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The State of the Union was one for the record books, yet liberals tried to ruin the night. Also, liberals ran into issues counting the Iowa caucus votes. Finally, President Trump was acquitted this week, but liberals state this is not a true acquittal.

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E. Fletcher

I am so disgusted by the Democrats behavior I could puke. I find Nancy Pelosi completely intolerable. I will never vote for another democrat as long as I live. They have collected millions of tax payer dollars in salaries and perks to raise hell, even before Trump was elected, without doing the jobs they were sent to DC to do. We have more weirdos and sin-promoting freaks in DC than I have ever seen. We have members in government who shouldn’t even be in this country. Those who claim they pray are the same hipocrites promoting abortion, spewing lies and profanity. These deplorable people don’t want their self enrichment cozy nests disturbed and other evils are wanting to join the riches. I want to see some heads roll, some real trials and some real incarcerations of these treasonous sabators. Dirty rotten crooks have lived off the hard working people’s tax… Read more »

Rosemarie Eldridge

Democrats impeaching was not a true and legal impeachment!

Kelly P Nosko

I too and so tired of hearing the Democrats talk out of both sides of their mouths. I want to see justice being served up to them for wasting the last three and a half years (millions of tax dollars) trying to oust my President and not doing what they were sent to Washington to do, SERVE THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA. I would like to walk into the congressional chamber and stand at the podium and tell Pelosi and Schiff and the rest of their blood sucking cohorts that they were all fired. If any middle class American performed their job like those did we would have been fired. JUSTICE FOR ALL….NOW!! Lets see term limits and no life long pensions, save for your retirement like those of us who have had to work for our money.


Pelosi and the rest of the hit squad have declared a war on working millions….they have completely forgot who pays them. These are the most confused and out of touch people that government can create. How she practiced the tearing up of the SOTU speech while she peeked up to see if anyone was watching was devious at its deepest meaning. Everybody is working who wants to work and people are spending money boosting the economy and it took only three years for President Trump—a non politician I may add–to bring us back to our feet. And who takes the credit??? Pelosi says Obama!!! We are riding the Obama recovery! How out of friggin touch can one be? Or is she just a plain liar???

S Walker

Democrats are the laughing stock of America today… Their poor loser tactics the last 3 years has assured me I will more than likely Never, ever vote for a Democrat in any election ever… God Blessed us with this President and it is coming more clear almost daily… Thank you Father for hearing my Prayers!!!


Was anyone surprised that RINO Romney voted to convict? He’s said he will compete with Trump for the Republican nomination. He knows the only way he has a snowball’s chance is if Trump is convicted. So of course, in his own self interest, he had to vote to convict. I can’t believe I actually voted for him in years past.


I wish it was more than once a week. Thank you for giving us real news!
God bless the AMAC family


Democrats can walk and chew gum at the same time? This is still highly debatable. This indicates you can multi-task and stay focused. Iowa caucuses proved you cannot. Impeachment charade proves you cannot. The Pelosi temper tantrum indicates you cannot walk, much less chew gum, as you’re still in the diaper stage, crawling on the floor. Vote for maturity. Trump in 2020!

Carl Simons

In the future,displays reminiscent of juvenile spoiled brats,whatever the gender,can be referred to as”pulling a pelosi”!

Juanita Thomas

So nice to see real news

Art A

Oh MY !!!!!! A permanent asterisk written with permanent ink next to Trump’s name. Per Chuckie Schumer. What a threat from a loser.

Jeanette Harmon

Pred. Trunp is not guilty of anything. They continue to try & stir up trouble because election year is coming up. Trump has been chosen to lead our country & they need to e accept it.

Marty B

To quote one senator re IA Caucus “ the Democrats could not even organize a three car funeral procession.


We look forward to your Weekly Reports. Timely and very informative. One suggestion – please try to eliminate the word “democratic” from your presentations. As the saying now goes – there is nothing democratic about Democrats. Thank you and keep up the fine work.

Jean Barnes

Excellent reporting, this is the best report I have seen on these issues. Thank you. We need to get guilty government officials prosecuted. Everyday they show, in public, just where they want to take this country. Because they have control of our communication mainstream networks, school systems and foreign elites such as George Soros are funding, with our tax money, organizations that are causing chaos in other countries to what end? No wonder other countries don’t like us. This all needs to come out and be stopped.

Raquel Robinson

I am so disgusted with the never ending attacks on our President!. So this is what we need to do. We fight to allow him to run for a third time. Why not! He was kept busy to defend himself since he took office.


Well you never Trumpers,it’s time for NEVER a democrat.I am so totally fed up with this disgusting bunch of whiners that I would NOT ever vote for a sneaky bottom feeding”barry”wannabe.I am happy to be a deplorable,thank you hitlery.

Barney C.

The democrats in Congress astound me with their lies, which have no support based on our Constitution. These are, supposedly, the lawmakers of our nation and they have a total disregard for the laws that are currently on record. They continually refer to the USA as a democracy, thereby making the uneducated constituents believe it. Instead of educating them that we are a Republic. The democrats want our nation to continue the Obama legacy of bowing down to the countries that hate us even though we have given those countries millions or billions of dollars in aid. I am so disgusted with the mentality of democrats!!

Ron Southall

Where was Hillary while all of this was going on.
Did she want nothing to do with all of this, to distance hers elf , t hat she might be able to run for president again.

Im sure the American public sees through all of this. All lies the demon-crats have told.

They didn’t have any
shred of evidence with which to get an inctment of any kind. WhoWh

J Francis

On December 10th 2019, in the House if Representatives a Bill was introduced by 45 Democrats to change immigration – the bill is H.R. 5383 known as New Way Forward. This bill deals with illegal immigrants. Look it up on and contact your representatives and senators. You can be updated as to the action taken on this bill.