupes and broadcasts something I can not hear because people are rude and ineffective?? Cut the mike of newscasters and stop using those who are rude. Why would I care what rude people say?

4 years ago

I was born a millionaire. I am a step brother of Steve jobs I think. My mother collaborated with Steve’s father. I have no proof but does that matter in this day a time?. This is all a conservative should say. ” I wasn’t aware of that, I don’t know, I didn’t intend to, I have never hard the word yes or no.” I’ll look into that, It is Bushes C(carters) fault, Washington’s(Clintons) fault, Hamilton’s (barry’s) fault. Frankly what difference does it make”. I am almost embarrassed to be an american. We are a third world country. We just haven’t accepted it yet. We still ignore the dem’s recruited Adolf hitlers head engineer Margret Sanger to eliminate less perfect humans. The dems hired Margret Sanger to lead “family planning”. Margret was recruited by hitler to dispose of any inferior individual. You read between the lines. The only thing I can be proud of is the working class voted for Trump. By doing so he has given “Americans” hope. The entitled voted for hrc and won the popular vote “naturally”. The irony is once the gov has control of the country what will the gov control next. Who lives, dies, goes to MIT. This country better wake up. Nothing is free. We will soon be the “frog” in the parable “the frog and the scorpion.” There are some religious organizations that do not and will not except infidels.

Maria Winter
4 years ago

Because the left wing media injected suspicion e. g question of collusion about the election into the public psyche and the same have not retracted or amended their position, The presidents election and legitimacy will for ever be tainted and discredited. And for those historians ready to denounce president Trump, they will have a field day with their twisted version of events to be set in stone for ever in our history books.
Our president is therefore subject to ridicule, no respect, and out right defiance by Democrats, the left media and much of the public.
What we need is a full retraction of their position on the Russia/ US election lies or at the very least, a statement denouncing the idea that our election process could be tampered with. The NY Times or the Huffington Post stated as much when Donald suggested that the elections were rigged, Their headline stated that Our Election Process Could Not Be Compromised. Why not put that in their faces now? Make them eat their own words and try to salvage some dignity and self respect for our president.

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