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Silicon Valley Company Enhances Baby Boomers’ Lives With Tech-Compatible Product

From Our Sponsor ThinOPTICS

It’s no surprise that this vast group of go-getters want to remain fit into their golden years. Only about 11 percent of baby boomers have health issues that restrict their lifestyle. The rest are planning bucket-list trips and staying active.

That’s why technology and tech-compatible products are aiming to enhance baby boomers’ lives.

Consumers 55 and older spend more than 21 hours using an average of 22 different apps on their smartphone each month. Pew Research reports that about half of Americans 65 or older own either a tablet or a smartphone.

But using these devices often requires a pair of reading glasses.

Glance around you, are they on your head, in your pocket, atop your laptop? Somehow many find they’re never where they need them or exactly where they remember leaving them.

The invention of eyeglasses dates back to somewhere between 1268 and 1289 in Italy. Mostly monks and scholars wore the early versions by balancing them on their nose or holding them in front of their eyes using a long stem.

Despite this much-needed invention, one problem still wasn’t solved–centuries later we’re still losing our glasses!

And that doesn’t bode well for active, on-the-go baby boomers who are jet-setting around the globe, or hiking, biking, and walking trails.

As more baby boomers travel in their spare time, nearly 60 percent of baby boomers are planning a bucket list trip in the next two to five years. Bringing the world into focus with their readers is a challenge, especially when they don’t have them handy.

Traveling requires stamina which is why 53 percent of baby boomers are getting in shape for that bucket-list trip.

That’s how CEO of ThinOPTICS, Teddy Shalon, part entrepreneur, inventor, and designer, came up with a solution for lost reading glasses.

On a 25-mile bicycle ride with a friend, an incident triggered Teddy to ask an important question after his friend handed him his cell phone and asked Teddy to read a text message because the text was too small for his friend to see.

“Wow!  That’s amazing, I thought. Why couldn’t my friend’s glasses be on the back of his phone to solve this problem?  There’s got to be a way to do that.”

Indeed there was. ThinOPTICS readers were conceived and have become a tech-friendly companion that solves a big problem.

The readers are about as thin as thin as two credit cards, lighter than a nickel, and have no arms. Instead, they gently rest on the nose without falling off.

When they’re not needed, the bendable but not breakable readers fold up into a keychain or a pod for quick, convenient storage. The pod securely attaches to cell phones using a non-damaging, single piece of tape.

It’s an ingenious solution for people with active lifestyles like Jeff Gallup. But he wasn’t always active. Jeff wanted to make sure he didn’t become part of that inactive group. He needed to lose weight, so he changed his diet and started regularly exercising. When he began regularly running, Jeff lost about 60 pounds.

After about two years of running, Jeff signed up for his first 100-mile race. To do the big trek, Jeff carried dried figs, sweet potatoes, and his ThinOPTICS readers.

“I have a GPS watch, so I need them to read it and if my wife’s texting me, I’ll need my reading glasses to read her messages and my map.”

From trails to travel, this tech-compatible gadget is helping baby boomers stay focused on what matters most.

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