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Senior Organization calls for Maher’s Cancellation


AMAC’s Founder, Dan Weber

– AMAC, the 250,000 member Association of Mature American Citizens today called for the cancellation of Bill Maher’s TV show on HBO after Maher used the F word describing what Jesus did to Tim Tebow following the loss of his Denver Broncos to Buffalo on Saturday.

“It is one thing to mock a religious figure for a few cheap laughs, it is another thing to blaspheme Jesus, a young man, who many believe gave his life as a sacrifice for all humankind.” said Dan Weber, AMAC’s president. “Maher evidently doesn’t think Jesus is the divine Son of God, but he has no right to insult millions of Christians who do”.

“Has American society sunk so low that nothing is considered sacred? If we fail to denounce Maher and stand up for decency what will become of us? Should we tolerate this kind of ill mannered behavior and ignore our responsibility to provide our children with a world where respect and dignity are virtues to be strived for?”

AMAC, which describes itself as defending the traditional values of Faith, Family and individual Freedom, is calling for its members to contact HBO which airs Maher’s TV show. Weber said, “We should not become angry at the thoughtless utterances issued by Bill Maher.Instead we should invoke the great power of prayer to fill him with a common sense of decency and respect for those of us who revere our religion.”

“Whether you are a member of AMAC or not, please join us in this effort, write and email HBO and demand the Bill Maher show be cancelled. ”

Join us in our effort to send a strong message to HBO. AMAC and its members value decency and decorum, we will not tolerate hateful behavior that serves to undermine faith and family.

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Help us reach our goal of 50,000 signatures to cancel the Bill Maher Show. Share and forward this post to family and friends.

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You Have The Power!!!

Ronald Drouillard


I’m asking you to reconsider having his TV show on your channel. After watching the show for just a few minutes, I find his behavior repulsive. I talks nothing but hate and evil using foul language. I don’t find him the least bit funny or interesting. In fact, I asked myself why do you even have him on TV. He is not entertaining or funny. I think, in all honesty, he is one sick man. Again, I ask you to think about the value he is adding, which is nothing, to HBO. PLease take him off the air.


Just look at the picture of Maher’s face; the ugliness & hate of his character is perfectly reflected in the ugliness of his face; I feel sorry for him. Unfortunately, he may never learn or know that hate, even in the name of comedy, will just begat more hate.

James Fleming

Anyone that speaks against the GOD that I serve I”m also against. HBO do your job and rid yourself of this character.


Mr. Maher should know better – and he does, having been raised Catholic – but he also knows how to get people to pay attention. Just as Mr. Limbaugh knows better with some of his stuff. First, it is easy to vote with your remote control. Second, it is our duty to admonish sinners, so that we must give good witness. To the reader talking about Christians talking of ‘turning the other cheek’, that expression is used to combat violence; it forces the aggressor to sin by expending themselves & their violence upon you – leaving them spent. It is not about tolerance. It is about showing intolerance to nonsense. Turn your TV OFF!


There are real men & cheap imitations.maher is a cheap imitation! I do not understand the women who hang out with him.He has such low disregard for women in general,I have to wonder how he treats these women.Is it his money that attracts them?


I Don’t watch HBO. Won’t Pay for it. That’s my no vote. Won’t become part of the roused rabble to ask for change over little things. It could work the other way too like with Rush this week.


This poor excuse for all human being, should never have been given a position in front of the public.

Victoria S Ettlinger

Bill Maher is someone that must hurt others to make his( he thinks) comments funny…anything for attention! In my lifetime, we called those pitiful excuses for human beings creeps…His initials define him perfectly….BM!!!!!

Victoria S Ettlinger

He is crude and lacks any empathetic qualities! He is one of few individuals that I can use the word “creepy” and that sums them up…Bill Maher is creepy!!!

Sandy Staats

Fire Bill Maher!


Why can’t the conservatives get a cable network other than Fox that puts up good wholesome entertainment and talk shows better than this idiot Maher? I’d support it! How many of you will???????????????????????

Oh The Lulz

I’m sorry, I shouldn’t pick on old people and I’m not defending that prickish Maher at all. I just think it’s kinda funny that some senior citizens would be calling on HBO to stand up for human respect and dignity when you take a look at its roster of shows! We have the flagship show, The Wire. You’ll also find that loveable god-fearing catholic family from The Sopranos. Oh, and these seniors must adore following Big Love!! It’s HBO, not CBN!! HBO was built on the ideas of major sin and vice. That’s what they sell. It’s not exactly the holy see of television programming! Like I said, I don’t even like Bill Maher enough to defend him. I don’t think he’s funny or intellectual. I think he’s a loud old jewish entertainer, above all. I just think it’s a bit ironic to call on HBO to be decent, is… Read more »


Hey, at least he didn’t refer to a gap as a ”chink.”


I dislike the Liberal Media as much as anyone but arn’t we acting just like they do by trying to silence someone?



L R Helm

One way to get his their attention is to boycot Maher’s sponsors.

Wayne S

Bill Maher should be hog tied, set on a raft, pulled out to the middle of the Atlantic ocean and set adrift. I doubt if even the sharks will want him. He is not an American. He is a descendant of the devil.



Brad Rizner

HBO definitely has a very, very leftist agenda! I have defended the first amendment as well as the entire US Constitution during my tour of duty with the United States Navy. I raised my right hand and pledged to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic. Some of my Shipmates/ Marines defended it with their lives. I would still gladly defend it with mine! However, Bill Mahr, not so much. He and the rest of his ilk hide behind the first amendment and use it to smear, gut, defame, and eviscerate any American they disagree with. Example, Sarah Palin, a good woman, Michele Bachman also, Herman Caine, the list goes on and on. Bill Clinton had way more girlfriends than Herman Caine! He used the Highway Patrol to pimp for him! Why didn’t the “Lame Stream Media” destroy him? And… Read more »