Seniors Gear Up for 2010 Elections

By Jedediah Bila

Jedediah Bila

With so much at stake this November, what voting-age group will be most pivotal in determining the outcome of the 2010 midterm elections?

America’s seniors are gearing up to make their voices heard louder and clearer than the rest. They know what’s worth fighting for and aren’t about to be passive bystanders.

According to SeniorJournal.com, the 2002 election turnout for all voters was 42.3%. In reviewing historical data, it revealed: “Seniors, on the other hand, continued to vote at a high rate in these off years – A 61 percent rate in 2002, and 59.5 in 1998. These are about the same voting rates for seniors that were recorded in all the off-year elections since 1980.”

Tucker Sutherland, editor of SeniorJournal.com, asserted that “Seniors have voted in larger percentages than younger voters in every election since 1966. And, the gap has consistently widened.”

So, with the November elections rapidly approaching, are Democrats shaking in their boots?

You bet they are.

Rep. Gerald E. Connolly (D-VA) recently paid a visit to the Springfield retirement community, Greenspring Village. According to The Washington Post, “He brought cake and diabetic-friendly cookies, and made a personal plea to supporters who showed up to clasp his hand and tell them he has their vote.”

Perhaps the rising tide of Tea Party seniors has been keeping him up at night.

The Washington Post also revealed, “In a poll this month by the Pew Research Center, 46 percent of seniors reported that they would be voting for the Republican on their congressional ballot this fall, compared with 43 percent for the Democrat. The most recent Gallup data showed an even starker difference: Fifty-three percent of seniors said they would vote for a Republican House candidate and 38 percent said they would opt for the Democrat.”


For starters, Obama’s health care law continues to be unpopular with the American majority. Rasmussen reported on August 23 that 56% of U.S. voters favor repeal.

Robert Moffit, senior fellow in domestic and economic policy studies at The Heritage Foundation, has offered some important reminders to seniors about Obamacare:

  • “Under the new law, seniors are going to pay higher taxes. The higher taxes on drugs (effective in 2011) and medical devices (effective in 2013) will affect seniors especially, as they are more heavily dependent on those very products.”
  • “New federal health insurance taxes—both the premium taxes and the excise taxes—will also impact older workers and retirees.”
  • “With the freezing of Medicare Advantage payments in 2011, Congress has set the stage for a progressive reduction in seniors’ access to, and choice of, the popular Medicare Advantage health plans.”
  • “With the retirement of 77 million baby boomers beginning in 2011, the Medicare program will have to absorb an unprecedented demand for medical services. For the next generation of senior citizens, finding a doctor will be more difficult and waiting times for doctor appointments are likely to be longer. The American Association of Medical Colleges projects a shortage of 124,000 doctors by 2025. Obamacare has not ameliorated the growing problem of projected physician shortages and has surely made it worse.”
  • “Furthermore, the law creates an Independent Payment Advisory Board, which will recommend measures to reduce Medicare spending.”

Seniors aren’t happy with Obamacare. Democrats in Congress know what that means: many of them will be sent packing come November.

And let’s face the facts: seniors aren’t only thinking of themselves. Yes, they are individuals looking out for their best interests. However, many of them are also grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, and uncles. If you think for a second that they aren’t concerned about the implications of insurance mandates, higher taxes, and a ballooning federal deficit on the futures of their children, grandchildren, and other youngsters, you better think twice.

As November draws near, what can we expect to see?

It’s safe to say that there will be plenty of Democrat scare tactics coming down the pike, as the best and brightest of the left-wing loons try to convince seniors that Republicans want to jeopardize their Social Security benefits.

Panicked, Democrats will present the case that big daddy government is here to protect our senior citizens, much like Barack Obama brainwashed so many youths in 2008 into believing that his big-government, liberty-limiting agenda was somehow looking out for them.

The difference? Seniors aren’t impressionable young minds. They don’t fawn over idealistic rhetoric, aren’t looking for the next political rock star, and are listening to what you’re actually saying – despite how cool your delivery may sound.

My prediction for November?

Watch out, Democrats. America’s seniors are coming for you.

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12 years ago

Great article. There are really 2 concerns facing Americans financially today: Out living my income and how do I handle the rising costs of health care. Everyone is asking “What are my options”. Recently, there have been many new solutions coming to market that are simple & easy to understand, and the best part have a money-back guarantee if you don’t ever use them. Check out worryfreeltc.com and you will see what I am talking about. enjoy.

12 years ago

Don’t forget that many seniors are still business owners and can see the govt anti-business policies to further their agenda.

Navyman Norm
12 years ago

Gone are the days when seniors, like most Americans, are ‘conned’ by Big Daddy government and the Democrats with their ‘false’ promises of security. Seniors do not need a ‘malevolent’ baby sitter that says one thing and does another.

12 years ago

Good column. As a senior I listened to what Obama said and then watched him do the opposite. I like the idea of a contract as well – we need accountability! We also need term limits – just look at Charlie Rangle and what the system can produce over time.

Walt Ely
12 years ago

What ‘Doug’ said!

Walt Ely
12 years ago

Be prepared for a liberal Democrat barrage of nasty rhetoric, threats, name calling and histrionics in their desperate campaigns, but don’t look for any substance! They are not too good with that, or reading the bills they sign! And as for debate, they will run for the hills before they will get into any serious debates with the opposition! November should be VERY interesting. Let’s all vote the bums out! Bye bye, Wrangle, Franks, Waters, Pelosi, Reid and welcome back Boehner, Bachmann and the good guys and gals. Sharron Angle I don’t think will be flipping the bird to anyone like Harry Reid!

Lyle R. Rolfe
12 years ago

Excellent column and right on the money. With age comes experience and knowledge of who to believe and not believe with it comes to politicians and their empty promises. I’m glad to see you are favoring AMAC. My wife and I both cut our new AARP membership cards up and returned them to AARP in their own POSTAGE PAID envelopes with a note that they turned their backs on their members. We now need to push the GOP candidates to come up with a good platform of what they will do for the people if they expect to replace the dems in office. I noticed Biden has come out touting that they will win the house and senate both in November. I think he’s wrong, but the GOP can;t sit on its laurels and expect to win. We need a contract for them to sign. to show their sincerity. (A good future column idea?) I know people from both parties will be replaced in November, but nothing wrong with having some new young blood and fresh ideas on both sides of the aisle. Keep up the good work.

12 years ago

November 2010 is only the beginning! It will be up to us Baby Boomers to return a “common sense” approach to every working aspect of Local, State and Federal governments. We will need to remove every radical, socialist employee from every influential position and committee in every County, State and the District of Columbia, starting with the Dept. of Education and ending with the Environmental Protection Administration. Remember November and VOTE!

12 years ago

Perfect article to remind everyone to get out there and vote!

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