Socialists in Your ‘Hood: List of 44 DSA-Endorsed Candidates for Nov. 5 Local Elections

Democratic socialists DSA local electionsThe United States’ largest Marxist organization, the 56,000-member Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), is running at least 44 endorsed candidates in 20 states for the Nov. 5 local elections.

Most are running as Democrats, but some are nonpartisan or independent. While most will fail, the DSA will use their campaigns to recruit more members and spread their message. Those who succeed will join dozens of comrades already in office across the country in funneling taxpayers’ money into socialist projects, employing their comrades, and spreading socialist propaganda with the prestige of their elected office.

It must be remembered that the DSA is an alliance of organizations, which includes several pro-China groups such as the Communist Party USA, Liberation Road, and Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism. The DSA also incorporates Stalinists from the League of Revolutionaries for a New America and Trotskyists from Solidarity and the recently defunct International Socialist Organization.

The DSA has close ties to several European and Latin American Marxist-Leninist parties and, despite its constant denials, is a de facto communist party.

Not every candidate on DSA’s endorsement list is a DSA comrade—some are members of sympathizing groups such as Liberation Road or Socialist Alternative. All, however, are definitely socialist and have been extensively vetted by the DSA to ensure their purity of thought. If the past is any guide, many non-DSA candidates will formally join the DSA during their campaign, or after their electoral victory.

In several cities, the DSA has more than a thousand members. Every DSA-endorsed candidate can expect dozens or even hundreds of DSA volunteers to work in campaign offices, to door-knock, to phone-bank, and to donate. After the primaries are settled, candidates in key winnable races may even expect nationwide DSA support.

This is exactly how 29-year-old bartender Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat the fourth-ranked Democrat in the House of Representatives, and first-time candidate comrade Lee J. Carter beat the senior Republican in the Virginia state legislature. In many races, a DSA endorsement can greatly improve one’s chances of victory.

DSA-endorsed comrades standing in your neighborhood this Nov. 5 include the following:


Dean Preston for San Francisco Board of Supervisors District 5. Member of San Francisco DSA.


Junie Joseph for Boulder City Council.
Juan Marcano for Aurora City Council Ward 4. Member of Denver DSA.
Radhika Nath for Denver School Board District 1. Member of Denver DSA.
Julie Banuelos for Denver School Board District 5. Member of Denver DSA.


Darnell Ford for Middletown Common Council.


Andrea Cervone for Clarkston City Council.


Chelsea Chism Vargas for Des Moines City Council Ward 4. Member of Central Iowa DSA.


Joey Hentzler for Lawrence City Commission.


Shameka Parrish-Wright for Jefferson County School Board District 4.


Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler for Cambridge City Council. Member of Boston DSA.
Ben Simon for Cambridge City Council.
Curtis Tuden for Medford City Council. Member of Boston DSA.


Brian Stawowy for Ferndale Mayor. Member of Detroit DSA.
Nada Daher for Ferndale City Council. Member of Detroit DSA.
Kat Bruner James for Ferndale City Council. Member of Detroit DSA.
Sara Habbo for Southfield City Council.
Mike McDermott for Westfield City Council. Member of Detroit DSA.
Evan Dalley for Traverse City Commission. Member of Northern Michigan DSA.


Randy Heinz for Billings City Council District 2. Member of Billings DSA.

New York

Tara Gaston for Saratoga Springs Supervisor.


Liliana Rivera Baiman for Columbus City Council At-Large. Member of Columbus DSA.
McCray Powell for Nelsonville City Council. Member of Athens Revolutionary Socialists—a spin-off of the International Socialist Organization.
Ellie Hamrick for Athens City Council. Member of Athens Revolutionary Socialists.
Damon Krane for Athens Mayor. Member of Southeast Ohio DSA.


