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September 1 Coronavirus Update from the Trump Administration


  • Since the nationwide peak on July 24th, we have seen a 38% decline in the 7-day average of new cases.
  • Coronavirus hospitalizations have declined to 9% of inpatient admissions, down from its peak of 24% of admissions.
  • So far, more than 10,000 testing instruments and nearly 3 million tests have been shipped to nursing homes, with more on the way this week.
  • The United States has conducted more than 84 million tests.
  • Patients continue to see declining testing turnaround times. Over the last week, 90% of tests were completed within 3 days and 95% were completed within 5 days.
  • President Trump has rapidly built the world’s leading testing system – with daily testing increasing by 32,000% since March 12th.
  • Operation Warp Speed is working to achieve 300 million doses of safe and effective vaccines, with initial doses available by the first of next year.
  • The United States is leading the way on innovative therapeutics – with 270 clinical trials underway for potential coronavirus drugs.
  • Last week, the Administration announced an Emergency Use Authorization for convalescent plasma therapies.

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2 years ago

Pleeeeeeeease … this phony Pandemic is being used by the Progressively Communist Democratic Party as just the latest strategy to undermine President Trump! Here in sunny CaliMexico, our hospitals are “given” $1200 by the State for EVERY PATIENT THEY ADMITT WITH COVID-19. So for most people dying probably 75% of them died from something else but if they also had contracted the virus, their death is listed as due to the virus rather than say cancer. Have you noticed that ONLY Progressively Communist Democratic Run States STILL HAVE THEIR ECONOMIES SHUT DOWN whereas Republican Governor run states long ago reopened their economies. Churches can’t have open worship services because our Jackass Governor has stipulated that they can’t have enough distance between people yet the Indian Casinos have never shut down and the Governor NEVER says a thing to them about Social Distancing! AND OF COURSE, our Jackass Governor has no problem blaming President Trump for the virus! Biden is a Jackass fool who is the worst possible candidate and I predict will be soundly defeated by President Trump in a landslide. But from what I hear, the Progressively Communist Democratic Party has already hired 800 attorneys to contest the election if President Trump is re-elected. That will be a catastrophe that should bring about open conflict and civil war! So expect it and be prepared to defend your rights, freedoms and liberties!!!

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