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Socialism Creating a New Pandemic of Government-Sponsored Unemployment

AMAC Exclusive

unemploymentThere is a new virus in America. This time, it didn’t come from China. It’s a deadly disease that originated in the swamp – Washington D.C.

It’s a government-created virus of unemployment. And it has infected every corner of the country.

Healthy, working-age adults are turning down open jobs and sitting on the sidelines in staggering numbers. Why? Maybe because their government is paying them to stay home.

Congressional Democrats and Joe Biden have doubled down on socialism and given an extra $300 per week on top of state unemployment benefits.

Paired with expansions in Medicaid and food stamps, someone can earn more sitting at home and watching Netflix than by going to work.

Just as vaccines were injected into tens of millions of arms and the American economy was growing healthier and needed more workers, the government has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into making unemployment more lucrative. It was a cure in search of an illness. And it’s made us all worse off.

The whole unemployment program has been flipped on its head. It isn’t just helping the unemployed. It’s actually creating unemployment—and by the millions.

No doubt you have seen the “now hiring” signs up and down business storefronts all across town.

You may have even seen long lines or closed restaurants that just didn’t have enough workers to open like this Dunkin Donuts in North Carolina.

Have you needed a fridge repaired or HVAC servicing in the last few months? Good luck!  Short-staffed industries are still trying to hire the needed staff.

Further up the supply chain, factories are struggling to keep up with the demand for parts and equipment, creating new jobs by the tens of thousands. Who’s filling them? Nobody.

Companies like McDonald’s and Wal-Mart are offering nearly double the minimum wage and paying people just to show up for job interviews.

This isn’t happening because Americans are lazy. It’s happening because Democrats are crazy. Lockdowns aren’t closing businesses anymore. Unemployment checks are. This isn’t just a new phase in the pandemic. This is a new phase in the government’s mission to dominate our economy and society.

We know that if Congress stops this madness, people will go back to work. Under President Trump, Congress allowed the $600 per week unemployment bonus to expire last year, and new unemployment claims fell 35 percent when it expired.

In the meantime, serious concerns are growing among economists, business owners, and citizens alike.

Unemployed people are less happy and have 30 percent more negative emotions. The country set another new record for drug overdose deaths, with another 87,000 lives lost last year. There is an entire body of research that ties substance abuse deaths to unemployment. “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop”, as the saying goes.

We are substituting federal checks for the well-being of a nation and paying a sick patient to get sicker.

Thankfully for the country, at least a few states are showing real leadership and doing what they can to end these no-work bonuses themselves. South Dakota governor Kristie Noem led the way by keeping her state from ever implementing the program when it first started in 2020. Now her state leads America with the lowest unemployment rate.

South Carolina governor Henry McMaster also just announced that his state will end its participation in federal pandemic-related unemployment programs. He is doing so specifically to address “workforce shortages.” Montana Governor Greg Gianforte has made a similar move. But more needs to be done.

American businesses are ready to ride in and save the day by hiring millions of unemployed Americans.

If President Biden and Congress really want to unify and heal the nation, they should cancel the unemployment bonuses.

And if they continue to provide failed leadership, even more states need to join South Dakota, South Carolina, and Montana in rejecting this calamitous policy, get people back to work and let the real American rescue plan begin.

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The Rebel
1 year ago

Those who want to ———————will work. Those who do not want to work and have no pride———- will continue to freeload! The same ones who voted for jobama the [email protected]$$ !!!

Cheryl Brown
1 year ago

Always remember that what the Socialistic government gives you they can always take it away.

The Rebel
1 year ago

This website is monitored by socialists—————————otherwise comments placed here would be printed !!!!!!!!

1 year ago

Fortunately, many governors throughout the country are calling an end to this ‘stay home and make more money’ scheme!

Lee S McQuillen
11 months ago
Reply to  Barb

Don’t think they are democrats!

1 year ago

All part of the Plan; to destroy the economy and enslave more Americans to government handouts, thus gaining CONTROL over them. Also a back-door way of forcing $15 minimum wage they know won’t pass Congress. Don’t be fooled by bumbling Slow Joe, a temporary figurehead, there’s evil calling the shots behind the scene, led by BHO.

Lee S McQuillen
11 months ago
Reply to  Xtech

And, another reason to raise taxes and make it so more are dependent on the government. Look to the future…..

1 year ago

It is amazing that we do not learn from history, this situation was the major cause of the fall of the Roman Empire. The USA is following this same path/format to the tee.

1 year ago

As far as the drug abuse issue, I say we should poison all the illegal drugs we can intercept, and put them back into circulation. Make it a fast-acting poison, so there is no doubt as to what happened to the victims.
Those with half a brain will STOP using drugs, and those with NO brain will be eliminated from society. It’s a WIN-WIN solution.

Collin Hill
1 year ago
Reply to  Dave

Why stop with just illegal drugs? If you wanna be a radical, infect all drugs even legal ones, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, all pharmaceutical drugs.

