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So, You Want Canadian Health Care?

Canada flag freedom health careThese “debates” are to serious policy discussions as a kazoo is to an orchestra. You can say a kazoo is an instrument, and you can say that these truncated thoughts are proposals, but you’ll invite smirks.

This is not a slam on Democrats. The Republican “debates” in 2016 were no better. When a stage is sardined with candidates, there is no alternative to keeping answers short. If the voters had longer attention spans, we could arrange four or five nights of less manic encounters, which would give candidates the chance to explain themselves. But since we don’t, we have unedifying and demeaning soundbite-ping-pong matches.

Reprinted with permission from - National Review - by Mona Charen

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Gary Hooper
10 months ago

I always find the “Canadian vs US health systems” stories a joke. Now I cannot comment on the Canadian form of medical care as I have never been under it however I grew up and spent the first 41yrs of my life under a “universal” health care system in Australia and I CAN compare that to the US system. What everyone who disparages the “universal health care” system forgets is yes in big cities there AY be some wait times for nonemergency treatment however people are not homeless because they couldn’t afford the HUGE medical bills that they get in… Read more »

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