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Sepsis: What You Need to Know

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Sepsis kills more people than breast cancer, prostate cancer and aids, combined. Victims and doctors are speaking up to raise awareness of the deadly condition that claims the life of someone in the U.S. every two minutes

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Darlene Ashley
7 years ago

I think many of us know, have watched on television, or know someone to this has happened, but this AMAC item doesn’t tell you what to do about it.

Ron Oglesby
7 years ago

In a hospital you are exposed to a large variety of viruses and diseases. When I had my left hip replaced I left the hospital with major staff infection in my incision. I was placed in a nursing home and spent the next two months in pain from the infection. If you have ever seen “Groundhog Days” I mentally went through two weeks where it seemed the days repeated themselves, over and over giving me a feeling of I was never going to leave there for my home, Stuck in Limbo!!

Janis Tobin
7 years ago

My husband went into the hospital for gallbladder surgery. He was a lung transplant patient from a few years before. Hospital personnel including doctors were in and out of his room without gown and/or gloves. Many didn’t even bother washing their hands. After 5 months and a hospital acquired systemic infection, he died. His lungs were still good.

Kert Maul.
7 years ago
Reply to  Janis Tobin

I’m so very sorry for your loss. My mother passed in 2008 under similar circumstances.

7 years ago

This is a bigger problem than is known my most of the population. My Mother died of Septis after a small operation. She languished in the Hospital for just over a Month for what was supposed to be a three day recovery then at the end died with 7 ivs stuck in her 3times normal size body with the Drs just standing by scratching their heads. It was a horable and trajic end to a womans life who had never spent one day in the hospital other than to give birth to her 4 Sons. Much more needs to be done.

7 years ago

Sounds important but my lip-reading skills are very limited!

Aubrey Johnston
7 years ago
Reply to  Chuck

Chuck, Hope this doesn’t sound too simple to be factual, but IT WORKS. Simply watch the lips of people when they talk to you. Pay attention to what they are saying, your brain will do the rest. It just takes a few weeks, and then you realize you can do it.
Congratulations !

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