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‘Speech Police’ Roam America’s College Campuses, says AMAC

free speech first amendment conservative collegeA German woman who survived the holocaust says it’s reminiscent of the Nazis

WASHINGTON, DC – A California State University professor didn’t get fired after tweeting the night former first lady Barbara Bush died that Mrs. Bush was an “amazing racist” and Fresno State President Joseph Castro confirmed that Randa Jarrar wouldn’t be fired.

Jarrar’s tweet, which was laced with profanity, is protected, Castro said in a statement after the incident.  In New Jersey, a professor at Brookdale Community College, Howard Finkelstein, berated a student, also using profanity, because of the student’s conservative beliefs.

“There were no consequences for what Jarrar and Finkelstein did, but across the country, the free speech rights of students at many institutions of higher learning are being restricted,” says Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.  “And, there appears to be a trend among educators to suppress the rights of students in a manner bordering on indoctrination.”

The fact is, he says, hundreds of colleges and universities have gone so far as to establish strict new rules against so-called “offensive speech” on campus.

“Institutions of higher learning used to be a place for dialogue but these days it seems that only progressive students have a right to express their views. Perhaps there is a correlation between that observation and the fact that the vast majority of college professors are liberals,” according to Weber.

He cites a recent survey that revealed 39% of American colleges don’t have even one professor on their faculties who identifies himself or herself as a Republican.  “As Professor Walter Williams of George Mason University points out, ‘many professors spend class time indoctrinating students with their views’.”

Weber believes that it is an “alarming notion” to think that conservative speech and thought are being stifled on our college campuses.

But perhaps even more alarming is that many schools have set up Bias Response Teams [BRT] to investigate and enforce rules regarding so-called ‘offensive’ speech.  When a student is accused of making a comment or using a word in a conversation or on social media that offends another student, the offended party can file a complaint, anonymously if he or she wishes.  The school’s BRT then investigates the incident and can punish the offender.  The punishments can include anything from ‘unconscious bias training’ to suspension, in some cases.  Many campus BRTs include not only designated administrators but campus police as well.”

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education [FIRE] says its survey has identified 232 schools that restrict “insensitive” talk on campus.

“Could anything kids say or write on campus be any more ‘insensitive’ or ‘offensive’ than what Randa Jarrar tweeted about the late Mrs. Bush or the verbal abuse Howard Finkelstein inflicted on his conservative student,” Weber asks.  “Yet they apparently need not be concerned that they will be visited by the speech police.”

Meanwhile, another free speech advocacy organization, Speech First, is taking the matter to court and has filed a lawsuit against the University of Michigan asserting “speech codes like Michigan’s flagrantly violate the First Amendment.”

The president of Speech First, Nicole Neily, says “a bias response system has no place in America, much less on a modern-day college campus.  Because it’s impossible to know what comments might be ‘perceived’ by others as offensive, students don’t contribute to conversations and debates, ask questions, write papers, or invite speakers they might otherwise.  This is not a real educational experience, and Michigan students deserve better.”

Some of the on-campus bias incidents can be downright absurd, according to Weber.  He described an incident in which three young women were reported to the Bias Response Team at the University of Wisconsin for dressing up as the “Three Blind Mice” on Halloween because it was offensive to the handicapped.  And, he says, at the University of Kentucky smoking, apparently even in designated areas, is cause for a BRT investigation.

“The speech police can be called in if a student draws a political cartoon.”

Weber says that while some of these incidents might sound ludicrous, “we should be concerned for the long term implications of such trends.  Inga Andrews, a German woman who lived through the holocaust, put it this way: ‘What reminds me more of Hitler than anything else [is] the destruction of freedom of speech on the college campuses — the agendas fueled by the professors.  That’s how Hitler started, he pulled in the youth to miseducate them, to brainwash them, it’s happening today’.”



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I recently read where in a 1944 Speech, 6X Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party of America, Norman Matoon Thomas, said: “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But, under the name of “Liberalism”, they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program until one day America will be a Socialist Nation, without knowing how it happened”. He went on to say: “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.” … Truer words were never spoken!!! Mr. Thomas died in 1968 and must be now laughing in his grave. It’s time, right now, to fight the Revolutionary War all over again but in a Civil War format, first with words and hopefully without killing. I, personally, challenge EVERY Democrat I meet, calling them a “Communist”. As I say to them, “if you voted for a Communist,… Read more »


If you have children or grandchildren looking for the right choice in a college, I have one word of advice ——-Hillsdale!


Poll: Nearly Half Of Millennial’s Prefer Socialism To Capitalism
November 1, 2017
Nearly half of American millennial’s (44 percent) would rather live in a socialist society than a capitalist one, according to a report from the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC) which relied on YouGov polling data. Even so, there’s widespread ignorance among millennial’s about socialism and communism — only 71 percent of the millennial’s surveyed could properly identify what communism is and many often conflated the two economic systems.

The goal is not educate, but indoctrinate.


INDOCTRINATION Wow! I wish i had realized that in 1972 when I entered college. Yes, it’s true and I imagine things have gotten progressively more galling along those lines. i felt I would “play along” with it and go about my business without making a fuss. In fact as a biology major (BA, 1976) I can state beyond a shadow of a doubt that yes indoctrination exists starting with textbooks. It is ASSUMED that evolution, “big bang”, and existentialism are all ‘cosmic consciousness’, and a higher degree of understanding almost in condescension and without even considering opposing views. ‘Brain washing’ i would think is also an appropriate term in this case. What unfortunately happens there is that a reckless neglect of issues of conscience sets in, in such a fatalistic way as to invite poor judgement, accidents, and a myriad of other calamities in inevitable succession. Those people probably attribute… Read more »


The goal is to shut down free speech through intimation, violence if necessary, where the end justifies the means should ones views be contrary to the far left / progressive / Socialist agenda.