The reason why it doesn’t happen? Job security.

Steve Crowley
1 year ago

In order to keep drawing unemployment and not going to work involves blatant fraud.
The weekly claim form asks if you refused offers for work. In order to continue you have to say no. Unless the communists have ensured this is not being checked on they will be out of the system forthwith. The only way this can continue is for the system to tolerate this blatant fraud

1 year ago
Reply to  Steve Crowley

It is not being enforced, no proof of even looking for a job is required.

1 year ago

I’m so sick of the Democrat’s socialistic communistic propaganda/agenda infiltrating everything in America. It’s in our tv shows, commercials, movies and actors, music and musicians, tv media, online social media, sports, schools, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, businesses, magazines, children’s books, etc … I can’t even read a ‘supposed to be a normal story’ book without some of their politics shoved in there. Not to mention their pushing riots, defunding the police, bringing in massive illegals, and pushing for communistic laws. It’s not the Republicans doing this. It’s the Dems. Trump said, “Make America great again.” And I agree. But at this point, “I (just) Want America Back.” I want football to, well, just be good ole’ American football. And schools to teach true education. And to live life in a free America. Why can’t people see what the Dems are doing? (I know some do … like y’all). But many choose to be so very blind and ignorant.

1 year ago

It’s frightening that the left are more determined than ever to take over our country by any and every means at their disposal. I’m concerned that if we can’t stop them in 2022 our country will be finished. For one, we should have done away with the Department of Education when we knew that they were teaching our children that socialism and communism are a good thing. We were too complacent, including not fighting harder for voter I.D. which might be our downfall.

Peter Dawson
1 year ago

Obviously, if you pay people more in government grants to stay at home rather than for working at jobs, they will stay home and collect their benefits. After all, many people have jobs they don’t like so their only real motivation is to support themselves and their families. The progressive people who make current government policy are not stupid, they understand this very well. So why are they continuing this self defeating policy?
They want the masses to get used to living off of government controlled income. Then the majority of people will follow other dictates without question and the socialist utopia will become a reality. Of course, it will fail but by the time the masses realize what happened it will be like previous socialist experiments like Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, and more recently, Cuba and Venezuela.
When the wall fell in Germany, scores of workers who had been under communist rule in East Germany went to West Germany looking for jobs. They were welcomed back by their countrymen. Their brothers in the west were appalled to find that the workers from the east had lost most of the work ethic that the Germans had long been famous for. It shows that it does not take long for people to seek the easy way out rather than work hard to make a good living.

1 year ago
Reply to  Peter Dawson

Thanks for history lesson & hope we learn from it.

Lee S McQuillen
11 months ago
Reply to  Peter Dawson

And, the more on the “dole” the less taxes collected and thus the need to raise taxes and eventually take everything. It’s certainly not a “win-win” situation….

1 year ago

These Democrats are in bed with the CCP so they’re both entangled in destroying America!!! Pray and contact your Republican governors to step up and stop this nonsense!!! Or tell your state reps and state senators to put forth legislation to stop Biden/Obama/Harris from destroying America!!!

Robin McCord
1 year ago

I disagree on only one point; Americans ARE lazy. Sadly, there are millions of able-bodied persons that would rather be supported by the taxpayer than to work for a living; even when decent paying jobs are available.

Richard Kosack
1 year ago

The socialist government pays people more than they can earn if they work fir it. Similar to abusive welfare system.

1 year ago
Reply to  Richard Kosack

Right on Richard, sadly I can see it in the younger folks. They are getting about $15.00 per hr. unemployment, it would take about $19.00 per hr (before taxes) to match $15.00 in unemployment. They get this unemployment for 53 weeks under Biden. This is crazy.

1 year ago

I have given up listen and reading anything about Biden. He is beyond clueless and useless.

Lorraine Reid
1 year ago

. When people no longer have something to be proud of, their career, their ethics to help, the ability to take care of themenselves, the chance to meet and interact with people, it only gets worse. Working and being able to take care of one self is a positive force in our nature. so sad that this is where we are headed

1 year ago

This is an easy way to make people dependent on the government then put the country far enough in debt that are money is nearly worthless and socalisim will look better to people, which is one step away from communism, and dictatorial rule, the open border policy is a great diversion as to what the Democrats are doing if FREEDOM loving religious believing patriots don’t soon show some SERIOUS resistance to present policy’s are future looks DIM..

1 year ago

I have heard many times and I think it is true: The left destroys everything it touches.

Sean Richman
1 year ago

Pure and very simple,AMERICA has to remain AMERICA.These entities that are determined to destroy our country,have at it.Giorrgio sorryars you will not win,we are still AMERICA with more AMERICANS than you think.

1 year ago

Remember when you go out to dinner for the first time in a year – they are short staffed. Be thoughtful of the staff who are there. Tip generously.

1 year ago
Reply to  Nina

Please thank your local restaurant owner for staying open through this pandemic.

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