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Simple Breath Test Can Detect Cancer and 16 Other Diseases

cancerAncient Greek physicians figured that our breath was a strong health indicator, but researchers from the Israel Institute of Technology have proven just how true that is. They developed a device that uses nanoparticles to identify 17 different diseases, including lung cancer and Parkinson’s disease, from just a single breath. While the machine isn’t accurate enough yet for real-life clinical diagnoses, it shows high promise as a quick, non-invasive test that could catch diseases in their early stages…

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From - Engadget - by Steve Dent

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Leave it to the Israelis to come up with something as beneficial to mankind as this!


Another reason why the destruction of Israel threatens all of us. How about actually doing something to insure the security of this amazing country instead of just giving it praise.


I have had several precancerous lesions removed from my colon, I have Barrett’s esophagus and I am an 8.5 year survivor of breast cancer so I am very interested in this. Hopefully it won’t take NDA 25 years to allow us to have the benefit of it.


This is awesome. We need Israel’s help in all of these things. They are a giving people.