Connor O’Hanlon for Doylestown Supervisor. Member of BuxMont DSA.
Marisa Ziegler for Parkland School Board.
Kendra Brooks for Philadelphia City Council At-Large.
Nicolas O’Rourke for Philadelphia City Council At-Large.
Randall Taylor for Pittsburgh City Council District 9.
Darnika Reed for Woodland Hills School Board Director.


Charles Al-Bawi for Knoxville City Council District 5.
Amelia Parker for Knoxville City Council At-Large Seat C. Member of Knoxville DSA.
David Hayes for Knoxville City Council At-Large Seat B. Member of Liberation Road.
Michalyn Easter-Thomas for Memphis City Council District 7.


Ashton P. Woods for Houston City Council Position 5. Member of Houston DSA.
Rob Block for State House District 148. Member of Houston DSA.


Nicholas Da Silva for Richmond City Council District 5. Member of Richmond DSA.
Jeff Staples for State Senate District 5. Member of Tidewater DSA.
Michael Payne for Charlottesville City Council. Member of Charlottesville DSA.


Shaun Scott for Seattle City Council District 4. Member of Seattle DSA.
Kshama Sawant for Seattle City Council District 3. Member of Socialist Alternative.
Chanan Suarez for Bellingham City Council Ward 5. Member of Whatcom DSA.


Alex Brower for Milwaukee Comptroller. Member of Milwaukee DSA.


What started as a trickle in 2016 and grew to a small stream in 2018 could become a river in 2020 and a torrent beyond. By allowing “communists” to stand on its ballot-line, the Democratic Party is effectively committing a form of electoral fraud.

Unfortunately, most American voters have no idea they are voting for a DSA comrade posing as a Democrat. They have even less understanding that the nice “socialist” or “Liberal Democrat” they think they are voting for is, in fact, a “small c” communist—maybe even a Trotskyist, pro-China Maoist, or an unrepentant Stalinist.

There’s virtually no “mainstream media” coverage of what should be a major scandal.

Why is that, do you think?

Reprinted with permission from - The Epoch Times - by Trevor Loudon

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Frank S.
10 months ago

The Democratic Socialist movement in the U.S. is evidence enough of our education system failing America. People’s lack of historical knowledge and lack of appreciation of our heritage should alarm those of us who understand and appreciate America. We are indeed only one generation away from losing it all. Remember, our Founders warned us the American experiment would work only if we had an informed public (so they could vote intelligently), and a virtuous people. Today we have a free press, in spite of the fact that overall it is no longer objective. Given our current glide slope, it’s entirely… Read more »

10 months ago

Wolves in sheep’s clothing. They can’t sell their ideology straight up. They have to use smoke and mirrors to sneak into office. The Trojan Horse approach has been used successfully on many levels. Lying to the uninformed is just a means to an end. An end to America.

R shoemaker
10 months ago

Let a camel get its nose under your tent and soon you will have a camel in the tent. The is how Marxist professors draw the battle plan as they teach. They want to turn Marxism into a “normal” acceptable alternative in our system.

On a funny note, there are no DSA backed candidates in CA. I think that is because many of our liberal candidates are way to far left for the DSA 🤯 (snicker).

10 months ago

will you also publish the results of these elections?

10 months ago


Linda Hutson
10 months ago

As retirees, we have the time to really pay attention to who’s running for school boards, city councils, and commissioners! And it should be our priority to out these Communist Socialist! Don’t let them get a toe hold, even at the local level!

Stephen Russell
10 months ago

Havent DSA & DNC merged??

