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socialWritten By: J. Ronald Winter

What do the liberals, progressives, and demonstrators/rioters mean when they say they want SOCIAL JUSTICE? What does it mean to you? Diligently think about it. Ask several different people what it means to them. The phrase almost sounds angelic, even rather Christian.

Everyone that reads this has felt they have been treated unjustly at some time. There may even be some groups who feel that have had a raw deal. It could be an individual did not get the expected pay raise or promotion. Or a decision made by officials may seem to favor one person or group of persons over another. When you look at the fallen state of man you realize you can’t satisfy everyone. What alienates one person my satisfy another.

If everyone gets the same material things and/or the same treatment does that mean they all are justly treated? Will everyone be satisfied? By all means NO! We all are different and thus have different needs and wants. What is one man’s treasure means little or nothing to another. If everybody got the same amount of money, the same house, the same car, the same bed, etc would you call that social justice? In whose eyes would this be social justice? The only way this would work is if you have nothing but cloned robots that all have the same needs, wants, and aspirations.

When any person claims they want social justice you must ask relative to what? What are you going to compare your just treatment to? What is absolute true social justice? What is your standard? It is relative to a person’s experiences, his aspirations, his existing situation, and the environment in which he finds himself. If it is relative then it will be changing with time. If it is a man-made standard then it is not absolute. It will change based on the whims of man. Only God has an absolute standard of justice that does not change with time. Thus social justice is not realistic for a world of fallen people. All man can do is ask to be treated justly before His law. But thanks be to God that he also has mercy or none of us would survive His holy judgment.

By now it should be obvious that the term social justice is a man generated concept that is not realistic and can never be achieved by man’s endeavors. It is simply a phrase that is used to create unrest and dissension by those who promote communism. It manifests its tentacles in greed which is perhaps man’s biggest problem. Without greed, man would not seek after such a concept. Social Justice were the bywords used by Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin to force communism on the people of Russia. They used it as a means of psychological deception; i.e., brainwashing. As people of the United States, we are now suffering from the same indoctrination and the associated unrest and unrealistic demands. It is the reasoning of a mad man to support something or a philosophy that cannot be adequately defined. To support and/or riot over something you cannot truly define is the folly of a fool.

It should be noted that the developers of the philosophy of communism, Marx, and Engels, stated there is no God. What that infers is that they refuse to accept accountability for their actions.

The Bible clearly states that only a fool says there is no God. Thus the philosophy of communism (ideology) is the human rationalization of two fools. Today the progressives and certain other liberal persons or groups try to embellish this foolish ideology to make it more appealing especially to the young. Thus they expand the process of foolish rationalization.

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2 months ago

In the ideology of communism, the government is effectively God per the writings or Marx and Engels. An all powerful, all consuming force that mandates total capitulation of individual wants, needs and aspirations of humanity to the capricious dictates of the state. Communists oppose ALL religions, because they are an opposing ideology that potentially threatens their hold on absolute power and control. Which in the ideology of communism can never be tolerated or allowed to exist. Thus the ruthless punishment of anyone who chooses to practice any religion. Whether it be the reference to Russia, China or any of the… Read more »

American Believer
2 months ago

We have no one to blame but ourselves. We surrendered our schools and Universities some two decades ago. Now the children of those institutions are growing up with the most twisted view of our country that the Fascists, Marxists, left leaning liberals can muster.
Return education to the states, remove 1619 curriculum, and put back ACCURATE American History, and a solid course on the Constitution.

2 months ago

Thank you J. Ronald Winter for a refreshing take on the idea of “Social Justice.” I think the first time I heard that term it came out of the mouth of Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, part-time Marxist from Hawaii. The more I thought about it, the less I could see how it would fit with our Founder’s beliefs in the primacy of the individual. Social justice refers to groups, the collective. Our Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land, is set up to deal with individuals, all equal with rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So… Read more »

2 months ago

Communism is evil, plain and simple! … To deny the existence of God is to deny the existence of mankind. To deny the existence of mankind is to deny the existence of sin! To deny the existence of sin is to deny the existence of reality. Thus Communism is an example of sin of mankind and that is in evidence every day! … Just look at and listen to today’s so-called Democratic Party and it’s leaders! … Evil, pure and simple!

Tom H
2 months ago

I’ve told my grandkids, when you hear the words “social justice”, the very next thing you hear will be a LIE !

2 months ago

I don’t know why some writers at AMAC insist on claiming moral superiority over those who hold different religious beliefs. Where does that leave those of us who are not religious? Am I a lesser human being than you? Am I not capable of discerning right from wrong? Just from unjust?   Do I not deserve the same protections under the First Amendment to the Constitution? Of course I do, as an American citizen.   I am annoyed with you, Mr. Winter. You said, “The Bible clearly states that only a fool says there is no God.” I respect the… Read more »

2 months ago

I walked out of the Catholic Church over 2 years ago when the priest was preaching about social justice……haven’t gone back…..they have totally been infiltrated by Marxist ideology

Philip Papineau
2 months ago

This should have been taught in every elementary school for the past fifty or more years. Now we have lost generations to this institutionalized selfishness. Who will teach future generations?

w V Brown
2 months ago

As I have come to expect, AMAC is right on the money with their latest missive. Marx and Engels were godless people, and so is the DNC!

Bruce Barton
2 months ago

Well said. We’re seeing the inevitable result of a nation that has in large part turned its back on God.

2 months ago

Leftists, NOT Liberals. If AMAC does not understand the difference, why bother with you???

2 months ago

You may say whatever you want about me (many have!) but I do not mind Trump being a fascist. Fascism is the opposite of communism. If that’s what we need in this country, call me a proud fascist! If it’s the opposite of Marx and Engels, the opposite of “ANTIFA,” then I’m on board!

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