Similar Coverage is Now $1145

from Barry Ziegler – I had Capital Blue Cross for my wife at $705 a month. We received noticed that she must change because of the new Affordable Care Act! (Obama Care). I have Senior Blue. Her premium for similar coverage is now $1145. Now $440 a month more do to you democrats and the Acting President of the United States.

Call me a LIAR, I can prove it is true. WHAT CAN YOU AND OBAMA PROVE TO BE TRUE? Did Reed take one too many punches hen he was a boxer?

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Rob Lane
6 years ago

As a retiree the changes in my plan (forced into an “exchange”) incur no additional monthly cost. But wait!! I now have a much higher deductible; I now have co-pays, especially if I go ‘out of network;’ I now pay through the nose for the few prescriptions we need; And I have a three inch thick stack of literature and legalese instead of one slim booklet to understand. This isn’t Obamacare as such, but has come about as a result so as to be ‘compliant.’ We’re wondering what devastating changes will befall us next year. :-( We are not happy… Read more »

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