Sorry, Democrats, But Your Stars Are Socialists

AOC democrats socialists Alexandria Ocasio-CortezThere was Bernie Sanders at a Fox News Channel town hall, not giving an inch in a forum every Democratic presidential candidate has shunned.

His reward was a cataract of good reviews, and monster ratings. Sanders had a solid hour to try to reach people not favorably inclined to his worldview, at the very least demonstrating that he’s willing to show up outside his political silo. 

Reprinted with permission from - National Review - by Rich Lowry

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Karl Marx
1 year ago

The United States has become a place where entertainers and professional athletes are mistaken for people of importance……

I’ve needed a doctor…I’ve needed a teacher……I NEED farmers every day. I have needed an auto mechanic, a plumber, an electrician, a house painter and a lot of other everyday people.

But I have NEVER, not even once, NEEDED a pro athlete, a media personality, or a Hollywood entertainer for anything ! !

1 year ago

Of course democrats are socialists! They have been for a great many years. The difference now is that they are no longer making any attempt to hide it. As a matter of fact, they are all struggling to out ‘Socialist’ their competitors!

The bigger shame is that a good number of so called ‘Republicans’ are just as socialist as many of these democrats. However, they are still doing their best to hide this from the voters.

Mary Berneathy
1 year ago

The democratic party is NO MORE!! It has become the socialist party.

1 year ago

FOX is starting to smell like CNN, you know that septic tank smell. If I wanted to hear the “Bern’s” BS, I would tune into CNN/MSNBC. Maybe if enough of start boycotting any FOX show with a Democrat on it, they will stop putting this scum on FOX.

1 year ago

At least Fox is letting us know what the other side is up to and that is important so we can be informed to fight back. FYI try One American News or OAN. They are the ones that exposed the Clinton’s before anyone else. Russia Uranium, how they screwed relief to Haiti, Bills speech in Russia…. all payoffs. Hillary must have screwed someone to have the Russians turn on her. That doesn’t happen when they have someone on the take they can control.

R Jeannotte
1 year ago

Many years ago, I would have been considered a democrat. But that party ceased to exist in the 60’s. There is little difference between the DNC now an the Russian Central Committee

1 year ago

FOX needs to be more aggressive in a rebuttal to the socialist ideas. Don’t let them sell socialism.

Mark Higgs
1 year ago

AOC and Omar are BFF since leftists and Muslims band together to cry, “Islamophobia,” while hundreds of Christians are being killed around the world and Christian churches and cathedrals are burned by Islamist terrorists.

1 year ago

Go to The Blaze. Conservative views without compromise. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Frank S.
1 year ago

Up until fairly recently I didn’t think the socialistic progressive left had much of a chance of winning a national election. But now with such a partisan/subjective MSM and a bevy of potential voters that do not know how to apply critical thought, I’m no so sure they can’t elect a radical pol. I mean, look how they promise “free” college and health care, and maybe even guaranteed jobs for everyone…for the truly uninformed these “pie in the sky” promises sound pretty good. The Founders knew we needed a free and objective press, and an educated and informed citizenry for… Read more »

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Agreed dont watch FNC save The 5, Hannity & Judge J, & Greg Gutfeld Show, otherwise No FNC, try Newsmax.
& let the Dem divide begin anew

1 year ago

Margaret Thatcher said it best ,socialism is a great thing until you run out of other peoples money.

1 year ago

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck . . . .

Peter J Condon
1 year ago

I believe the future of our Nation depends very much on the November 2020 Federal Election. Socialism in any form fails.

John in Catonsville Maryland
1 year ago

It is a shame no one remembers the European gentlemen who wrote the constitution. They were so specific. We have strayed so far from their realistic ideas.

Edward Curtis
1 year ago

I agree – In my opinion, a great multitude of our citizens are too easily swayed by celebrities (be it sports figures, actors, et al) . We have too many who grew up being told what to think, and not how to think. Personally I don’t care how you vote, as long as there is some sound logic for your actions. Sadly , the old axiom, “Liberals vote with their hearts and Conservatives vote with their heads” is very evident today.

Phyllis Poole
1 year ago

Too many gave up and aren’t voting and the colleges have pumped socialism into our kids minds so they do vote. How do we get people to vote who are good thinkers who just gave up on the world? Talk to your friends and family!!!

Robert M McLeester
1 year ago

Bernie Sanders may win the primary but in the general election he will falter, When it comes time to explain how he pays for his agenda POTUS will eat him alive. As for AOC I think she’s a 1 termer!

1 year ago

What lies! No one in there right mind believe’s these people. They are corrupt and ?

The OLD Warhorse
1 year ago

So, Bernie and the gang want “Medicare for All”. And, this, according to Bernie, will put all these eeeeeeeeevil insurance companies out of business. Why oh why has no “News Person”, not even Fox News bothered to ask a simple little follow up question: “Senator, Medicare currently covers about 80% of medical bills and most Medicare recipients have a supplemental policy that covers the rest. Those that don’t have supplemental insurance are most often covered under Medicaid, because of low income. Under your “Medicare for All” program, just who or what entity would cover the 20% once all the eeeeeeeeeeevil… Read more »

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