Southern Poverty Law Center Is Now Targeting Voting

election vote fraud cbs2 Southern Poverty Law Center votingThe Southern Poverty Law Center has been quieter than usual since its blockbuster scandal rocked the liberal world. Now the group is slowly coming out of hiding, and staffers like Nancy Abudu are trying desperately to make up for lost time.

If her latest attack against Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill is any indication, nothing at the Poverty Palace has changed—including, the state would tell you, its approach to the facts.

Now that its “hate lists” are completely discredited, SPLC is apparently venturing out in a new area: voting rights.

Last month, the Montgomery headquarters announced that it was creating a voting rights legal team—with about the same level of integrity Americans have come to expect from an organization knee-deep in systematic racism and bigotry.

For their first hit job, Abudu didn’t stray far from home. The deputy director of SPLC’s project took aim at the organization’s state for supposed voter suppression—a charge John Merrill would have a good laugh at if he weren’t so annoyed.

“You know,” he told our listeners on “Washington Watch,” “they’re entitled to their own opinion, but they’re not entitled to their own facts.” And those facts tell a far different story than what Abudu suggested in a wildly inaccurate op-ed in the Montgomery Advertiser.

To anyone paying attention in Alabama, the suggestion that state leaders are intentionally suppressing voter registration is almost too ridiculous to repeat.

For four years, five months, and two days, Merrill said, “we’ve made a concerted effort … to ensure that each and every eligible U.S. citizen as a resident of Alabama is registered to vote [and] has a photo ID.”

They’ve traveled to all 67 counties each year, he explained. They go to festivals, events, and other activities to promote voter registration. They even created a mobile application so that Alabamians can register to vote on the computer or on their phones.

Then, of course, there’s the Board of Registrars Office. “It’s open each and every day. The courthouse is open in every county in the state, and we ensure that we provide a photo ID or the opportunity to register to vote for any citizen that wishes to register [who] is qualified to do.”

The idea that his staff or anyone in the state is actively trying to turn people away from their civic duty is preposterous.

In fact, Merrill explains, Alabama has been such a success story that officials have been invited to Congress to testify twice about the great work they’re doing.

And why not? Since his time in office, the state’s registered a whopping 1,278,824 new voters.

“We now have a state record, 3,491,599 registered voters in Alabama. Those numbers are unprecedented and unparalleled in the history of our state,” Merrill says proudly.

But there’s more. “[W]hen you compare our per capita to every other state in the union, we surpass every other state in the union when it comes to voter registration and photo.”

If SPLC is insinuating that Alabama is intentionally targeting minorities, it’ll have a tough time proving it. Ninety-six percent of all eligible African Americans in the state of Alabama are registered to vote.

If Morris Dees’ old group is being honest, what SPLC is most upset about is that Merrill and his team have cracked down on the rampant fraud plaguing Alabama.

While Democrats benefit from a slow and duplicative system, the 53rd secretary of state in Alabama says: Not on my watch.

You also need to know that we removed more than 780,000 people from the voter rolls because those people have moved away, they passed away, or they’ve been put away, and whenever that happens, they need to come off the voter rolls.

Even so, Alabama still broke voting records in the state for everything from the presidential primary in 2016 to the general election and the midterms in 2018.

“Voter registration is important,” he agreed, “but voter participation is better.” Fortunately for his state, there’s both. “I am proud to ensure that in Alabama, we make it easy to vote and hard to cheat.” That’s clearly disappointing to SPLC.

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Tony Perkins

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Todd Taylor

I am tired of the overuse of the terms racism and bigotry when it comes to enforcing the law; this card has been over played. The voter law is clear; one vote per American citizen. Therefore, as a Nation, we need a voter ID system that makes it impossible to manipulate the vote. A license should not be the only form of identification to identify an individual’s right to vote. If one died your vote is terminated, overstating the obvious, or one is not a legal citizen you cannot vote. We must do all we can to ensure the integrity of the voting process. Voters fraud is a crime and those participating in it should be prosecuted as well as lose their right to vote. Why isn’t the Social Security Department working with voter’s registration to identify individuals who have passed away as well as Social Security fraud with regards… Read more »

Gwen Mugliston, PhD, DVM, MSN

What do the federal government and and state government have to do to shut down such a piece of treasonous business? Why is treason not being talked about and defined and prosecuted as such? I know treason when I see it for the most part. Why are the people in the US Senate, the Dems specifically and the few Repubs, not being prosecuted for sedition? I just don’t understand it. And AOC is absolutely a traiter–almost as bad as Obama and Obama had a lot of years to commit more than we know yet. I find this situation to be absolutely absurd.


This practice needs to be implemented nationwide before the 2020 elections. 1 citizen=1vote. Period.