10 months ago

Well my dears, they (the communists) always said they would take us from within, since they couldn’t take us in a battle.
The sad thing is, the number of U.S.born citizens who are helping them do it hand over fist. Gullibility at its Best. What’s a country to do? TRUMP 2020, that’s what!!!!!!!🍾🎊🎉

10 months ago

I looked at the list and lo and behold, theres one near me. Shes about what you’d expect; an overweight south of the border type who ‘came here looking for a better life’. Not content to sleep on bags of rice like some chinese famously, or supposedly did till they saved money, she wants ‘social and economic justice’. In other words, she wants to steal what she wasnt able or willing to earn. They arrive here fat, pregnant and without skills, then reject the only work theyre qualified for, in favor of demanding government as corrupt as the one they… Read more »

GySgt. Joseph E. Barlow Jr. USMC (Ret.)
10 months ago

Thank You AMAC!!!! But there can be no list of the Educators, (K-12, and Collage), or the news media! This also needs to be broadcasted far and wide. We as voters need to do our home work then tell our family’s friends, and any one the will hold still long enough. We are few when you consider that we messed up and let the 18 year old vote! I for one did not know straight up from sick-um, about politics at that age, I was a US Marine in Viet Nam at that age, will not go into what was… Read more »

Morgan (Terry) DELCUZE
10 months ago

I can’t understand how AMAC missed the state of Mississippi. We have several idiot Democrats running for office. The worst is the one for governor. There are at least one running for every state office. I can only vote and pray none of them make it.

10 months ago

I wish people would wake up and realize what this could mean. Countries around the world are fighting for their freedom and these folks want to give it away. Stupid and blind. America has the freedoms the world wants. That is why they keep coming here.

Brenda Blunt
10 months ago

All real Americans need to rise up and vote the Godly person in office. No need for socialist, or any other groups that is planning to destroy our USA. Lord help us all!!

Maralyn Thoma
10 months ago

We should all be going to our local middle and high schools, to find out what’s being taught to our children re: historical proof that socialism doesn’t work and has never worked, and if they’re being taught why America is the land of opportunity. If the teachers are clearly biased against “Western Imperialism” (having been brainwashed themselves,) go to the school board and raise hell. I know too many twenty-somethings who totally believe in Bernie Sanders and his “free everything for everyone” garbage. They believe it because they’re uneducated. It’s tragic. We have to fight back…

Rexford O Ames
10 months ago

Oh Boy. And the crap continues. I have never understood why the Democrat Party became a Signature of the Communist / Socialist Party, in the first place. I even wonder if anyone in the lower echelons, of that Party , have any Idea , their leadership, has endorsed these people. Most Americans couldn’t ID a Communist here in the U.S. Heck, Just look at A.O.C.. The Voters in New York City much less New York State , have no idea what they have let themselves in for. In fact, I would bet you, 90% have no idea who A.O.C. is?… Read more »

10 months ago

Our schools need to teach history. I guess these people do not realize how much freedom they have in the USA. Also, this is probably more of the push of communists taking over country without firing a shot as they claimed in the 1950’s . Thank God most of ” the Greatest Generation” is not around to see this happening.

Ed J
10 months ago

In Walt Kelly’s old Pogo comic strip (1971), Pogo once stated, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” This about says it all. The freedoms our Constitution afford us apply to all citizens. Unfortunately, the Constitution has no method for constraining beliefs that are odious, detrimental or contrary to American values, or which may challenge our very survival as a free nation. Our Founding Fathers had great faith that we as a people would be ever vigilant to prevent such destruction of our way of life. Unfortunately, our vigilance is not as widespread as it should be, and… Read more »

10 months ago

The MSM are complicit in all this. aND Socialism is a soft sell- UNTIL YOU HAVE TO LIVE iIT! Stalin’s “Useful Idiots” comes to mind…

Robert J. White
10 months ago

They have been trying to corrupt our country since the early 1930’s. Finally gaining traction because everyone is afraid to speak the truth. They will be called s Racist or worse. there maybe a tipping point at some point in the near future, that scares me. WHY because it may cause another Civil War. Russia and China are waiting on the sidelines licking their chops. History repeats it self, that is why the LEFT wants it erased and rewritten!!

Susan Perry
10 months ago

Thank you for this information. Good to know. At least none running in NM even though Democrats have complete control here, sadly.

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