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Socialism is Playing a Big Role in the Early Days of This Year’s Presidential Election

election presidential 2020 socialism roleProgressive Democrats seek to ‘bribe’ voters to win

WASHINGTON, DC — The socialist movement appears to be gaining momentum in the confines of the Democratic Party.  Bernie Sanders, an unabashed self-proclaimed socialist, is leading the pack of Democratic hopefuls after making wins in the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries.  And, while polls show that he has a tough road to hoe in the February 29th South Carolina primary, his star has been rising nationally.  The pollsters at Real Clear Politics show him ahead of the slate of Democrats in the country-wide race to see who will go against President Trump in this year’s Presidential Election.

Robert Charles, national spokesman for the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC], says that he believes “the socialist movement bodes well for President Trump come November.”

Charles, who has held high-ranking positions under two presidents and spent five years as a congressional counsel, says “our capitalist president has led the nation into an era of undeniable economic progress for all Americans during his tenure.  Voters are well aware of President Trump’s economic successes.  A Rasmussen poll conducted for the New Year showed that ‘72% of American Adults think 2020 will be at a minimum a good year.’  His achievements are a fact that bodes well for his re-election as the Democratic Party continues to stand behind costly initiatives such as ‘Medicare for All’ that would bankrupt the nation and its citizens in an effort to bribe voters.”

Charles notes that socialist ideals appear to be attracting a growing population of young voters and voters seeking “more stuff from the government.”  He cites promises such as Medicare for All, guaranteed incomes, tuition-free college, free childcare and the New Green Deal.

“Consider the absurdity of a program put forth by one Democratic presidential contender, Andrew Yang.  Before he pulled out of the race last week, he was proposing that the government give each and every American over the age of 18 a so-called Freedom Dividend of $1,000 a month whether they need it or not.  Meanwhile, as soon as Yang dropped out, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, quickly signaled she would support the idea.

Talk about buying votes.”

According to the AMAC spokesman, while the Freedom Dividend is an “irrational” notion that likely went too far for even the most progressive voters, it is an example of the negative impact a win in November by the likes of Bernie Sanders would have on the American economy.

“Estimates put the cost of just Medicare for All at between $20 to $30 trillion.  The combined cost of the Democrat’s freebie wish list would cost more than one and quarter trillion dollars– trillion, with a T, leaving the nation on the road to bankruptcy,” says Charles.

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5 months ago

Hard-working folks, like you and I, built this country. We built and we worked for businesses, sometimes struggling, often prospering. Obama didn’t do it. Even President Trump didn’t do it. But Trump DID enact policies, in support of capitalism, that opened up all the possibilities that enabled working populations to succeed. And did they! Lower taxes and regulatory burdens: if Obama had done that, the recovery from the Great Recession would not have lasted nearly a decade, and fewer people would have suffered bankruptcy. You’ve heard the phrases “equal opportunity” and “equal outcome”. What the socialist democrats (aka socialists) want… Read more »

5 months ago

It is all the weak minded and young people getting bamboozled again. It started with Obama and now continues with Bernie. Everyone wants everything for free. How about we give them a trial run and send them to Cuba or Venezuela for free for a year or two! #Trump2020

Donna Bostrican
5 months ago

Young adults have been lied to by teachers, professors and liberal media.

Richard Smith
5 months ago

You would have to be a total moron idiot to vote for ANY Democrat now and in the future!

5 months ago

I just love listening to these Communists, err, Socialists lie about everything! I especially loved when Bloomberg told Bernie that Communism doesn’t work and all the other candidates hissed their dissatisfaction on being “outed” to what they really are. I especially loved when Bloomberg told Bernie that he’s “some” Socialist being a Millionaire and owning 3 houses. Look, they’re ALL COMMUNISTS, they ALL LIE!!! … It’ll be interesting to watch how the Democrats find a way to again “cheat” Bernie out of the nomination! … Even Bernie is saying that Fox News is more fair with their coverage of him… Read more »

Robert Crotts
5 months ago

More to the point would be why the democrats want to lower the voting age, yet again, so the mentally immature, who tend to be much more liberal, will cast a more socialistic vote. Personally, I think the voting age should return to 21, with a provision that ACTIVE-DUTY military can vote at 18.

Also, the phrase is “A tough ROW (not ROAD) to hoe.”

Bob L.
5 months ago

Socialism’s growth in the U.S. is due to decades of central control of public education and tenure protection of anti-American educators. What we need today are some Senator Joe McCarthy’s to root out the numerous subversives eroding our Constitutional Republic.

5 months ago

The younger generation does not know the history of socialism or I think they would value their freedom more.

5 months ago

Bernie Sanders went to Soviet Russia on a honeymoon. If it was so great, why did he not stay?????

5 months ago

The pro socialists should go to Miami and ask the Cuban ex-pats about the wonders of socialism/communism. They will get an ear full.

Ed J
5 months ago

Socialism is an incontrovertibly dysfunctional and unviable economic system, embraced by well-meaning, but fundamentally misguided and unenlightened ideological “true-believers,” which system invariably and inevitably leads to a downward spiral into economic misery, poverty and destruction of the social order, eventually arriving at a state of complete dystopia for mankind; as Margaret Thatcher once said, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” I have a picture of Mr. Rogers saying, “Sure, we can talk about how socialism could work … But first we have to go to the land of make believe.” This sums… Read more »

David Hosler
5 months ago

I hope the our belief in Jesus prevails in the Repubic party and becomes stronger in our country, instead of greed and money which seems to corrupt as seen in our government. Most countries fail when this happens!

Jerry L
5 months ago

I wonder… if Bernie gets screwed out of the nomination again, why he wouldn’t just run as a communist? If anyone is able to admit, openly, of being a “democrat socialist”, that means he is much worse than that. (In reality, a commie) Additionally, anyone calling themselves a democrat these days, especially if they agree with this… group of presidential wannabees, that means they are really socialist. Just in denial, for now. If Bernie splits off from the democrat party to form his own communist party and takes with him all his Bernie-bros, that would effectively weaken the left to… Read more »

Pat R
5 months ago

Isn’t it strange? The ones advocating socialism are quite wealthy individuals. I seriously doubt they will surrender their wealth to help less fortunate folks. IF their promises got them in the White House, how long before media spreads the news that it was determined to be too costly, therefore was dropped? Or if enacted, how long before money ran out. Most average individuals (middle class if it still exists) before Trump reduced rate, were paying close to or over 50% of their income in taxes (collective types of tax in total). Now, tax rate goes down and cost of goods… Read more »

5 months ago

Why doesn’t anyone bring up the fact that these socialist ideas are totally against the Constitution — particularly the 10th Amendment?

5 months ago

Yes and it is being pushed by outsiders Russia for one better keep a very tight rein on who is influencing who and what Russia sure would love to see a socialist communist atheists muslim here and we better stop them in their tracks never allowed in any part of government, it should be Law if not get it done.

5 months ago

After talking with my one grandson in his 20’s a few years ago, I learned that the younger generation doesn’t get it that “free” means you pay for it later. After being apprised of that fact, he decided that “free” wasn’t a good idea afterall.

5 months ago

If any socialists (democrats) are left standing in 2020 I will be surprised. That would mean there are still too many ignorant “Americans” that cannot think for themselves.

Michael J
5 months ago

Does anyone remember the gasoline lines of the 70’s? Now apply that to everything all the time. Americans hate waiting for anything, especially those who think microwaves are too slow and 2 day shipping is an eternity. Socialism kills business and incentive, but everyone gets a trophy for waiting in line.

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