Attended a University graduation ceremony this week and nowhere in the room or at the podium was there a State Flag or an American Flag on display? It was a generic stage/podium, of professors from the education dept. handing out diplomas for future teachers? The point being if this were “important” both flags would have been on display. PC police / educators alive and well on all campuses!

michael failla

When you stop and consider that the hippies and radicals of the 60’s are now running their mouths and ruining the country as well as running it, it all starts to make sense . Sure its warped and ridiculous but it was predictable. Look where they ended up, teaching your kids in colleges and polluting their minds with their senseless drivel. But also remember that kids are not fully formed till they get into their 20″s so you put crazy in and you get crazy out. This constant drumbeat for socialism i really dont understand. Everywhere it is tried ….it fails. Most of these kids have never read the constitution, they dont read it in school….its not part of the curriculum any longer, shop classes gone, home economics civics, gone Who runs the schools? Why do we have a federal dept of education? Isnt that the domain of the states?… Read more »

Adam Freeman

Everybody seems to automatically use Chancellor Hitler and his Party as a “whipping boy” and as an example of bad government, while giving Marxist Russia’s true tyranny under Lenin & Stalin a pass. Germany under Chancellor Hitler and his Party brought Germany from horrendous inflation and starvation in the streets to one of the most powerful Nations in the world at that time, in only a few short years. But Marxist Russia saw almost the exact reverse and if it hadn’t been for America’s aid for decades, the Marxists would have collapsed from internal revolution and sheer ineptitude. How true is the old saying that “The Victors writes the books”…and makes the films! I attended 1 college in the 1990’s and 1 in the early 2000’s when I was in my 40s & 50s, so I saw the instructors and their indoctrination up close and personal. I would argue with… Read more »


I attended a college graduation where the Governor of NJ spoke. It starts at the top folks and we are allowing it permeate by sitting home on election day.

Paul W

This leftist indoctrination has been going on in the “halls of higher learning” to some degree for a long time. It has, however, really ramped up and hit high gear during the obama years. It is indeed a mind control initiative. Doesn’t bode well for this nation’s future.

K Mora

Every conservative should file brt complaints about every little thing the professors do until they end the brt


Free speech? Not if you want to pass. It’s easy to indoctrinate people if they are a captive audience. They are at the mercy of those forcing down personal view points known to be wtong because they can. To mandate a doctrine without a counterpoint is exactly what the liberal agenda is about. Socialism is like raising the minimum wage: it sounds good on the surface, but once you have it you’re worse off then when you started. I thought college and higher learning was about advancing
yourself and to get ahead of your competition, but then only to throw it away to socialism?


Not sure of the exact year but I believe 1971. I was attending a university and class on World Studies when the teacher bought up the Kent State incident. He asked if anyone in class thought the National Guard had the right to do what they did shooting “unarmed students”. Going on common sense, I raised my hand and said if I were a guard with a duty and rifle in hand and someone threw a brick at my head, I may react that way merely out of fear and self defense. After all, they are human to. The teacher lambasted me. Never did I say I approved of the reaction but was labeled immediately as an “aggressive” and he rallied the rest of the class (sheeple) to condemn me. The argument was one sided just like the Speech Police article insinuates. Those of us who believe in God, country,… Read more »

Dallis Miller

And yet parents still send their kids to these bastions of liberal thought and speech to be indoctrinated.

Garland Young

On some college grounds Gideon’s are restrited as to what areas you are allowed to give out Bibles. Sometimes these restrictions almost shut us out. No one is forced to take the Bible. in a lot of cases these students are beginning to form the path there lives will travel. I have to believe our nation would be better served with Christian Values.

Frederick Barton

Perhaps an answer lies in the changing in the meanings of “Liberal” and “Progressive”. People wonder what has changed over the years. I think one thing is that they used to mean changing stifling man-centered traditions. Now they mean instituting and forcing man-centered traditions and eliminating God-centered truths.

Ronald Nelson

The only difference now is they don’t yell, ‘Sieg Heil!.”

Wayne Rausch

Liberal political correctness. Pure poison in any environment, and undoubtedly the origin of the sensitive snowflake phenomenon so prevalent on campuses today. It should be fought with even more vigor than that to which it is applied so predictably by swarmy, pointy headed bigots and purveyors of hate.

Jim Scofield

Joseph McCarthy was right when He was trying to weed out Communist’s
durring the 50s. When over 70 members of the Democrat Socialist Congress
Congress is infested with wana be Communist’s They have Forgotten their
Oath of Office.


Ah yes! America’s colleges and universities, bastions of liberalism (socialism). Very few are not. We need many more that are like those that are not. When is America going to wake up? Better be soon.

Amelia Little

Parents that pay for the tuition, and students that have loans they will be paying on forever, need to wake up and smell the coffee. Unless they are absolutely liberals themselves (and, unfortunately, some are, already having been indoctrinated from K-12 education) they should pull their money and go to schools where LEARNING is the focus, not politics. Where they can do what college kids are supposed to be able to do–listen to several sides of an issue (not in the calculus class–they should concentrate on calculus there) and debate, discuss, without threat of using hate speech if they aren’t goose-stepping with liberals. Hmmm…..maybe students accused of liberal version of what is hate speech would be expelled from the campus. Nah, the universities want the bloated tuition from anyone they can get it from. I certainly would not like to spend my 4 or however many years on a campus… Read more »