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Speaker Pelosi – Table Socialism, Do Your Job

PelosiSurely – you must be kidding. As our nation wrestles the worst health crisis in a century and Americans struggle to keep heads above water, the Democrat House Speaker – Nancy Pelosi – has flown back to Washington to stop bipartisan Senate agreement. Pelosi and radicalized House Democrats want dozens of socialist programs added – or no critical coronavirus aid.

The move is jaw-dropping, but real – and tells us more than any press conference about what we must fear. This intentional injection of dysfunction at a time of need, when every hour counts, is indefensible.

Bluntly, devout Democrat socialists hope to snatch power in crisis, suppressing social norms and practices, legal restrictions, and individual liberties. Or they are setting an “if only” trap for November. If only they had controlled everything, what ever happened would not have happened.

But at what cost? The loss of time and certainty has damaged public health and product availability, undermined equity and bond markets, consumer confidence, commercial capital flows. It continues to leave Americans in distress, holding up essential medical equipment, stop-gap funding for life’s necessities, and the chance to save many small businesses from collapse.

The kicker is what Pelosi is asking. Why did she stop a rescue bill on which hundreds have worked in both parties, at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, for weeks? What was so important that American lives should be left in jeopardy, necessary aid delayed, a crisis, and uncertainty prolonged?

They are demanding consideration of provisions that have no chance in the Senate, even among some Democrats. They want to nationalize the medical supply chain, effectively halting corporate America – even as Ford, GM, and GE retool to make respirators and ventilators and Trump officials work to achieve public-private partnerships among FEMA, CDC, NIH, 70 federal agencies and a robust private sector. Apparently, Pelosi does not believe in capitalism; she believes in aggregating power.

The Democrat bill is worse, re-mandating nightmarish Affordable Care Act provisions, pumping precious federal resources into more public broadcasting, climate change research, greenhouse gas statistical reporting, and other “New Green Deal” ideas. Only then can Republicans get money to pay individuals and small businesses – to help them survive – in every state and district in the country.

The bill mandates new racial reporting companies, and federally dictated board diversity, more environmental reporting, and bureaucracy – if a business is to benefit. Add new air quality and emissions standards on airlines, to be “saved.” Is that any way to save the transportation, hotel, and hospitality sectors? Any way to treat business owners, consumers, taxpayers?

The Democrat bill would mandate new racial statistics monitoring of American companies, along with corporate boards. The bill would intentionally tip against businesses by empowering national unions with greater collective bargaining power, right when businesses struggle to stay alive and solvent.

They hope to mandate a federal minimum wage of 15 dollars, as if magical “wage gods” invent money to pay people. This act alone could drive thousands of franchise owners and small businesses under.
Instead of the coronavirus pandemic, they would die a swift death from the Pelosi pandemic.

On top of this, Pelosi’s 1,119-page bill has upended weeks of tireless, exhausting work in the Senate.
To the foregoing list, add tax credits for wind turbines, and solar panels, early voting initiatives, same-day voter registration, permanent paid leave, bailing out a mismanaged postal service – another kick in the teeth for struggling private sector delivery services.

She has formerly asked billions for “laboratory claims,” an ambiguous provision that legal authorities suggest is aimed at federally funding abortions, circumventing the Hyde Amendment.

Similarly, her 2.5 trillion dollar bill – entitled “Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act” – disingenuously just throws hundreds of billions at agencies by name, open-endedly letting them spent it “to prevent, prepare for and respond to coronavirus” – then, no more detail, calls it a day.
What does that mean? The “prevent, prepare for” language seems a bit late, in part because she and her Democrat House colleagues threw blockers in front of the Senate bill. The “respond to” bit is great, but late. And why specific dollars per agency, why no details on what money should be spent for, why across endless agencies? And where – pray tell – does all that money come from?

If there were ever proof that Democrats have no idea how to manage a crisis – except to federalize everything, spend money as if it grew on trees, and tell us to shut up and do as told – this is it.

If there were ever a question about how badly a US House could be run, as a Speaker stops vital aid, demands exorbitant, unconstitutional and unworkable provisions, punishes Americans – this is it.

All this would be laughable if we did not live in consequential times. Yes, the mess will inform our vote in November. But right now, the mess just stinks. The way out for Democrats is to stop thinking about themselves, power, and Trump. Think instead about Americans – who are in crisis. This is no time for a socialist manifesto – something no one wants. Average Americans want just one thing: Do your job.

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anna hubert
2 years ago

This is a battle for America’s soul

Ruth Williams
2 years ago

Well said: “Do your job”

E. Fletcher
2 years ago

When is that wrinkled old bat going to go home and be great grandma? Humph! Last doggone thing she cares about. Time for her to retire. She does less good and more harm with every breath she takes.

The Freezing Senior
2 years ago


If the Catholic Church weren’t so corrupt they would
have excommunicated Nancy, for sanctioning the MURDER of innocent babies.
Doesn’t say much about the Pope either.
With that in mind, why would she care about the pain she inflects on millions of Americans ?

The DEMOCRATS must be absolutely CRUSHED this November.
It’s either us, or them.

GBA/KAG #TRUMP2020 – Deus Vult !

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