Deb Day

Living in Oregon where the vote is done by mail, I can tell you how fraud is rampant here. Multnomah county, against the laws that govern voting, keeps undeliverable and extra ballots in the basement. And sure enough, any tight race between a conservative and a liberal, a vote on a new tax, etc., can turn overnight while the Multnomah county votes are still being counted. It happens again and again. Plus vote by mail allows students to vote at school and at home. Talk to any mail carrier and they will tell you that come time to vote and names that have never been seen before suddenly appear in the mail. Lawmakers here are also working on giving illegals drive’s licenses, again, even after we voted that down. Well, another side to that no one is mentioning is that the minute to get a driver’s license you are registered… Read more »




Lets throw the words ‘racism’ and ‘bigotry’ in the dustbin along with the ‘N’ word. They are only used by liberals to stop the discussion. Most liberals are too cowardly to stand up for a rational debate. BANE THEM NOW !

Wayne D Peterkin

If the SPLC were all about fair, honest, ethical voting I would probably be on their side. But they are not nor are most liberals including the Democratic Party. The left is not only willing but actively working to influence elections in their favor anyway they can, even in many cases supporting non-citizen voting, vote harvesting, and any other fraud you can name. To the left, the ends always justify the means, so they will stoop to out-and-out fraud to get what they seek: political power over all of us. The SPLC is a despicable and dishonest organization happily undermining our entire nation, and they should be condemned, never supported.


Sounds like the SPLC is using the same bs tactics that Abrams used in Georgia to claim she won that election. Elections are run by COUNTIES NOT STATE of FEDERAL Government! If leftist really give a rats behind about voter rights, they would be the first to demand voter id laws! And why do leftist insist that minorities can’t get a picture id? Do they think so little of these people? You can’t get do a lot of things in society without a photo ID and with identity theft such a big deal, everyone wants proof of who you are to do business. The condescension of the left shows where the real bigotry is if these leftist truly believe that minorities can’t get photo ID’s! This is all political and we need to be vigilante cuz the ignorant voters have no idea who any of this works and will believe… Read more »

Rick Smith

Who funds the Southern Poverty Law Society?


With all that’s going on around the world and in our country, it’s becoming more obvious that humans don’t have the power to do much to change things. We partially correct one item then the next problem arises. I see where billions are raised by democrats, and feel like my small donation is a worthless pittance. Only God has the power to correct all the problems. So, my prayer now is, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, and please hurry!” He does have the power and soon everyone will know it.

Mark Jebe

It’s a Constitutional problem. You all ought to read it sometime.

The Constitution allows each state to determine voter eligibility and keep its own voter rolls. Even though it’s not yet politically acceptable, it’s Constitutional for states to allow illegal aliens to vote, and there’s no way we’re going to correct that through the US Congress. Alien voting is one of the Left’s goals, and it will happen unless we hold a Convention of the States and get 38 states to vote for a ONE LEGAL CITIZEN ONE VOTE amendment that gives the Federal Government control of Federal elections.

Todd Taylor

Voter fraud is punishable by imprisonment I believe.


Every time I hear stories like this, complaining how hard it is to register to vote, plus how hard it is to vote and why is a photo ID needed, I have to take a deep breath. The problem lies mostly with the individuals who fail to fill out applications properly for whatever reason and not following through when asked to complete all necessary lines. Even if one is not in the registered poll books of voters, a person can register and vote via an affidavit application and ballot but they have to complete the form, which asks for name, current address, mailing address if different, drivers and or ID number, etc. Complainers don’t like to do this, claiming filling it is troublesome and time-consuming. At least when they fill them out, either at a polling place or the board of elections office, their application will be reviewed for complete… Read more »

Brenda Blunt

A State that has the balls to stand up against those who are trying to destroy the freedoms they themselves enjoy, CONGRATULATIONS!! now, if only the rest would do the same!!

Robert B

I have found that democrats are usually involved in the illegal activities (collusion) and more that they accuse Republicans of doing.

Keith H

SPLC is a communist organization. An anti American, George Soros funded pile of pervert loving dog crap. They should be rounded up and investigated. Just another arm of the DemonRat party.

Stephen Russell

Bet SPLC will Invoke more Voter fraud & abuse for state, by dumb moves etc, right SPLC


She’s grasping at straws.. I’ve come to the conclusion that among Democrats Obama’s Presidency was such a total debacle and a failure that they had to combine their cronyism and connivance to have him voted in another time just to save face. Now their desperation is totally transparent so much so at times it looks like they’re actually gripped by panic since their “fail safe” alibi protection seems to have run out fuel and they’re obviously stumbling over their own alibis incriminating themselves with every word. Yet and still very time-consuming, very exasperating but certainly never funny.. Dems had that going for themselves too. Didn’t they just love making laughing stocks of everyone with their glib, superior, vainglorious, and sanctimonious.. INGRATIATING cries of racism and bigotry.. by now slowly being reduced to anachronistic and impertinent cliche’s.

Phil Hammersley

Seems like a RICO case could be brought forth on these nutso groups. Money hidden in off-shore banks,etc.

Greg Russell

Southern Poverty Law Center is a domestic terrorist organization. Period. And if youre not interested in protecting the integrity of the vote, YOURE a domestic terrorist too. Its a liberal lie that low income people cannot get a state issued photo ID. You need a photo ID to do a great many things in this society, and if getting the ID is too difficult or too much work for someone, they honestly arent interested in voting anyway. In fact, I`m beginning to get seriously interested in our elected employees having to pass a test on the Constitution before they can even run for office, and I feel the very same for someone before they may cast a ballot.